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Christian and Missionary Alliance (C&MA) chaplains share the good news in challenging, diverse environments—places where traditional church workers often have little or no access. Prisons, military installations, hospitals, and nursing homes are among the unique settings in which our chaplains engage people who live outside of the organized church. If you are considering a call to the chaplaincy, the need has never been greater.

Learn more about becoming an endorsed C&MA Federal Chaplain or Institutional Chaplain.

Federal Chaplains

Federal chaplains serve on military installations and among deployed U.S. forces. They are licensed, ordained spiritual leaders in the Army, Navy, Air Force and in active duty, Reserves, and National Guard branches.

Alliance federal chaplains also serve with the Federal Bureau of Prisons and in Veterans Administration (VA) hospitals. Civil Air Patrol (CAP) chaplains serve voluntarily, ministering to CAP members and their families.

Federal Chaplain Process pdf


Federal chaplaincy requires specialized training and a commitment to serve God and country in often difficult conditions. Military chaplains endure separation from family alongside America’s service men and women stationed in foreign lands. Unarmed in combat zones, chaplains offer comfort and hope amid the horrors of war. U.S. VA hospitals and federal prisons welcome committed Alliance men and women to introduce hurting people to the Prince of Peace.

The Alliance desires to endorse those who believe they are called to serve as chaplains and can effectively demonstrate the love of Jesus in a unique environment. Here are the steps required to serve as an Alliance federal chaplain:


  1. Academic Requirements

    • Graduation from an accredited seminary or graduate school with a master of divinity degree
    • Licensed and ordained or consecrated with The Christian and Missionary Alliance
    • Following ordination/consecration, two years of Alliance licensed ministry prior to endorsement; the C&MA’s endorsement and application process prepares candidates to apply to an armed forces branch (Army, Navy, Air Force) of their choice. Endorsement for federal prison and VA hospital ministry is fulfilled through the same application process.
  2. The Process

    • The first step to serve as an Alliance chaplain is to become a licensed official worker through an Alliance district; much of this process can be accomplished while completing a master of divinity degree.
    • The application process for endorsement can be undertaken prior to the completion of other chaplaincy requirements (paperwork may be delayed until ministry requirements are fulfilled). The Alliance Chaplain Ministries (ACM) executive director processes all applications.
    • Once an application is completed and the district office has sent a solid recommendation approved by the ACM executive director, it is completed and forwarded to the chaplaincy area where the candidate has selected to serve. It is then presented to the Chaplain Accessions Board (for the military); the denominational endorser and the applicant are notified when the selection process is complete. This may take three to six months.
  3. Chaplain Candidate Programs

    All military service branches offer chaplain candidate programs to assist seminary students. Each program provides financial assistance and practical experience with military service. For more information, contact the Federal Chaplaincy Ministries endorser or a chaplain recruiter at the branch where you wish to apply. You will need to apply for a Letter of Approval from the C&MA to participate and also meet the program’s requirements.

  4. Opportunities

    For more information about how you may serve as a federal chaplain with The Alliance, contact:
    Rev. Kevin M. Pies, Chaplain (COL) US Army (Retired), executive director
    Alliance Chaplain Ministries and Federal Chaplain endorser
    Phone: (719) 265-2057
    Cell: (719) 649-4280

Institutional Chaplains

The Alliance institutional chaplaincy needs committed, trained persons to address the spiritual needs of lost people in a wide variety of service sites—hospitals, nursing homes, state and county correctional facilities, police and fire departments, the Civil Air Patrol, recreational vehicle (RV) campgrounds, and other settings.

Institutional chaplaincy is one of The Alliance’s most dynamic, effective means to reach hurting and disenfranchised people. Those who serve in this capacity receive specialized training and possess unique skill sets that equip them to engage unchurched people.

Chaplains regard themselves as missionaries sent by The Alliance to extend the love of Christ to a lost and dying world. In many ways, they become the face of Jesus to those who might not see Him in another human being. The chaplain’s calling is best summed up in the words of an Old Testament prophet:

“To console those who mourn in Zion,
To give them beauty for ashes,
The oil of joy for mourning,
The garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness;
That they may be called trees of righteousness,
The planting of the Lord, that He may be glorified.” (Isaiah 61:3, NKJV).
  1. Academic Requirements

    • A master of divinity degree from an accredited seminary or graduate school
    • Licensed and ordained/consecrated with The Alliance
    • Following ordination/consecration, two years of Alliance licensed ministry prior to endorsement. The C&MA endorsement and application process prepares candidates to apply to the service agency of their choice.
  2. The Process

    To become an institutional chaplain or counselor, candidates must meet the unique requirements and standards for employment or volunteer service at the organizations where they’re called to serve. Applicants must be licensed by the C&MA to be eligible for endorsement. Additional standards to be met, such as ordination, graduate education, and certification, are at the discretion/direction of the respective hiring institution.

  3. Opportunities

    For more information about how you may serve as a institutional chaplain with The Alliance, contact your district superintendent in your region.

  4. Institutional/Non-Federal Endorsement

    Chaplain Phyllis Fitzwater. BCCC, BCPC, CDVS
    Phone: (407) 451-4505


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