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Prayer Letter/Ministry Update


August 2018

Dear Friends:
These past few months have been building up to a new chapter in my life which has just begun. Last April while packing up my home to put everything into storage for the year I began noticing some sharp pains in my knee. I tried walking that out and then went to China to visit someone I had discipled as a new believer. That was a very special trip opening my eyes to another way of serving with many different types of challenges. We walked a lot on that trip and still the sharp pains were very frequent. Returning from China, my friend Nit told me to rest my leg for 2 weeks – did that while taking care of our guest house. That is where you get service! All the workers helped make that rest happen and I was beginning to feel pretty good. Then a short term team from Michigan came – we had a great time teaching English, partnering with a local church in Srisaket located in the southern northeast of Thailand (you can try to figure out that location!). One day I stepped out of our van and it felt like a rubber band snapped in the back of my knee – that was very painful! Everyone on the team took care of me as I couldn’t go down stairs and had to be careful in walking. As soon as the team left I saw a doctor, had an MRI and was told I have a torn meniscus which will need surgery. No more going up and down stairs and carrying heavy loads – all happening the week before moving out of my 2 story house and beginning a new chapter of my life in the states! The surgery would have to wait.
I moved out of Khon Kaen with all my things put in storage, the house closed up and keys turned over, office packed up and keys returned and car keys turned over to the new owner – what a closure! The field director and some friends sent me off in Bangkok and I was welcomed by another field director and his wife in Portland, Oregon. On the flight home I had a fist time experience using a wheelchair at the Seattle airport so someone else could pick up my bags at customs and put them on the final plane to Portland which enabled me to get through all the lines quickly to catch that last flight!
My new home is in Scio, Oregon – a small town of less than 900 people about 20 miles southeast of Salem. This area is known for its covered bridges – looking forward to discovering them! The family that rented me this home live next store – they have 4 children from 13 years down to 9 year old twins! My home is on the second floor – completely furnished including towels, sheets, etc. The twins Sunday school class donated some household supplies and food to help me settle in. I am truly blessed.
New beginnings include lots of cultural living experiences. It was amazing to see people walk off planes in an orderly fashion making room for those in seats in front of them to get out first. Relearning to sit on the left side of the car and drive on the right side of the road! The district has given me a Nissan car to use while in the states. Waking up and going to bed with beautiful sunrises, sunsets and stars over acres of farm land with horses, goats and cows instead of city streets. Let me know when you can come for a visit!
This upcoming year I’m looking forward to seeing so many of you who have been a part of my life throughout the years. August is a great month to settle in, prepare messages, become better acquainted with my church and spend time with friends. Just before sending this out I saw the surgeon and he is suggesting I have a cortisone shot first to see if it can solve the problem. I should see results within the next couple of weeks. If those stabbing pains come back, then we will look at surgery. I’m happy and look forward to seeing how this all works! Thank you so much for your prayers and support in so many special ways as I go through new beginnings again!
In His service,
Debbie Vik, International Worker in Thailand (now in the states!)

For those who have asked how you could financially support the work in Thailand, information is available in the CMA website – After finding the website press “give” – then go to the “Give to International Workers and Special Projects” and type in Debbie Vik. All the options of giving (support/vehicle/work special) will come up there. For those who would like to connect with me while in the states, here is my address and phone number:
Debbie Vik
555 Gaines Street NE
Salem, OR 97301
Attn: Susan White

Debbie Vik’s Schedule
August – October 2018

August – in Scio/Salem, Oregon the whole month!
September 8-10 – Forest Glade Church, WA
September 13-17 – Mill Creek Alliance Church, WA
September 18-20 – Network Retreat – Warm Beach, WA
September 22-24 – Northside Community Church in Bellingham, WA
September 28-October 23 – Ketchikan/Prince of Wales Churches
October 26-November 11 – Great Lakes District Churches

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