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Fresh eyes

Moving to a new city for our new assignment has given us the opportunity to look at our situation with new eyes, both physically and spiritually. We lived in Zenica (Central Bosnia) from 1999-2002. In the fifteen years we've been away the city has changed, and so have we. Businesses that were devastated by the civil war have been replaced by new ventures -- some successful, some not. A whole generation of youth is preparing for life elsewhere in the world by learning English, German, Turkish and/or Arabic. Several local believers who were a part of Mark's basic discipleship class are now mature leaders in the Bosnian church.

Some of these changes are encouraging and some are not. What we're seeing with our spiritual eyes is also a mixed bag. On the one hand, there is a new spirit of cooperation between the churches in our city and an intentional effort to have regular joint services and outreach events. Mature believers sense that God is at work doing something new. There is a renewed interest in church planting and prayer walking in unreached cities.

At the same time, we are personally becoming more aware of the scope of thick spiritual darkness in this place. Having a better grasp of the language helps. Being friends with someone for years also helps them to open up about the dark reality of life. Just in the past week we've heard accounts of sorcery/curses/charms, widespread infidelity and deep-rooted superstition.

We also heard the story of one man's escape from a prison camp years ago. "Abe" made a run for it while the guards were off terrorizing women in another part of the building. He carried his father on his back because he was beaten so badly he could not walk. As Abe made his way through a dense forest at night a blinking light appeared, suspended in air. It lead him safely through to the other side and then disappeared. He came to the river Drina which was filled with dead bodies. As he made his way across the river with his father in tow he turned over each body that might have been his wife or one of his young children. He had no way of knowing that they had already reached safety.

We are profoundly aware that we need not only your financial support to stay here, but your faithful prayer support as well. Thank you for your partnership!

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Prayer Requests/Answers to Prayer

Please pray for "Abe" mentioned above. He experienced such horror at the hands of people who identified themselves as Christians that there are incredible barriers to him receiving Jesus' gift of eternal life. HOWEVER, we are seeing progress. Ask the Lord for a breakthrough and deep healing for this man who is still tormented in his heart and sometimes in his mind. Pray for his wife, who has become a Christian and serves in the local church.

We praise God for a good transition to our new home and assignment. We are thankful for a wonderful apartment in a good location. The local church has made our re-entry as smooth as possible.



Updated: September 23, 2017

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