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June 2019

I am doing a mini study in Hebrews. In the first few chapters, the word “confidence” is used several times. We have “our share in Christ if we hold our original confidence in Him”; “we are His house if we hold fast our confidence…”; through Him we have “confidence to draw near to the throne of grace”. Hebrews 10 says “do not throw away your “confidence which has a great reward”. Those without confidence in Christ are without hope and are destitute. Pray for me to have strong confidence daily.

April and May were busy months, besides several Cambodian holidays. In April:
1.The national church had their conference and a new leader was chosen. As Chamreun leads, pray that he may have steadfast “confidence” in Christ for decisions and overseeing God’s church.
2.Easter was a time to celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus in whom is our “strong confidence”. Many heard for the first time, but others like Chin Na have heard before but keep holding their “confidence” in the flesh.

In May: 1. most of us singles (8 of us) went on a short retreat. Due to some being new, we had a chance to get to know each other better. Our devotional speaker chose I Corinthians 13. Instead of just using “love”, she used the phrase “Christ shining from me”. It really strengthens the meaning of that passage.
2. some of us attended a seminar which presented our strengths in a different way. It wasn’t so much about changing ourselves as it was about who God made us to be and then how we function with each other knowing others’ strengths and what may spark conflicts between us. Pray that our confidence in Him will help us in each situation and to love one another/letting Christ shine from us.

We keep taking the Light to Na Ong and Kbal Romeas. A small group of visitors came to do Lao outreach with us. Seems some in the village had heard negative things about Christians that was confusing to them. Pray for me as I am more on my own going to Na Ong (one missionary family on HA). Visitors will come again in July, but we also would like the National Church to send workers. In Kbal Romeas, there are only a few believers, but some are straying from their “confidence” in Christ. Pray for God to raise up strong leadership there.

For much of May and continuing into June, nursing and midwife students are on clinical rotations. We’ve not had regular fellowship time with many being away. However, students at the teacher training school have been going with me to some villages to bring encouragement. Some of those students will be finishing their studies the first week of July. I have seen several grow in their “confidence” in Christ
Pray for them to finish their studies well and to go back to their communities with new “confidence”.

Health teaching is back on schedule. Pert and I just finished teaching on hypertension and diabetes, big problems in Cambodia. We found several with borderline or having hypertension. Our upcoming teaching will be on dengue and malaria (mosquito borne diseases). One of our single ladies is just now recuperating from Dengue. It is predicted to be a harsh year for Dengue. Pray that our teaching will bear fruit, healthier people in the villages.
Joyce Johns PO Box 9506 Stung Treng, Cambodia

Together in His service,
Joyce Johns

Prayer Requests/Answers to Prayer

-for the opportunity to help purchase more updated medical books for the nursing school. Several teachers are translating portions of information for their lessons. English is hard to translate.
-my truck is up and running again after getting the engine replaced.

Pray for:
-much needed rain for the farmers. The ground is still quite dry.
-the O’Krieng small group is needing a national worker to help them with teaching children. Also, this group is needing more spiritual help which needs more than my being able to go from time to time.
-Field Conference is July 3-8

**Important notice: For those of you who send packages or other items, if the custom value is more than $50, I will have to go sign and pay tax on it (a new ruling) . Also if you send something, it is best to use my Stung Teng address. Thanks for your help in this.

Thanks to many of you who gave to the Great Commission Fund in May so that others could come to the harvest fields. May God bless you. If you need to give, go to
and look for my name and give accordingly.



Updated: June 21, 2019

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