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Tim and Penny Iverson - Reaching out to working class Taiwanese

Liminal Space:
Merriam-Webster defines it as “being in-between, transitional.”
Someone else has described liminal space as the time between what was and what’s next; a season of waiting, and not knowing.

In March we moved to Tainan, expecting that we would be there for the next two years as part of a brand-new church planting endeavor. However, less than a month and a half after the move, plans changed, and we won’t be continuing as part of this church planting team.

A signed housing lease will keep us in our Tainan community of Jiufenzi until June 2021 and after that we will be moving on to a new assignment (one that is yet unknown to us!). And so, as just one couple living in a new community which is under construction, knowing that our time here is brief and next steps are unclear, we are in a LIMINAL SPACE.

But praise the God who loves to do His Work in just those types of spaces! And we believe He has begun to show us where to put our focus during this short season in a new place.
Jiufenzi is a community in the process of being built. Our home is surrounded by construction with scores of building projects in various stages of completion including a new school, high-rise apartment complexes and townhouses. Literally EVERYTHING is new, and within the next several years thousands of people will occupy these new homes. And at this point, with only a smattering of people occupying the few newly completed homes, we just might be the ONLY Christian presence!

A Spirit-led Conversation:
A few weeks ago, our next-door neighbor asked Tim (who he knew was as pastor) if he had started a church yet, to which Tim answered, “No, not yet.” His next question though was the one that surprised us. He asked if we had started a “Prayer Center”. And suddenly we felt the fogginess of our situation begin to clear a bit. Why not put up a sign on our home identifying it as a “Christian Prayer Center”? 1) it enables any Christians to be aware that there are other believers present; 2) it is an invitation to our neighbors to approach us with prayer needs, and an open door for us to share with them the love of Jesus Christ; 3) it is a strategy that fits well with our temporary status; and 4) it gives us a sense of “claiming” this community for Jesus Christ!

Please pray ----
that God would indeed draw people to the One who alone can give them hope.
that our neighbors would find us approachable.
that God would both work in us and use us during this time of liminal space.
that one day there would be a church in Jiufenzi pointing people to Christ.

Tim & Penny

Prayer Requests/Answers to Prayer


Praise God who ALWAYS leads us (even when we don't understand!)

Please pray that we would continue to fix our eyes on Jesus during our season of "liminal space"!

Pray for open doors in our community.

Pray that God would clearly lead us and our teammates regarding our "next steps".

Pray for James and Eva Chen who are pastoring Amazing Grace Church. Pray for good relationships within the church and the community. Pray for Holy Spirit inspired vision and strength for the ministry.

Pray that God will provide financially for everything the church needs to support their new pastor and his wife.

Pray that God will grow the church in depth of walk with Christ and also numerically as people in the community turn to Christ and are added to our numbers.

Pray for several who consistently attend Amazing Grace Church but have not yet put their faith in Christ: pray for Tom, Ben and ChiuXiang.

THANK YOU for faithfully praying for us!



Updated: July 30, 2020

Field Assignment
Country of Service
No 91, Yongxu 22nd St
Annan District
Tainan City, 709

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