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Prayer Letter/Ministry Update


“Song of Cambodia”
Dave+Mi Rebok, Phnom Penh, May 2019

Hot Season

Late March through most of June is our hot season* in SE Asia, in which there is typically very little rain and way too much sun. At 12 noon in late April and early May, the sun is directly overhead. We feel like we’ve been microwaved to a crisp as we ride our motorbikes around town. (* Note: It’s mostly Dave who whines about the heat.)

So naturally, the heat got me to thinking about trials we go through here. Some would say missionaries go through nothing but trials, and that’s not true. We live with no more or no fewer trials here than in the US, just different circumstances, therefore the trials are not all the same, and though many experiences are unique to each person, we bask in mutual understanding of trials.

On the other hand, are they really so different? It’s all about relationships, isn’t it? At church, on our missionary team, in the office with the local staff, in committee meetings, and at home with our family. These people are great, and I remember someone on our team once said that with all the imperfections (theirs and ours) that he “wouldn’t trade them for anybody.” Mi and I remind each other often about dealing with trials, and since she and I were raised in different cultures, her reminders are more valuable than she knows!

The Next Generation

In university days, the Christian campus group I was involved with used to make a big deal about raising up the next generation of believers. It was easy to see why they did that because they had the simplest and most solid rationale in the world: The only way there can even be believers in the next generation is if we in this generation take God’s calling to raise them up. Thankfully, that line of thinking has taken hold in Cambodia, and older leaders are seeing the value of this generation’s youth being developed as leaders of the generation to follow. Momentum can be felt coming down the pike, and we missionaries are optimistic.

In early April, the youth leaders held their annual “camp” for young people nationwide, and as in the past, two things happened: Lots of youth who were not yet believers joined the camp, and many of them made commitments to follow Jesus. Now we commit new believers into God’s hands, and into the responsibility of devoted leaders.

Please pray…..

*** for the young people in our family, who are exposed to all the usual worldly distractions that lure them away from doing well in school, cooperating with family… (you get the idea).
*** for new tax laws in Cambodia. In early 2019, the tax office got organized to the point where they are implementing laws, some of which require us to make payments that burden our budget. Please pray that God provides as we do the right thing and agree to pay Caesar.
*** for Dave+Mi to accept trials as they come, knowing they are for our growth, and that God never dumps a load on us that is heavier than we can carry. Our God carries it with us.
*** for chosen leaders in this current generation to take it upon themselves to coach and mentor young people, and that new youth leaders would be recognized as God’s calls them.
*** for the youth of Cambodia, once they have captured a vision for the future, that they would not abandon their enthusiasm, get stuck in their own small world, and allow myriad circumstances to blur the big picture they’ve already seen through the lens of Jesus Christ. At a youth camp, it is easy to be warmed by the camp fire, but to then return to a cold work place and be surrounded by peer pressure and other unwelcome forces… that’s the hard part.

Side Street

Dave+Mi are celebrating 20 years as married people. I was happy to be independent for quite a long while, but by age 39, I was ready to trade said freedom for a cute wife. I’m just glad she said yes. Where would I be if she didn’t agree? We tied the knot on May 1, 1999.

Our niece and her twin boys, age 3, visit our side street every week. Their mom has to ask, “What with the attitude?” Either way I say, please visit as often as you are able and bring your personalities along. We are proponents for Cambodia’s young people. Two future youth leaders in the making? Time will tell.

Enough writing for now. I have to go out and run a couple of errands on my motorbike, in sunlight bearing down at a 90 degree angle, heavy as lead. “Count it all joy.” Seems I read that somewhere. Oh right, it was in the letter of James. Thanks, James. No, really.

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Prayer Requests/Answers to Prayer

Please see prayer requests in letter above.....

.....and please pray for these things below which are updated monthly.

Updated 8.24.2019

1. for all our relatives in America and Asia who are not yet believers.

2. thankful for those in whose lives we have the chance to make a direct impact, namely those we disciple, and those for whom Mi prepares and leads lessons.

3. for the kids in our clan getting geared up for the next school year, some of them find school a major difficulty.

4. for an increase in availability (and decrease in price) of MP3 players in Asia, which come with a memory chip containing the entire Bible, hundreds of songs, and lots of “etc.” There are still so many people who can’t read, or who can’t afford to get new glasses, and we want the gospel to be at hand for everyone, even if only by hearing.

5. Dengue fever is still on the loose in several countries in SE Asia. There has more recently been serious flooding in coastal areas in the south of Cambodia, while the Northwest is short on rain, and farmers are wondering how they’re going to pull in a harvest at the end of the year.

Many thanks! Dave+Mi Rebok



Updated: August 24, 2019

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