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Choose Love

January 2017

Europe/Middle East


Years after being impacted by a terrorist attack in the Middle East, an Alliance workers reflects on her decision to be motivated by love over fear.

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Freely Forgiven

December 2016

United States


Danny Amos, who spent 50 years in prison, found community and purpose for his life because of the compassion of an Alliance church in Wisconsin. For more of his story, see “Freely Forgiven” in the January/February 2017 issue of Alliance Life magazine.

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Tuning Fork

A.W. Tozer

January 2017

United States


Rosilio Roman recites an A.W. Tozer quote that explains our need for a community that is tuned to God.

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Alliance Camps Matter

January 2017

United States


Melissa MacDonald explains the necessity of camps for Alliance youth.

Recent Videos

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The Alliance World Tour: The Fruit of Faithfu…

John's Presentation at Alliance Council 2017

June 2017



John Stumbo walks the audience through the work of The Alliance in the last 125 years, showcasing the fruit of the faithfulness and perseverance of A.B. Simpson and subsequent Alliance workers.

Thumbnail image for John Stumbo Video Blog No. 47

John Stumbo Video Blog No. 47

Alliance Council Highlights

June 2017

Columbus, Ohio


John offers a glimpse of Alliance Council 2017 through a captivating montage of video highlights from the event, reminding the Alliance family that the Spirit of God is at work to move us forward as He directs.

Thumbnail image for Alliance Council 2017: Sunday Morning Service

Alliance Council 2017: Sunday Morning Service

June 2017

Columbus, Ohio


Kelvin Walker lead the Alliance Family in a glorious call to Pentecost living. “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you”

Thumbnail image for Alliance Council 2017 Week In Review

Alliance Council 2017 Week In Review

June 2017

Columbus, Ohio


Celebrate the move of God in Columbus Ohio with this brief recap of highlights.


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