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by Andrew Schaeffer, June 4, 2020

Robert Coleman introduces his timeless classic, The Master Plan of Evangelism, with these words: “It all started by Jesus calling a few men to follow him … Remarkable as it may seem, Jesus started to gather these men before he ever organized an evangelistic campaign or even preached a sermon in public. Men were to be his method of winning the world to God.” In the following chapters, Coleman demonstrates from the Gospels how Jesus revolutionized the world by identifying, training, and commissioning the few - his disciples - to multiply by making more disciples.

That is our goal at Maranatha Bible Institute. We are discipling a few men and women so as to reach Burkina Faso for Jesus Christ. Men like Adama Sawadogo, whose church recognized his pastoral aptitude and, in 2013, sent him for training at Maranatha Bible Institute. Adama immediately distinguished himself in class as a disciplined student and gifted storyteller. His classmates also recognized his leadership gifts and, at the beginning of his senior year, elected him to be the student body president.

When I am invited to speak in churches, I often ask the Maranatha Director for a student to accompany me and interpret my French into Jula, for those who only speak the local trade language. The Director, eager to broaden Adama’s ministry perspective during his senior year, kept encouraging me to take him. Adama soon became my favorite interpreter. After listening to me hour after hour in class, he was familiar with my accent and line of thought. So, Adama could quickly and accurately interpret my message, phrase by phrase, into Jula.

On one such trip to a church in Bama, the rice village just 30 miles northwest of Bobo-Dioulasso, I learned that Adama had never traveled this road before. So, after the church service, we took time to visit the rice project together. Adama was so impressed with the vast rice fields and appreciative of the opportunity to see something new. A humble and teachable student, Adama was recognized at graduation as both the top student preacher and the 2017 class valedictorian.

Following graduation, Adama was assigned to pastor a new church plant in Houndé, his home district. Even though the cement floor was not completely dry when he moved his family into their new little home, Adama didn’t complain. He settled in and gave himself heart and soul to this church family. Before long, Houndé District leaders asked Adama to move again and to serve as chaplain to 600+ students at the new Houndé Christian High School. Adama was pleased with this opportunity to evangelize and disciple these future leaders. Recently, the district leaders came knocking again, asking Adama to take on another new church plant, in addition to his chaplaincy role at the high school.

After being discipled and trained at Maranatha Bible Institute, Adama is now actively following through on the Master’s method – training and discipling others! Are we?

Your fellow disciple,

Andrew Schaeffer

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Andrew & Esther Schaeffer
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B.P. 3050; Bobo Dioulasso
Burkina Faso, West Africa


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Prayer Requests/Answers to Prayer

August 7, 2020

1. We are thankful that international travel to Burkina Faso has started up again. We are scheduled to return to the field in mid-September. There will be some added protocols and certainly a quarantine once we arrive, but with our Bible school opening in October, we are anxious to get back and settled before the start of school. Pray that this would be a reality.

2. More exam results have come in from our Christian schools. Many have passed the high school exam for which we are thankful. Schools are offering summer classes to enable students to make up for the months lost due to COVID, and to ensure that they are ready for the start of school in mid-September. Pray that the return to classes will go well for our schools.

3. Pray for one of our pastor's wife whose mother died very suddenly. It was a huge shock for the family. The mother was a blessing to many, especially to our widows' group. Pray comfort for this family.

4. We thank the Lord that we were able to attend the dedication of our granddaughter Eliana. One of those special events where all of our children and grandchildren were together!
July 27, 2020

1. So thankful to be out of the cast. Now begins the process of getting my hand to function again!

2. We are enjoying visiting in different churches and small groups and even some divine appointments along the way. We have been overwhelmed by the commitment to missions that we sense even in the midst of great challenges.

3. We are hearing of excellent results from our Christian schools in Burkina Faso. One of our high schools had 100% pass an exam. Another big exam is scheduled for the beginning of August. Pray for our students who have to bear the pressure of studying during what is usually vacation time.

4. Our grandson is doing so well. Fun to watch him grow and change each day and to be part of our granddaughters' world. Baby dolls, trips to the park, and lots of books fill our days. We are thankful for this time that the Lord has given us with our family.
uly 14, 2020

1. Pray for students in Burkina Faso as they begin end of the year exams. Due to Corona they missed about two months of classes. Pray for those correcting exams as well.

2. Rain continues to be a serious concern. Pray that the Lord would send an adequate amount of rain. With so many displaced people, a good rainy season is crucial for providing food.

