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Released — Snapshot

March 2019



A French woman, discipled by a missionary at an Alliance church, discovers Christ and abandons her alcoholism.

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Not Afraid

March 2017



A woman in France diagnosed with multiple illnesses testifies to how Jesus changed her life and how she is no longer afraid of the future.

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God in Architecture

March 2017



An architecture student in Paris shares how God changed his life and showed him how to share His love through his work.

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Expressing Joy

March 2017



A former Buddhist shares his testimony of how God's love brought him from a place of nothingness to a place of joy.

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Annie’s Story

January 2017



A woman in France, Annie, was given life when she began to see God as her rescuer, rather than as a harsh ruler who only punishes.

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From Nothing to Everything

January 2017



A student in Paris, France, explains how architecture and Christian community brought him passion and joy in the midst of his emptiness.

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Prayer for Healing

July 2016



Dr. John Stumbo, in France, tells of a woman moved by an Alliance worker's answered prayer for her child's healing.

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July 2016



An English man living in France tells of how God delivered him from alcoholism to sobreity.

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A Story from Paris

June 2016



Dr. John Stumbo shares a story of a Middle Eastern woman in Paris hoping to go back and share Christ with her unbelieving family.

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John Stumbo Video Blog No. 28

The Word is Going Forward

November 2015



France is home to over 600,000 believers, which is less than 1 percent of the population. But there is a definite sense that the Word of God is active and that the harvest has begun one by one.

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Thumbnail image for From Nothing to Everything

From Nothing to Everything

November 2015



While studying architecture in Paris, a young man from Thailand discovers the importance of community with God and others.

Thumbnail image for Love Your Enemies

Love Your Enemies

September 2013



A Cambodian woman who lost everything, including her home and most of her family, to the Killing Fields, explains how Jesus restored a peace to her soul that enabled her to love and forgive even those who had taken everything she held dear.

Thumbnail image for A First Noel

A First Noel

December 2012



Watch Mally's remarkable testimony as he reflects on the ghosts of Christmases past. From alcoholism and a life-altering diagnosis for his child, to being an expat in a foreign land, Malcolm, who attends an Alliance international church in France, knew something was missing from his life. Visit for more about this and the global work of The Alliance.


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