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Guinea was in the news again this week. More political unrest: a day of protest marches in the larger towns and cities around the country, followed by a one-day general strike. More marches are called for next week, as the political opposition attempts to force the government to change the voter lists and voting process for the vote on a National Assembly (Guinea's version of Congress). Some news outlets have published stories that the opposition is now pulling out of the election. The best reports we've seen from Guinea say that this is not the case, or not yet, at any rate.

But while the political unrest captures headlines, the work of the kingdom goes on:

-- For three who have come to Christ out of Isl m over the the last year. Grant and Kim have, at points, stayed with Oumou in recent months, because they were rejected by their families. The third, Casey, told her her husband that she wanted to follow Christ, he responded by forcing her to wear the black veil and by limiting her movements. Pray that these young believers would grow in faith and faithfulness, and that their difficulties would serve to strengthen rather than discourage them.

-- The missionary community has decided to partner with the Hosanna! music group to produced a dramatized recording of the New Testament as an alternate means to share the Scriptures. The recording will include only the text of Scripture, but with background sounds and different readers for narrated portions. The biggest obstacle? Finding native speakers who can read fluently, and who's voices are suitable for the project. Pray that God will help the group find Fulbe believers and seekers who are free to take part in the project and do well.

-- We've also heard of two young men who have been visiting the church, wanting to read and asking questions about the faith. They say they aren't yet ready to make a decision, but they have been coming somewhat regularly. Pray the Lord would open their hearts and minds to the truth of the Gospel, and bring them to faith in Christ. Pray too for the church, to have wisdom to answer well, and to be good models of the faith for these men and for others who are interested in the Gospel.

-- For those of you who have prayed (and especially for those of you who asked!), the January Hebrew class was intense: not easy to pack a semester's worth of Hebrew into four weeks. By God's grace, I made it through. I am now in third semester Hebrew, trying to be fully equipped as I look forward to the work on the Old Testament translation project.

Thanks so much for your prayers.

Yours in Christ,
George and Doris



Updated: February 25, 2013

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