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We’re thankful for what’s becoming a common sight for us: people coming to church that we’ve not met before. This is how we met Tam a few weeks ago. This 14 year old was teaching Belle to play basketball, and in what’s become a natural part of Belle’s everyday life, she shared her faith while they played ball.

It didn’t take Tam long at all before praying to receive Christ, and for the next two weeks he was in church whenever the doors were open, even going to classes in “evangelism explosion”. But this new change didn’t go unnoticed as his Buddhist family were yet dubious of the Christian faith. His uncle and aunt, with whom his family shares a home, yelled and cursed at him, saying that if he threw away his Buddhist faith then he needs to find a new place to live. His father, who, at first, had been somewhat indifferent to Tam’s desire to attend church was soon soured by the other relatives and began to pressure Tam not to attend. He tried to get Tam to quit attending church by telling Tam angrily that if he chose to spend so much time at church that it could be his only “activity”, and he would have to quit all sports and the after school music program.

Tam was unsure of what to do because he knew his family members were unhappy with his decision to follow Jesus and go to church. Our colleague, Hydie, advised Tam not to fight with his family about going to church but to honor his father and wait until his father again gave him permission to attend. She told Tam to show the family, through his actions, that Jesus was helping him to be a good son. We encouraged Tam to study his Bible at home and that we would pray for God to change his family member’s hearts.

Sure enough, God answered! Last Saturday a group of church members studying Evangelism Explosion decided to visit Tam and his family and share the Gospel with them. His family had been concerned that he was being brainwashed by foreigners, but after they were able to hear the Gospel for themselves from Thai believers they agreed to allow Tam to follow his new faith. Not only that, but Tam’s grandmother prayed to receive Jesus as her Savior that day! Again we praise the Lord for how He continues to raise up the Thai people to reach the Thai!

Prayer Requests:

Please pray for Tam as he begins his walk with Christ. Please pray that his family will continue to support his new faith and not go back to verbally persecuting him for his faith. Pray for me (Brian) as well as I meet with Tam, and the two other teenagers in our church, Belle and Manow, weekly to study the Scriptures together.

Pray that God will use us to spread the Good News this Christmas season as many are interested in why we celebrate. We will be giving gifts and tracks to our neighbors and students and staff at James and Benjamin’s school. Our church will be visiting four different government offices in Ban Paeo on Christmas day to share with them about the true meaning of Christmas. Pray that God will use our Christmas outreaches to open doors and seeds will be sown that produce fruit.

Please pray for our son Benjamin (age 6). He gets sick with vomiting and diarrhea, what seems to be every few weeks. We’ve taken him for testing, and he’s been given various medications, but we are wondering if he has something in his system that they have been unable to diagnose.

We encourage you all to give to the “Year-End Offering” that will be taking place in Alliance churches (or by giving on the CMA website, using the link below). It will be used to send 60 new missionaries around the world where there is great need. For example, here in Thailand our leaders have calculated that we need 31 people, at a bare minimum, in order for our essential ministries (Bible school, church leadership development program and church planting teams) to be effective. Currently we are operating with 1/3 less missionaries than we need, and in 3 years we will be down to only 15 missionaries (less than 50%) because many of our CMA colleagues are retiring! Please pray for the God of the harvest to send more workers and please consider what role God has for you to play in this.

This fall one of our partner churches asked us to make a video giving them a quick summary of our ministry, and we thought we’d share it with you too. If you’d like to watch you can cut and paste this link to your web browser.



Updated: November 28, 2018

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