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John Stumbo Video Blog No. 63

October 2018

United States


John’s report this month is from his recent trip to see Alliance missions efforts in the Middle East. He expresses great gratitude for how the Alliance family has invested for decades in challenging locations—where the work of God is alive and well. “The fruit continues,” he says, “national church leaders multiplying themselves, local churches vibrant and strong, good partnerships with our international workers, supported by the GCF [Great Commission Fund].” We need to not only remain committed to our local communities, John concludes, but to also support Alliance teams in the most difficult places in the world, including the Middle East—where our teams are serving well.

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Jesus is Coming Soon

November 2017

United States


Evelyn Mangham remembers Matthew 25 and the level of service to which Christ's followers must strive.

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John Stumbo Video Blog No. 66

January 2019


Speaking from the National Office Archives this month, John gives a short devotional from Gideon’s story, which conveys a principle for leaders to take into this new year—God reveals Himself in crisis, often through leaders who rise at that moment despite being in the midst of the tragedy themselves. Examples are Josh Gallagher, lead pastor of Paradise (California) Alliance Church, and Andrew Burchett, lead pastor of Neighborhood Church in Chico, who share their testimonies from the 2018 Camp Fire. The Alliance legacy overflows with accounts of hardship, pain, and the Spirit of God breathing into a leader’s soul—hope, encouragement, confidence, and a way forward. “That’s the Alliance story, that’s the story of the Scriptures, and that might be the story of 2019 for some of us,” John concludes. “His grace is sufficient. Let’s rise and follow the example of those who’ve gone before us.”

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Peculiar People

August 2017



Rooted in 1 Peter 2:4-12, these verses address Jewish believers who are now scattered around the Roman empire as “sojourners and exiles.”

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International Worker Updates

October 2020


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A Message of Thanks from Dani Believers

October 2020



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Mark Ashton’s Message

October 2020


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Night of Missions and Giving Replay

October 2020


On October 23, 2020, the Alliance family gathered for a virtual event to celebrate what God has done, is currently doing, and what we trust He will continue to do through the pioneering missionary spirit He has breathed into us.


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