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April family & ministry update


1. LIFE International School has grown from 19 students this year to 35 for next year, ages 3 years old through 5th grade! So we will be needing to rent more space for next school year. Pray for clear direction and provision as we rent and rehab that new space.
2. At the same time, LIFE has the opportunity to purchase land from the city to build a facility. These are exciting and at times overwhelming days. The mayor couldn’t meet with us on Wednesday, but we did meet with Javier, the assistant to the mayor. We explained our situation to him and he basically gave us a 20 day grace period to get our ducks in a row, so we see this as an open window and push forward to line things up with donors and/or
investors in the US and Canada to have funds transferred before the 20 days are up. We are nowhere near the 3/4 of a million necessary to get the green light from City Hall, but until the door is clearly closed, we feel we must move forward in faith.
3.We are not discouraged, God has clearly provided in so many ways. A most recent example is this: One of our parents approached us a few days ago saying that he has a friend, who is very well networked, who has a lot of experience in helping businesses obtain land and as a favor to the parent in our school, he is offering his service to us free of charge - to help us find a home for LIFE!! (This is normally a $8,000 service!) It is very inspiring to see how God continues to give us hope, keeping windows open even as doors close. (Or closing windows but leaving doors open?) We have done what we knew how to do, but now God is bringing in someone who is willing to share their expertise in an area that is very new to us. :). He says the land we have been praying for is THE BEST SPOT in Tres Cantos, and that Tres Cantos is the “Pearl of Madrid” and very strategic for being the center of the LIFE schools network. We know that if this land is what God has for us, things will work out, if not, we will wait on His clear direction. Our current needs go beyond financial, however. We also need more personnel so could use you prayer for office staff, for a PE teacher, for a preschool teacher, for an elementary special ed teacher, for a director to take Scot’s place so he can focus on the building project etc. We realize our needs are great, but we know our God is greater and we are very confident He is in this.
4. While Lifetree Café attendance has been low and, at times, has made us wonder whether we should continue, the few that come are engaged and we have made some new spiritually open contacts. Just this last week we shared the Beattitudes as the epilog of the conversation on modern myths of happiness with Jesús, Mario and Fernando, and their feedback revealed that they are seekers. Pray also for Ana, Betty & Andrea.
5. The last week in April 23-30 four leaders from two potential partner churches will be coming for a vision trip. Tim will travel with them to Barcelona, Alicante and Madrid to see what we do on this field! Pray for me as it is an invest of time and resources for the future benefit of some of you!
6. Our daughter Katey will visit Spain for a wedding at the end of this month and until May 5th.We
relish the chance to enjoy her company.

Prayer requests

Tim and I are deeply grateful for your faithful support in praying and giving. We know many of you give sacrificially to keep us in Spain and we take that very seriously. We humbly live in a way that seeks to honor your giving by practicing good stewardship, being generous with what God has given us, and taking advantage of every opportunity to share the gospel with those who are lost. May He multiply His gifts around the world so that many may find salvation, renewal, and redemption in Him.



Updated: April 06, 2019

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