Mark and Kit Murphy

Tales from the Journey - November 2020


Dear friends,

“Praise the Lord, O my soul; all my inmost being praise his holy name. Praise the Lord, O my soul…” Psalm 103:1-2

May you and your family be blessed with great joy and peace by the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth, as you celebrate Thanksgiving. This past Friday, we celebrated Thanksgiving with our C&MA missionary friends in the Isaan region. We are planning to host some special dinners for CLD students and other friends to thank and praise God together. We would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge God’s grace and love in our lives and ministry.

We thank God for:
* His guidance and provision to meet our needs, such as: a new house to rent, a good Christian school for Ephraim, a new car to use and insurance/money to pay for all our medical bills.
* our wonderful supporters (each person, family and church) that partner with us to serve Him through faithfully praying and cheerfully giving. God has surprised us by bringing new people to pray and give at the right time, which has filled our hearts with joy knowing that we are not alone and not forgotten.
* helping us to adjust to life and ministry in the new normal.
* blessing CLD with more trainings than expected, for 8 new CLD centers that have opened this year and for 42 graduates from 8 CLD Centers. We also thank God for good teammates.
* the Thai C&MA Nong-bua Lum-pooh Church which is growing and there is love and unity in the church.
* our C&MA leaders that show their love and care for our body, soul and spirit through trainings, communication, and providing help if needed.
* our family and friends who are always cheering us on, praying for us, and supporting us in different ways. We are thankful that we can build up one another.

We thank God for leading you and others to give to the Great Commission Fund (GCF). Your giving to the GCF enables us to continue serving God here. For those who have given to our “Work Fund”, that is helping us to do even more ministry; we are trusting God to provide $200 per month for our “Work Fund” for July 2020—June 2021 (or about $2,400 total).

Your praying and giving is bearing fruit that will last. May God be with you and pour out His blessings upon you and your family in all ways and may you always know God’s perfect will.

We thank God that the two Level 1 CLD trainings went well. Most plan to open a CLD Center soon, including 3 OMF missionaries. Max is one of thousands of unfinished stories of church leaders throughout Thailand that need to be empowered and equipped to raise up lay leaders in their churches. We are excited that he has agreed to help lead a new CLD group in the Nong-bua Lum-pooh Church where we serve part-time. Max lacked confidence, but after encouraging him to attend the CLD training, he is growing in confidence and getting excited to open a CLD group soon. Kit will help him to lead the first book on Sunday afternoons. There are 5-6 young people that may join the group; one has committed to study. When you give to the Alliance Year-End Offering this Christmas, you enable us to remain on mission and see the unfinished stories of people like Max be empowered and equipped to build up God’s church. Please pray for God to use Max to raise up these young people to be the future leaders of this church.

The Nong-bua Lum-pooh Church has begun looking for a piece of land for a permanent location, because the sanctuary is already full with about 30 adults and children. Recently, the church found a suitable piece of property in a very good location near the main road. The price is $53,125. We are encouraging the church to save money towards this dream. We will be conducting our Financial Management Training workshop for the church on Sunday, November 29 after the worship service. Please pray for God to bless this workshop and help this church and the members manage their finances well as they wait on God’s leading.

YOU ARE NEEDED! Taking All of Jesus to All the World will take all of us. In the words of A.B. Simpson, “We need to finish our unfinished work. We need to do the things that we have thought of doing, intended to do, talked about doing, and are abundantly able to do. There are resources enough among us, if touched by the consecrating power, to save the world.”

With God’s love and our prayers,
Mark & Kit and Ephraim

Praises & Prayer Requests

1. His wonderful provision
2. our wonderful supporters (that's YOU)
3. helping us adjust to life and ministry in the new normal
4. blessing the ministry of CLD
5. blessing the Nong-bua Lum-pooh Church to grow in love and unity and in numbers
6. our C&MA leaders
7. our family and friends

1. God to use Max to raise up the young people in the CLD group to be the future leaders of the Nong-bua Lum-pooh Church
2. God to bless the Financial Management Training workshop and help the Nong-bua Lum-pooh Church and its members manage their finances well
3. God to provide money for our "Work Fund"



Updated: November 16, 2020

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