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Thumbnail image for Stories Redeemed – Snapshot

Stories Redeemed – Snapshot

December 2019

United States


Alliance workers in Bosnia share how their stories of grief and redemption have made a difference in their current ministry.

Thumbnail image for Outreach – Snapshot

Outreach – Snapshot

November 2019

United States


Terry Smith encourages Alliance churches to focus outward and reach their communities for Jesus.

Thumbnail image for Missional Momentum – Snapshot

Missional Momentum – Snapshot

November 2019

United States


John Stumbo leads the Alliance family in the challenge to never stop pursuing the Lord's will.

Thumbnail image for Inward and Upward – Snapshot

Inward and Upward – Snapshot

November 2019


John Stumbo challenges the Alliance family to pursue God together beyond what they know or what is comfortable.

Thumbnail image for Jesus Isn’t Done – Snapshot

Jesus Isn’t Done – Snapshot

November 2019

United States


A church planter in Lincoln, Nebraska reminds the Alliance family to look in their own backyards for where Jesus wants to work.

Thumbnail image for Multiplication – Snapshot

Multiplication – Snapshot

November 2019

United States


Alliance church leaders in Florida testify to how the Lord can multiply ministry when disciples make disciples selflessly.

Thumbnail image for No Boundaries – Snapshot

No Boundaries – Snapshot

October 2019

United States


Gabriel and Jeanette Salguero remind the Alliance family of God's love for the whole world, without prejudice or limits.

Thumbnail image for Heavenly Differences – Snapshot

Heavenly Differences – Snapshot

October 2019

United States


Bryan Lorritts encourages the Alliance family to be a church family of every tribe, tongue, and nation.

Thumbnail image for Primary Mission – Snapshot

Primary Mission – Snapshot

October 2019

United States


Ted Kang challenges the Alliance family to renew our desire to send leaders and spread the gospel.

Thumbnail image for By His Stripes – Snapshot

By His Stripes – Snapshot

October 2019

United States


"Jesus speaks the Word and healing takes place. He speaks the Word, but He invites us to ask," says Kelvin Walker.

Thumbnail image for After the Fire – Snapshot

After the Fire – Snapshot

September 2019

United States


Alliance pastors in northern California share how God is healing them, their churches, and their communities after the tragic wildfires in 2018.


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