U.S. Work

U.S. Work

The Church is God’s instrument to reach the lost. In the Book of Acts we read about the infant Church empowered and impassioned to complete the Great Commission. In obedience to Jesus’ command, we in The Alliance pour our passion and resources into developing healthy, vibrant, Great Commission communities of faith in the United States and around the world.

If you wish to serve with us, we encourage you to explore the Five Core Characteristics and Qualifications we’re looking for in an Alliance worker.

Steps to Serving with The Alliance

If you sense God is leading you to serve with The Alliance, we welcome you to take the next step in exploring a relationship with us.

  • Connect with The Alliance

    1. Get to know our values, people, and mission. If you are drawn to an Alliance district, feel free to contact the district office or our Candidate Development Office with your questions.
    2. If you’d like to know more about serving with us, take a few minutes to fill out the Next Steps form so we can get to know you.
  • Discovery and Development

    • After you complete the Next Steps form, someone from the C&MA will connect you with our Candidate Development Office (CDO) or an Alliance district office. If it is the CDO, the representative in your area will contact you.
    • During your first meeting with the candidate developer, you will be asked to share your story, ministry dreams, and calling, after which we will identify a coach who can help you create a Personal Growth Plan to prepare you for ministry. Your plan and coaching relationship will focus on the Five Core Characteristics of an Alliance worker. Depending on where you are in your training and life experience, this process can take from a week to a few years.
  • Application

    When you are ready and we’ve received a solid pastoral recommendation from your church, you will fill out the Application for Alliance Ministry online to begin the formal process of candidate accreditation. This entails completing a personal and a doctrinal questionnaire, submitting character references, taking a biblical knowledge exam, and completing several additional forms, depending upon your area of ministry interest.

    You can work on the application over several weeks or at a more gradual pace during the summer or school year. The Doctrinal Questionnaire is the most challenging part of the application, but it’s a great way to clarify what you believe as you prepare to become an Alliance Worker.

  • Accreditation

    After completing the application, you will undergo a two-hour accreditation interview with Alliance staff. Again, the focus will be on your development in the Five Core Characteristics of an Alliance worker. We will review with you the Qualifications for Alliance ministry, per Section E-3 in the Alliance Manual, while confirming and recommending next steps in your spiritual leadership journey. (Note: Although not everyone is approved for vocational service with the C&MA, our desire is to help you find a good fit in accomplishing God’s work.)

  • Placement

    If you are accredited, your candidate developer will walk you through the Alliance Ministry Placement process, helping you to identify a role and place of service in the United States or overseas, based on your interest, calling, and skills. (If you are accredited as an international candidate, you will work directly with the International Ministries candidate staff.) If you are interested in U.S. ministry, we will connect you with our district offices. Once you are called to an Alliance church, the district will issue you a provisional license and you will begin the Church Worker License, Ordination, or Consecration process.

  • Placement in an Alliance Ministry

    Before you can candidate at an Alliance church you must be accredited or credentialed within the Alliance. Upon accreditation, contact a district superintendent to let them know of your interest in serving within their district. Here are the next steps:

    1. Review a list of Current U.S. Openings
    2. Follow the instructions for application on each listing
    3. Districts and churches have varying candidating processes. If you have questions related to these processes, please contact the appropriate district office or the Candidate Development Office for details.

    If you are ordained in another denomination and would like to explore serving with The Alliance, start here.


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