Mark and Kit Murphy

Tales from the Journey - February 2021


Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

We thank God for His help! Kit led her group of 7 CLD students to complete the four books of Level 1. They are excited to graduate soon! We also thank God for many new Center Leadership Development (CLD) groups throughout Thailand, including four new groups from OMF churches in northeastern Thailand. These OMF groups represent about 8 churches that are committed to raising up local leaders. We are excited to see God continuing to expand and bless the ministry of CLD to strengthen local churches throughout the country.

We thank God for the Thai CMA Nong-bua Lum-pooh Church. It is a small, but growing church. Before Christmas, there were three young men that were beginning to get involved in the church and expressed some desire to study the Bible. They have gotten involved with friends that encourage them to get drunk. Please pray for them to seek God’s help in overcoming this temptation. We desire to see them and others be discipled through God’s Word. Please pray and ask God to work in their hearts that they will desire to grow in their relationship with Him.

February 20-21, Mark will visit a new CLD Center in Chai-ya-poom Province. Please pray for God to bless and protect us and use us for His purposes.

February 23-25, Mark will go to Khon Kaen to help conduct a training for new Level 1 CLD Leaders. Please pray for God to bless the training that it would be effective.

Thank you very much for your love and support. We are so blessed because of your prayers and your generous gifts for our support and our Work Fund. Our Work Fund helps us as we do different ministries in local churches and support His people in times of need or trouble, and also for unplanned ministry opportunities. Our goal is to raise $2,440 by the end of June ($875 has already been given, trusting God for another $1,565). A big thanks to those who have given!

Giving God the glory and honor,
Mark & Kit and Ephraim

Words of Thanks and Prayer Requests

Words of Thanks:
1. We thank God for helping Kit lead her CLD group of 7 students to complete the Level 1 CLD program.
2. We thank God for many new CLD groups that have opened recently, including 4 new groups from OMF churches in northeastern Thailand.
3. We thank God for blessing the Thai CMA Nong-bua Lum-pooh Church.
4. Thank you God for leading people to give to our support and Work Fund. $875 has already been given to our Work Fund.

Prayer Requests:
1. Please pray for three young men from the Thai CMA Nong-bua Lum-pooh Church to seek God's help in overcoming the temptation to get drunk and to renew their desire to study the Bible.
2. Please pray for Mark's upcoming travels: February 20-21 visiting a new CLD group at an OMF church; February 23-25 helping conduct a training in Khon Kaen for new Level 1 CLD leaders.
3. Please pray for God to provide additional giving to our Work Fund which will support various ministry opportunities.



Updated: February 12, 2021

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