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Dear Friends, Aug 2018
I totally thought I sent a letter out in February. I started one, but apparently didn’t get one out. I am so sorry! We are now over halfway into the new year of 2018 which isn’t so new anymore! This winter, we had enough snow to make everything shut down for a couple days. Stores were out of food because trucks couldn’t travel the roads to bring the food to the stores! More recently, we have had a hot spell so we are getting it all this year!

Cultural Tidbits
Bastille Day or “July 14th” is our Independence Day or “July 4th”. It was on this day in 1789, where the French stormed the fortress in Paris that was a political prison (holding only 7 people) and was seen as a symbol of the abuses of the monarchy at the time. Today, it is celebrated with fireworks and a parade down the main street in Paris that is the oldest and largest regular military parade in Europe.

At the end of 2017, I added on another set of books and that has kept me so busy as I learn the ropes of how another field works in their finances! I took on the France books and though that sounds like something I should already have been doing since I live here now, it was being done by someone in the States. I’ve also taken on more of the office stuff, dealing with mail that comes in, writing a few checks here and there and general office stuff. Pray that I will be able to balance everything well as I take on yet another couple sets of books in the near future!

In early May, I went to Germany to meet my colleague, Niel, and to purge a bunch of financial records that we had sitting around in our office there. Mally went with me and it was a good time of work and rest together with Jerry, Shelly and Niel. We were also able to do a hot lunch for our students at the Black Forest Academy which was fun!

Though this is a little late in saying, we are excited that Mally has reached his goal for the year of 2018 for fundraising! We are so thankful that the Lord used his people to help and Mally has raised what he needed for the year. Thank you for praying!

We have had a number of people visit and Mally’s mom came and stayed with us briefly in February. It’s been a couple years since she has been here and seen the kids. She was so shocked at how they’ve grown. We all are, actually. We’ve had other friends pass through Paris from my former boss to former friends from our church to friends from the States and that has been nice to see different people.

In January, we had a family come from the States to candidate to be our new pastor next year as ours retired in June. We’ll have an interim pastor for six months and then our new pastor will come. Pray for him and his family to adjust well to life in France and leading the church.

Thanks so much, everyone, for praying about our finances. We have been so thankful for the gifts that have come in to my outfit fund and we know that God will always provide for our needs.

I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned in my letters or not about an Italian couple that we know here in Paris. We met them “randomly” when we went to Ireland last year as we were in line at the airport. We hit it off just talking there. While we were in the south of Ireland, we saw them in a town that we happened to be in! Weird! Then while in line to go back to Paris, there they were again, right next to us! We exchanged numbers and we have been able to get together with them a few times since we’ve met. It’s hard with crazy schedules to be intentional about meeting with people, but we want to be intentional with them. Pray that we would continue this relationship and that the love of God would be seen in us.

In April, we went to our field prayer retreat and we took the kids with us. It was the first time that the kids have come with us to anything like that and we weren’t sure how it would come off, but they enjoyed themselves thoroughly! Pray for the kids, that they would come into relationship with the Lord.

In the last months, Mally has taught an Alpha course (a course that lasts for a number of weeks and explains what Christianity is about and who Jesus is), walked 100 kilometers on the Camino way in Spain with a friend, and preached in a local French CMA church here in Paris among many other things. He continues in his studies to be ordained and will be finished with that at the end of this year.

Recently, Mally and I were able to be a part of a friend finding freedom from some past sin patterns. While Mally lead her through some things, I was praying along with another friend. I’ve had the privilege of walking with her in the last weeks as she has experienced ups and downs of the joy of feeling free and as she has waded through temptations in that area in which she has struggled. Pray for our friend, “R” as she navigates through these days after decades of being bound.

Thanks and thank you also for your support in prayer and financially. You are appreciated!

9 rue Racine
78220 Viroflay

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Prayer Requests/Answers to Prayer

Prayer Requests
1.Pray for bookkeepers in our region and myself as we close out the year in our books. June is the end of our fiscal year and although it’s August now, I’m still working on getting the budgets set up for the new year.
2.We again have new people moving in to our building and we are now the tenants who have lived here the longest! Pray that we can be the light of Christ to them.
3.Pray for “R” who is learning how to walk in freedom after being bound for decades. She loves the Lord and wants to serve Him well.
4.Pray for our church as we go through transition as our pastor has retired and we get an interim pastor for the next six months.



Updated: August 02, 2018

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9 rue Racine
78220 Viroflay,

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