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By Andrew Schaeffer
October 1, 2020

Reviewing the book of Acts in preparation for a new school year, I have been impressed by the incredible impact Jesus’ followers had on the world of their day … an impact that has rippled down through the centuries and continues to be felt today. Author Luke mentions that, when the members of the Sanhedrin, Israel’s first-century Congress and Supreme Court rolled into one, saw the courage of Peter and John, they took note that these “unschooled, ordinary men … had been with Jesus” (Acts 4:13).

Have you noticed that, when you spend time with Jesus - listening to Him, talking to Him in prayer and studying His Word - it changes you? He understands your temptations and forgives your sins. He calms your worries with His peace. He corrects your faulty thinking and teaches you His way. He replaces your petty concerns with His kingdom perspective. Spending time with Jesus is indeed life-changing!

The disciples spent 3 years with Jesus. They listened to His teaching, witnessed His miracles, and observed His life up close. Those three years were like a training school during which Jesus prepared them for a lifetime of impactful kingdom service.

This week new students are arriving at Maranatha Bible Institute. They come because, like Jesus’ disciples, they have heard His call and are eager to understand His Word. They want to prepare for the ministry to which He is calling them.

Maranatha Bible Institute is undergoing several important changes:
1. Entrance requirements are being raised, from an elementary to a middle school certificate. (Pastoral candidates who are not able to meet these requirements will still be able to prepare for ministry at our sister school, Poundou Bible and Agricultural School.)
2. The school year will begin Monday, October 5th, a month earlier than usual, to conform to the public-school year.
3. The new 3-year curriculum will include English and New Testament Greek, so as to prepare students for seminary studies, should they desire to continue their education in the future.
4. Successful graduates will earn a diploma in theology (the baccalauréat in the French educational system).

While we are excited about Maranatha’s academic improvements, our primary objective continues to be that each student will encounter Jesus in a life-changing way … and then, that they will impact today’s world in much the same way that Jesus’ disciples impacted the world of their day. Or, as my alma mater puts it, may we “know Him and make Him known.”

Abiding in Him,

Andrew and Esther Schaeffer

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Prayer Requests/Answers to Prayer

Oct 23, 2020

1. Andrew and I have many opportunities to share the Good News of Christ. Pray that we would be true messengers of the Lord Jesus who faithfully proclaim His every Word.

2. Church leaders will be gathering next week to discuss several challenges facing our nation and our churches. Pray for Andrew as he speaks during the opening session.

3. Pray for a village church that is inviting all the widows in their community for a meal, food distribution, and encouragement from the Word of God. Pray as I speak to that group, that they would understand clearly the Good News of the Gospel and the love of the Lord for those in difficult circumstances.

4. Pray for a young woman brought to the hospital chapel who is confronted by evil spirits that appear in dreams and when she is in school or church. Pray for deliverance and that her whole family would put their trust in the Lord Jesus.

October 16, 2020

1. Pray for several students at our Bible school who are sick. Several of our pastors are also suffering from malaria. Pray for healing and that all would soon be able to resume their activities.

2. We are thankful for answered prayer concerning schooling options for several young people that we sponsor. After several days of searching, we were finally able to find a place for a student wanting to study welding. We also are now sponsoring 11 deaf young people at a sewing school.

3. Pray for chaplains serving in the military. They face many challenges especially as pertains to military families. Pray for the churches that are located on the military bases, that they would be a source of encouragement to all those serving in the military.

4. Pray as we explore different options to help displaced people. Pray as our national church and several church districts are raising funds to help those in difficulty.

October 9, 2020

1. Have been thinking about the uniqueness of our calling, that the Lord has a special purpose for each of us. Overwhelmed by this young woman Ami's journey to us. First, she went deaf as a child after only a few years of school. All the family resources spent to fix her ears, which could not be fixed. Later her father died, leaving her as his only child. She and her mother moved to Bobo to live with an uncle, all hope gone. But the uncle lives just down the street from a sewing school where we have several deaf young people. Ami, when she realized there were other deaf people, would just come and sit. One day, I stopped by and noticed her, and today she is officially enrolled in the program, so thrilled to have this opportunity to learn and be someone. It will be life changing for her, but more importantly, we want her to know the Lord Jesus. Pray that she will see Him in us even when only our actions will reveal Him.

2. Another huge answer to prayer for Moussa, a deaf young man out in a village. He too, through much prayer, will be enrolled in the sewing school. Due to generous giving to our minitries we are able to help over twenty deaf children to receive an education. We thank the Lord for you.

3. We thank the Lord for the start of our Bible School year. Pray that each student would sense his unique calling to full-time ministry. Pray for the dozen or so pastors that we are helping to continue their education at local seminaries.

4. The prison continues to be out of reach to our team. Since March, visitors are not allowed. Pray that we find a way to show our love and concern to prisoners.

Burkina Faso


Updated: October 23, 2020

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