Barry and Terry Newman

Prayer Letter/Ministry Update


Prayer Requests/Answers to Prayer

Here are our prayer requests for this time around:

1) PLEASE PRAY for an upcoming meeting with the woman who is (still) blocking our medications orders.  It will happen some time around the 25th of this month and will involve several key power-brokers in this whole affair.  Since she was appointed to her position, she has irrationally blocked our medication orders, causing shortages in critical areas needed for ongoing treatments, as well as just the regular operations here at the hospital.  PLEASE PRAY that the Lord would break through this issue and resolve it completely.

2) PLEASE PRAY for the increased work load/responsibilities that several on our team are feeling, and will be feeling for the next 3 to 6 months.  We have a reduced missionary team left here at Bongolo, as some of our co-workers have left for 3-month furloughs, as others have left for medical treatments, and as others have left for a “brusher-up” language learning time.  As is always the case, the amount of work stays the same, but the amount of people left to do the work becomes less, so PLEASE PRAY for reliable infrastructure systems (while our head maintenance guy is away for 3 months), for reduced medical cases (while our lead internal medicine doctor is away for 3 months), and for clear and easy administration decisions (while our Team Leader is away for 6 months).

3) PRAISE THE LORD with us, as we celebrate His answers to our prayers regarding the students in the current nursing school class; all of them passed their 2nd-year courses and will go into their senior year, which will be starting in September!  PLEASE PRAY for protection over them as they travel “home” to reconnect with family and friends.  PLEASE PRAY that they will find rest, encouragement, and the resources needed for them to start into their last year of the nursing training program.

4) PLEASE PRAY for our safety and protection as we will do a lot of driving/travel over the next month.  This summer is looking like it will be a busy time of visitors and teams, some of which we ourselves will be picking up and hosting.  PLEASE PRAY for safety on our travels…PLEASE PRAY for favour with the authorities that we will encounter…PLEASE PRAY for divine appointments with the people that the Lord wants us to interact with as we live out this next chapter of our life here in country.

THANK YOU ALWAYS for your prayer support for our lives and work; it is both needed AND GREATLY APPRECIATED!  Blessings from the jungle...

Barry & Terry



Updated: July 03, 2018

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