3. We thank the Lord for the faithfulness of our prison team. Pray that they would be encouraged in the Lord and strengthened for this important work.

4. It is fun to be close to our latest grandchild and to experience the miracle of new birth. May we be eager as well to see those around us born anew in Christ Jesus.

July 8, 2020

1. We praise the Lord for the birth of Gabriel Charles, our third grandchild born on our 30th wedding anniversary. It has been such a joy to be close to them for these months.

2. Pray for a young man who accepted Christ this week after listening to our radio broadcast. Our radio ministry continues even when we are out of the country. Pray for our two stations that broadcast in areas receiving displaced peoples.

3. Pray for our deaf school. Many challenges even before COVID. Pray that our students would do well on their exams and that the Lord would provide all that is needed.

4. There is a desperate need for rain. Pray for the Lord to send the rain that is needed to this country already facing many challenges.
JUNE 26, 2020

1. So, here I am with a broken finger, which seems to require a cast all the way up to my elbow! Who knew all the things that I normally do that requires two hands, like picking up a baby!! But I am so thankful that it wasn't more serious and that the Lord Jesus, who endured much inconvenience for us, is teaching me much during this time.

2. Pray that our Heavenly Father would send rain that is much needed in Burkina. Farmers are desperate to have rain for the fields that have been planted. Others have not begun to plant because of the dryness.

3. Pray for our widows group that met this past week. Pray for a believer whose husband passed away this week. She is facing many challenges and needs prayer as she struggles to cope with this sudden loss.

4. Pray for four deaf young women who will be taking an exam offered by the government to qualify them as tailors. Pray that the testing center will allow for a deaf interpreter.

5. Lord willing, Andrew will be speaking in Orrville this Sunday and I will be in Zanesville. Pray that the Holy Spirit would speak through us would be an encouragement to each one and that we will strengthen the resolve to bring light to all peoples of the world.

June 4, 2020
1. Last month, just before I left Burkina, Adama texted me: “A violent wind knocked down a wall of our unfinished church building, and lightning struck two neighborhood children living nearby. My church members and I are really discouraged. Please pray!”

2. Yesterday Maranatha Bible Institute Director Thomas Traore successfully defended his dissertation on a famous Dutch theologian and politician, Abraham Kuyper. He received the highest commendation from the international 5-member jury, praise the Lord!

3. Maranatha Bible Institute is seeking to improve its educational offerings and recruit students with a higher (secondary) academic level for the 2020-21 school year. French primary level students will join Jula-speaking students at Poundou Bible and Agricultural School. Two new dormitories, costing approximately $56,000, are needed by November 1. Please pray for the Lord’s provision … and let me know if you are interested in more details.

4. Praise the Lord, on May 21-22 Esther and I were able to take an embassy-organized repatriation flight to the USA for our scheduled 4-month home assignment. This weekend we complete our 2-week quarantine in North Carolina and begin our move to Grove City, PA, where we will be based (see contact info below). Please pray for good health and safe travels as we visit family and churches during this home assignment.

May 16, 2020
1. Pray for Burkina military families. Pray that the Lord would protect all those serving their country. Pray that God would be merciful and bring an end to the attacks.

2. Pray as schools continue to work hard so that they can open in June. Pray that adequate measures can be put into place to prevent the spread of the virus.

3. We will be returning next week for our four-month home assignment. Pray for us as we finish radio broadcasts and ensure that prison and hospital ministries will continue during our absence. Pray as we take two weeks quarantine in North Carolina; hard to do when we want to see those grandbabies, and of course our children too.

4. We thank the Lord for the progress on the widows' center. Pray for our widows who are facing many challenges. Pray for one of our women who needs healing from cancer.

May 9, 2020
1. Pray as churches open up this weekend in Burkina Faso. Much planning and preparation has gone into this first Sunday. We have been able to help with facemasks, soap, and hand gel. Pray that everyone will respect the new normal and cooperate in social distancing.

2. Schools remain closed for the month of May. Our Bible Schools are finished for the year and students have gone to their assigned ministries for the summer. But the local schools remain closed. Pray that students would not be discouraged and that somehow it would still be possible to finish the school year.

3. The local hospital is doing an excellent job of screening for the virus. We are thankful to help with soap and facemasks where needed. Pray for strength for the medical staff as they too face the added protocol with limited supplies.

4. Pray as our team looks ahead to furlough and vacation schedules amid travel restrictions. Pray that the Lord would clearly lead in every decision.

Burkina Faso


Updated: August 07, 2020

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