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Prayer Letter/Ministry Update


“Song of Cambodia”
Dave+Mi Rebok, Phnom Penh, October 2018


At our annual team field forum, our pastor friend Bruce from Minnesota talked each day about Jesus’ letters to the 7 churches in Revelation chapters 2 and 3. As an intro to the letters, it says, “These are the words of Him who holds the seven stars in His right hand and walks among the seven golden lampstands.” (Revelation 2:1) Each day, he spoke to us about another letter in those two chapters, and lit candles in the aisle on table tops.

Jesus came to the earth with an agenda, to set up His kingdom. As with everything new, it began so small that everyone wondered how it could ever come to anything that lasts. Those in opposition to it saw it as something that wouldn’t be difficult to destroy, and they tried. What they didn’t know was that by crucifying Jesus, the avenue to having our sins wiped out was paved, and the Holy Spirit was sent to empower the disciples to carry on His work after He departed from them. What Saul didn’t know was that after ordering the killing of the disciple Stephen, the other disciples scattered, paving another avenue for the gospel to spread around the region. He also didn’t know, nor did the disciples, that Saul would become one of them, and be submitted to some of the same persecution he used to perpetrate on believers. He was sent by the church in Antioch to go virtually anywhere he could, and the roads he paved are legendary.

Attracted to the Light

The seven churches, to whom Jesus dictated letters to the apostle John in a vision, were located in what is now the far western reaches of Turkey, and those churches were not bright lights in a vicious dark world. But they were lights. They could be seen and heard in the dark. Not as roaring bonfires, they were more like candles. The flames were tiny and fragile, and not invulnerable to being snuffed out.

One of the fondest memories I have of my Mom, who died in 2013, is that she was taken with the subject of “light” as it appeared throughout the Bible. What we want to believe is what we have been told by our great God all along, that if we stay near Him and pursue a love for Him and others, then He will take care of the needs of the church and all its members, seeing to it that we have our daily bread and every resource necessary to keep a church, which He planted, safe and thriving with its roots sunk deep next to the river of life. Only then will the light my Mom hoped for in this and future generations shine brighter and serve to attract “the weary and heavy-burdened” (from Matt 11:28-30… one of hers and one of my favorite verses) and not only will the candle stay lit, but those led to it will find peace.

Please pray…..

*** for large-scale revival to take place all across SE Asia.
*** for Mi’s Mom who is completely immobile at age 75, that Mi and her sisters and nieces would have wisdom to take care of her.
*** Thank God my hip is finally coming to the place where I can say it is healed, 10 months after my motorbike accident. I can walk farther, and I hardly ever have pain now.
*** for Mi’s hospital visitation ministry which has seen lots of positive reception at the hospital, and resulted in several people making decisions for Jesus and joining the church.
*** for the rice harvest, which tips the scales for a lot of people in this region of the world, as to whether or not they will have enough to live on from year to year. We need rain, but not too much rain, and all other factors to be in balance. You get the idea, especially if you’re from corn country in Central Illinois. You know who you are.
*** for small vulnerable churches all over Cambodia to remain lit, so that their light, faint as it may be, would attract new believers, not by worldly means, but only by care and love.

Side Street

My 21-year-old goddaughter Liap (married two years ago) had her 1st baby, born on October 7. He weighed in at 2.9 kg. That’s 6 lbs. 6 oz. to you and me. She’s brown and he’s pink. In other words, they are both fine. Our clan on this side of the ocean has had 6 new add-ons in a stretch of less than three years. Some of them live in our house, and they are great fun to be around.

As I watch another generation of the Khmer people being born and raised in a difficult society, I wonder how many will grow up with or without much hope, a bright or a dark future. How many will agree to go against tradition, cling to a Creator God who wants to be their Holy Father? In our discipleship class, we looked at what the lesson book calls “intimacy” or “closeness,” what we in America would call “brotherly love,” between Jesus and His disciples. God wants this with everyone. May we foreigners do our job right, and display this desire for closeness in such a way that it transfers to the local people, and that they will in turn teach and raise up each other with that same brand of love, the kind that is undeniably true and sacrificial, so that those who see it will know it is real. How many on city side streets and rural lanes with no names will be attracted to eternal light?

In the next generation, will the church succeed in properly demonstrating the love of their Savior who gave them His love, and taught us all how to give it to those around us? Will my daughter’s boy see the light of love, and choose to become one of those believers?

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Prayer Requests/Answers to Prayer

Please see prayer requests in letter above.....

.....and please pray for these things below which are updated monthly.

Updated 3.25.2019

1. for all our relatives in America and Asia who are not yet believers.

2. for Mi’s Mom, still at home and not able to do anything for herself, that she would not become discouraged by her condition, and if medical help is needed, we will have the wisdom to help her.

3. for a rural church (that we recently visited) which has been thriving for a long time, that their flicker would be seen as a bright light to the community, and that many would be attracted to the light and love of Jesus.

4. for Leaksmy’s only remaining non-believing sister and her entire family, all of whom also do not believe. We at least thank God that we have frequent contact with them, and can love them and all their small children freely, all the while hoping for God to rub off on them in His own way.

5. We are thanking God for our niece who has recently starting going to church again after several years of discouragement. Now she goes every week and is happy to talk about it.

Many thanks! Dave+Mi Rebok



Updated: March 25, 2019

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