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Following pastoral ministry in State College PA, we served with The Alliance for 24 years in Santiago Chile, before accepting a call to redeploy to Guadalajara, Mexico in 2014. Since July 2014 we have been engaged in church planting and in April 2015 launched a new church, Breath of Life. In 2016 the church purchased property with the help of an ADF loan and in 2017 we crystallized the strategic vision 5/5/25 and Southpointe project. We are praying for 5 campus churches in GDL, and five church plant core groups in surrounding states by the year 2025. We returned to GDL in December 2017 after a 5 month Home Assignment. We have four adult children and 11 grandchildren.

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Your Help Brings Hope - Mexico in The Storm

You have helped hundreds of families in central Mexico with your generous support. Every two weeks Project South Pointe is distributing food, masks and soap to hundreds of families who are in great need in Guadalajara and in surrounding states. Especially hard hit are the many small family-owned business who had to close their doors. To date you have helped over 500 families in four different neighborhoods in Guadalajara and over 50 families in the small community of Apan, a town about 8 hours from Guadalajara where we are planting our third campus church.

In the food bags is enough to feed a family for a week, portions of scripture, masks, and our church information.

*Email received from a woman who received food and masks and soap when distributed in her neighborhood by church and non-church families.

Dear Pastor Roberto, today a boy named Joshua brought a food bag to my door with the name of your church on it. I want to sincerely thank you for caring for others no matter what their beliefs are. I am a 74 yr. old diabetic and cannot go to my job and have not had any income for weeks. In spite of the difficulties, I am at peace because your offering helps me see the faithfulness of God who will be always be with us until the end.

Those who are begging on the street corners know us as the Pastors who are helping in this crisis. People who were once antagonistic to our churches are amazed that we help without asking for anything in return. Thank you - your generosity and selfless giving made this possible.

QuaranTeams – A Whole New Type of Team -

We cannot meet as a church but we can split into small ad-hoc teams who encourage one another and carry out the many needed tasks. Women who go with Cheryl to the central market twice a month to buy kilos of rice, beans, potatoes, onions, tomatoes and soy for food bags have sweet fellowship as they put together the items for others. The Leadership team of the church meet twice a month to bag all the food and there is such excitement when we see each other, the masked smiles are precious as we unite to bless others in our community. The Neighborhood teams receive a special blessing as they pass out the food to neighbors and receive the one-on-one reactions to people who are visibly touched at such a free gift, just for them. Our recording teams, construction teams, mask-making teams, and the Circle of Care team - all have been working non-stop to sacrificially put themselves at risk to serve others- all in the name of God’s love that compels us to act – we cannot NOT act!

In several areas we contact the neighborhood social welfare offices to request the address of the neediest families in their blocks - then the teams in some cases, enlist non- church families to help distribute the food to the homes. We found out that non-church families are joyfully helping - they are feeling useful and proud that they can do something good! They are sharing the Love of God without even knowing! This is one of the changes that will stick in our way of doing ministry in the new normal church that is coming.

CAMA – Grant Jump Started Mask-Making for Women in Vulnerable State.
Doug and Helen White bought 4 used sewing machines and trained 7 women to make masks for the church to hand out in the food bags and to give to church families. Because of a CAMA grant, four more machines were added and the Circle of Care is making 200 masks a week and the women are receiving a monthly salary for their work to help them in the crisis to pay rent. Thank You¡!

Please continue to pray for us, for our continued good health, our strength to face the troubles of each day, and especially as we are preparing to come back to the US for our Home Assignment time from July to January. We are excited to see our family - kids and grandkids!!
Blessings, Bob and Cheryl Fugate


Prayer Requests - Bob and Cheryl Fugate
December, 2019

1. Pray for the new church services now happening in a second site of the Breath of Life church in Guadalajara, Mexico. A new campus was launched on December 1st, and there will now be two sites sharing the hope and love of Jesus in this community.

2. Continue to pray for the granting of building permits for the construction to begin on the building for the Breath of Life church. This seems to be a lengthy process but the architect has mentioned that it seems to him to be going very fast . . .pray for patience and guidance as we are anxious to begin construction -- having services on the land will help the people see that God is working out all the details!!

3. Prayers are appreciated for our new Mexican pastor and his wife at the Breath of Life church . . .Eduardo and Sarahi are bi-vocational and this is all new for them . . . pray that God would grant them wisdom and joy at this new experience and challenge!!

May you all have a wonderful Christmas season . . . pray as we are apart from family . . . we thank the Lord for technology that keeps us close!!
Much love to all,
Bob and Cheryl Fugate



Updated: May 18, 2020

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