Tim and Marilyn Westergren

March family & ministry update


1. Tim is grateful to have finished well both his fall seminary classes and his interim as crisis manager for the national church. The recent assembly was not only cordial and productive, but a spiritually edifying experience for all. Luis Calderón from the School of Prayer led times of teaching, blessing and even foot washing.
2. Pray for the newly elected national church president Jorge Alvarez, Vice-President Eliseo Morán, Secretary Pepe Martin, and Treasurer Eliseo Morán and member-at-large Jorge Jiménez. They have some legal work to complete as well as a few sticky wickets to handle.
3. LIFE International school is now an officially approved work special project for the CMA in Spain! Please pray for the enrollment of new students for this next school year. We have room for more 1st-5th graders. Our preschool class is already full for next year and we are in great need of an experienced preschool teacher. (Montessori or hands-on-learning experience would be extra helpful)
4. One of the LIFE board members recently resigned for a combination of health, work, and family reason, so we are seeking 1-3 more board members. Please pray the Lord would guide us as we seek to grow.
5. LIFE is nearly outgrowing our current space so we need to raise funds for a larger place for the school year of 2021-22. We are asking for favor with the city government who has the capability to loan us land for 75 years, if they so choose, yet up until now don't seem very interested in doing that. Pray for God´s provision and clear guidance to the place HE has for LIFE school.
6. Tim was able to spend a week caring for his mom, Marlene, soon after she moved back to her apartment. She fell and broke her femur just before Thanksgiving weekend and has been in rehab since then. Now her bone is fully healed, her physical therapy is more aggressive and she is improving by leaps and bounds. She and Tim enjoyed a week of laughter, prayer and getting lots of jobs ticked off the to do list.
7. Katey and Kyu are waiting for Kyu´s green card to come through so he can start working in the Centennial Colorado area. Katey is looking for public health related work. Marijn is finishing up his doctoral work in Liverpool while Sarah works as a social worker helping victims of exploitation and trafficking. Hannah has decided to teach a third year at Nicaragua Christian Academy! All are well and growing in faith and ministry.

Prayer requests

Tim and I are deeply grateful for your faithful support in praying and giving. We know many of you give sacrificially to keep us in Spain and we take that very seriously. We humbly live in a way that seeks to honor your giving by practicing good stewardship, being generous with what God has given us, and taking advantage of every opportunity to share the gospel with those who are lost. May He multiply His gifts around the world so that many may find salvation, renewal, and redemption in Him.



Updated: March 08, 2019

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