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Prayer Letter/Ministry Update


March 2019

Fear vs Boldness
Exodus 13, 14: The Israelites had just left Egypt and were boldly marching out and God was going before them. Shortly after, the Egyptian army was coming in pursuit of them and the people were frightened. They cried out to God and then blamed Moses for their predicament. Moses told them to move forward and they would see the power of God. What do we do when fearful? Our enemy prowls behind us, looking for someone to devour using fear and doubt as ways to devour us.
In one village, a new teacher (Christian) was sent to not only be a teacher at the local school, but to help the believers. One day the villagers had a ceremony to drive out the ghosts/satan (apparently someone had seen a ghost, but when I asked, no one knew about it). When they asked the teacher to join, he consented because he was fearful that they would not accept him as a teacher. At the same time, the few believers boldly stood firm and did not join in at all saying that there were no ghosts in the first place. What a missed opportunity for that teacher to be a testimony and yet what a testimony the believers had. Pray for God to work in that village, they are quite resistant.
Na Ong is a village where most speak Lao (they are Lao descent). The recently retired village leader (Sali) continues to bring people (few numbers at a time) together to hear God’s word once a month. The last time, one man who can read some Lao, said he couldn’t understand unless someone explained (reminder of Philip and the eunuch and then in Romans 10). There haven’t been any confessions of faith yet but pray for 2-3 families to take a bold step of faith. People fear what others think. Sali needs some surgery on one eye, but family members are fearful.
Once a month, I also try to go to Srei Ampil (O’Krieng) where a group of believers meet and where a new school for local kids is in progress. Presently they meet in a house on the land. The man (Phea) who leads the group, is bold in speaking out the gospel to those around them. Besides that group, I recently heard that about 15-20 km (10-15 miles) further are villages of Kraol people who have a few believers amongst that need discipling and there needs to be further evangelism.
Pert continues to help me with community health teaching. She has become bold in teaching (she was once very shy), so then I often just add a few points and take questions.
As always, thanks for your giving to the Great Commission Fund that supports us to be in ministry as well as those who give to work specials and outfit. You can give by going to then Give.
Have a wonderful Easter celebration of Jesus’ resurrection. I likely won’t send another letter before then.
Together in His service, Joyce Johns

Prayer Requests/Answers to Prayer

Praise: There were some good discussions in February about Lao ministry and possibility of workers. Many patients are hearing the gospel through our assistance (your giving) and prayers.
Pray: The national church to send workers to help me with outreach ministries (especially Lao and Kroal) The National Church conference will be April 1-3 and this year they will choose a new leader. The National Youth conference will be April 5-7. Pray for some to boldly choose service. Some family members have been having health issues.



Updated: March 10, 2019

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