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Prayer Letter/Ministry Update


Today, the C&MA in Brazil has 21 churches, with the vision of reaching 60 churches by 2020.
2015 = 21 churches
2020 = more than 60 churches
2030 = more than 150 churches
2040 = more than 350 churches

The strategies to reach these numbers have already begun. And guess what? We are already growing!

Help us to keep growing:
1. Pray with us.
2. Visit the work in Brazil
3. Help us with our biggest challenge: preparation of leaders, church planters and pastors.

The Beginning of 2018
We are two years into the challenge of seeing the Brazilian C&MA triple in size by 2020. The project is called Focus 2020.
Over the last 3 years, 20 new church planting projects have been started. They are each in different phases of growth:
1) A core group of lay leaders setting out a strategy, meeting regularly, but not yet implementing the strategy.
2. A core group of lay leaders with regular meetings every week in a home or a neutral, rented space reaching into their communities supported by the mother church.
3) A pastor (Seminary prepared) already having an impact in their region, being supported by a mother church.

Our ministry is to visit Brazil and minister to these groups twice yearly. We go to Brazil for 3 months at a time, visiting each of them. Seeing their progress and their challenges has been rewarding for us. Being able to be mobile has allowed us to come alongside and cheer on these passionate church planters. In the last Brazilian Council in January, our son, Jeremy was named the Director of the Focus Church Planting Project. We work under him and the national church president to accompany the church planters and encourage our existing churches to be planting new churches.

Are all these church planting efforts healthy, full steam ahead projects? No! Right now, 2 of the 20 have either stopped or are struggling to continue because those in leadership have lost the passion they started with. But there are still 18 that still show signs of a healthy vision and passion. These are the people, leaders, church planters we are coaching. Besides these 20, we also must look to the challenge of seeing 20 more churches planted by 2020. Recruiting, visiting and challenging the existing churches that a healthy church is a mother church who wants to give birth to a daughter or daughters.

Praise and Prayer requests

1. Of 20 churches planted over the last 3 years, 18 are still on board and moving forward with the vision.
2. In our last round of visits (Jan-Feb), we discovered 4 more church planters interested in the FOCUS 2020 challenge.
3. Safety in all our travels. Last visit involved a minor car accident- a fender-bender with no injuries.
4. We have 4 months now (April – August) to connect with churches here in the U.S.

1. 20 new church planters over the next 3 years.
2. Knowledge and spiritual discernment to know how to encourage the discouraged planters and ways to keep the fire burning in those who are moving forward.



Updated: March 25, 2018

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