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- April 9 2020 -

We continue to run and be grateful for God's movement at Alliance University Center in Bangkok. We have seen people make commitments for Christ, grow in their faith, and enter into a church family. Currently, Covid-19 has shut down our ministry, and we are trying to maintain a presence online. We are grateful for your continued prayers, support of the Great Commission fund during these tough times.

- May 11 2019 -

We are currently in Bangkok, where we have started and are running Alliance University Center- which is a community center, English teaching spot, and a church plant. Keith is also working on his Phd. in Philosophy and Religion.

-June 22, 2018-

Our year of Home Assignment has come to an end. Keith spoke at about 40 Alliance churches in California, Wisconsin, Nevada, Michigan and Washington.

As we head to Thailand, we will be starting a new ministry. Keith will be studying for a PhD in Religion and Philosophy at Assumption University in Bangkok. We will be using this as a platform to church-plant among University students and others among that area.

Please pray for us that God opens doors and gives us the right connections as we start this new term.

Grateful for you all,

-The Neigenfinds

-August 3, 2017 -

We are currently on Home Assignment for a year furlough. We are living in Carlsbad, CA. Keith will start his fall tour schedule visiting C&MA churches next week. Hope to connect with you on our year in the states! Please continue to pray for us that God will use this time for renewal, a deeper filling of the Holy Spirit, and a good time of connecting with both our biological families and our Alliance family here. Thanks!

-November 11th 2016-

Below is a link for an article we wrote for the C&MA website. Blessings!

-May 24, 2016-

Greetings to all! Currently we are doing church planting with two churches. One in the city of Sakon Nakhon, and one in a more rural area of Si Songkhram. Please pray that all of the relationships we have been cultivating and seeds we have planted will turn into saving relationships with Jesus Christ. Pray for church growth. Pray for those who have recently made new decisions for Christ. Pray that God will pour out more of His power on us and our ministry.


-Keith, Sarah, Lauren and Margaret.

-October 20, 2015-

Praise God, language study is done and we passed all of our final exams. We are now involved in church planting and ministry in the Northeast (Isaan region) of Thailand.

Please pray that we may see great fruit and be faithful to the proclamation of the good news of Jesus Christ in Isaan. God bless you all!

-June 11, 2015-

Just recently finished our last language study course (Buddhism), and are finishing up our (Lord willing) last couple of months of language study. We have been assigned to the Northeast of Thailand to do church planting in the Sakon Nakhon Province. Before we move we will have various ministry assignments in the greater Bangkok region, Field Forum (the annual meeting of all C&MA Thailand missionaries)in July, and our final language assessment in August.

One specific need is transportation. As we move to a rural region we will be needing a vehicle both for our family's personal use and for ministry. If the Lord puts it on your heart would you consider contributing to our vehicle fund?

We greatly appreciate your prayers and support.

-The Neigenfinds

-March 19, 2015-

Praise God, we both passed the Governmental Exam. Keith has preached a couple times in Thai, and we continue to plug in more and more into various ministries as we continue to finish our time of language learning.

God Bless you all, we are grateful for your prayers and support!

-Keith, Sarah and Lauren
-January 13, 2015-

About 6 months of Language school to go. In November we took our Government Thai 6th grade language exam.

Please pray for us that we finish our language study strongly. Next month Keith will be preaching his first sermon in Thai, and we will both be plugging more and more into ministry as our language learning season wraps up.

After this stage we plan to be involved in planting a new church.

Thank you for the prayers and support!

-Keith, Sarah, Lauren

-April 21st-

Happy Easter to all. He Is Risen! We continue to press on in learning the Thai language, while trying to be involved with the Thai church and community. God continues to sustain us and give us everything we need, as we strive to serve him in this country.

Thank you for your continual prayers and support.

-Keith, Sarah, and Lauren

-November 4th-

3 months of language school down and many more to go. God continues to be faithful as we study, get involved in the community, and push on towards fluency and greater Kingdom Impact.

-Keith, Sarah, and Lauren

-July 31st-
We are in Thailand! August 1st we will start on the long journey of language school. Thank you for your continual prayers and support.

-Keith, Sarah, and Lauren

Our time soon approaches. In July we will be heading to Bangkok for a period of language study and then to plant churches. Before this we will have a one month training in Colorado Springs, and will be attending Alliance Council in June, where we will be commissioned. We will keep you updated, thank you for your prayers and support!

-Keith and Sarah



Updated: April 08, 2020

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