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Prayer Letter/Ministry Update


May 2019

Unexpected News and Travel
My family recently had some unexpected news, that my mom has cancer. The prognosis is optimistic for a cure, and she will be receiving 5 weeks of chemotherapy and radiation therapy. This has prompted some unexpected travel, as I return to the US until July 5th to help her through the treatment.

HIV Inspection Visit
Representatives from the National HIV program have been going around Gabon inspecting the HIV treatment centers and reviewing patient charts. The visit to Bongolo fell about two days before my departure. This visit is both like and unlike a medical site review in the US. Here, the visit starts with a meeting with the highest-ranking nearby political dignitaries with photos. They had already met the Governor when they stopped at the HIV Treatment Center in the capital of the province, so here it was the Prefet. Also unlike visits in the US, I had to arrange the housing and meals, and be tour guide. It seemed like everything that could go wrong did. The electronic record system didn’t work, the lab machine for the special CD4 test didn’t work, there was a plumbing problem causing a flood just prior to their arrival, at the restaurant the cook locked himself in the kitchen and served a salad with pieces of ham to the Muslim physician. I’m so very thankful this is over.

Prayer Requests

May 2019
- Pray for my mom as she starts chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Pray for Bongolo, as they are very short staffed in my absence.
- Pray for Meladee Davis, one of my teammates at Bongolo. Her husband Paul is the maintenance director. She is having some health problems and will be returning to the US on June 21 to have further evaluation not possible at Bongolo.
- Pray for Angelique, the girl with anemia I wrote about last month. Her blood counts started to fall again.
-The Gabonese health insurance still has not paid the hospital. We are thankful that for the moment, we have found a work around to allow us to order medicines.
-Pray for a nursing instructor for the Bongolo nursing school.
-Continue to pray for another long-term primary care doctor. (You can see the Ministry Opportunity Description of this position by clicking on this link.
-Continue to pray for a Project Manager to coordinate the construction, and infrastructure projects.
- Pray for Gabon. The Vice President of the country was dismissed last week, and there continues to be an economic crisis.



Updated: May 26, 2019

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