Following are the steps that ordained/consecrated workers from a recognized denomination need to take to become licensed workers with The Christian and Missionary Alliance (C&MA).

Becoming Licensed with the C&MA

  1. Applicants will complete the Next Steps form and be connected with an experienced Alliance staff member who will help guide their exploration of service within the C&MA.
  2. Once approved, applicants will then submit an Application for Ministry and a Doctrinal Questionnaire to the superintendent of the Alliance district in which they seek to serve.
  3. Applicants will provide three personal references, a copy of their service history, and an ordination/consecration certificate from their former denomination.
  4. Applicants will demonstrate a commitment to the mission, vision, and distinctives of the C&MA and a willingness to submit to constituted C&MA authority.
  5. The district superintendent will arrange for an interview with the License, Ordination, and Consecration Committee (LO&CC). Applicants will submit to an oral examination on the doctrinal distinctives, history, and polity of the C&MA as well as other matters that the LO&CC may require.
  6. Approved applicants will complete an Alliance Distinctives and Polity Course provided by Church Ministries; the LO&CC may require additional readings or papers at its discretion.
  7. If the LO&CC considers the applicant’s qualifications satisfactory, it may sustain the ordination/consecration.
  8. All persons transferring from another denomination who are issued a license are required to attend a New Official Workers Forum.
  9. If applicants are not ordained/consecrated, they must agree to work toward ordination/consecration based on the requirements in the Uniform Policy on Ordination and Consecration.
  10. Applicants will bear any expense associated with the application process.


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