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Prayer Letter/Ministry Update


November 29, 2019

Experiencing the Power of the Gospel

So many good things had happened since my last communication that I actually have a hard time deciding on what to share in this prayer update. I would like to start by telling a wonderful experience I had when I celebrated my first communion in a Congolese Alliance church in Pointe-Noire few weeks ago.
In 2007 when I left Congo, I was feeling discouraged and demoralized by a difficult relationship with a Congolese pastoral couple. It had become so painful and difficult for me towards the end of my first term that I eventually found myself unable to receive the Bread and the Cup when this couple was ministering. I felt hypercritical to celebrate communion when I failed to live in harmony with my brother and sister in Christ. Twelve years later, when I knew I was returning to Congo, I felt somehow anxious about meeting them again, so I started to pray about it.

On October 6, 2019, I visited the church in Pointe-Noire, pastored by the very couple whom I had found hard to love and serve together twelve years ago. To my surprise, it was a special Sunday communion service. During the service, as I was asking the Holy Spirit to search my heart, I sensed that I no longer had any residual anger, hurt, and bitterness against this couple in my heart. I sat in the pew peacefully, followed their instructions, accepted their authority and service, ate the bread, drank the cup, and thanked God for the gift of grace, peace, forgiveness, healing, and reconciliation for that relationship. Thank God for giving me a good closure before restarting my ministry in Congo. Thank God for allowing me to experience the power of the gospel of Christ anew in a communion service. Thank God for the healings taken place in the body of Christ. Thank God for the second chance. Thank God for not giving up on them and me, or any of his children.

Do you have a relationship that can only be mended by the power of God? Has God pushed your “reset” button so you can forget what is behind and run toward the goal set before you? To God, all things are possible.

A Christmas Gift: Relaunching Radio Sangu Ya Mbote (Radio Good News)

In this season of thanksgiving, we give thanks to God for the many miracles he has done to get the Radio Good News back on air. In September, a letter was sent out from the U.S. Alliance national office in Colorado Springs to a large list of friends and supporters across the United States describing the rundown condition of the radio station here in Pointe Noire. The goal of the letter was to raise enough funds to be able to get Radio Good News back on the air by Christmas. Many have made financial contributions, and we are almost reaching the goal of this campaign ($57,000).

Thanks to the generosity of God’s people, this Christmas the people of Pointe-Noire would hear the gospel and the word of God be once again proclaimed loudly in five or even six languages. I can’t thank you enough for making the gift of God’s word available to people in Pointe-Noire where heresies, sectarian and syncretic religions confuse people’s mind and compete for people’s allegiance to Christ. A radio ministry dedicated and committed to proclaiming and communicating God’s word, biblical teachings, and sound doctrines will produce strong, healthy, vibrant Christ-followers and churches. Thank you for being partners with us as the Spirit of God leads us to move forward.

What have your gifts allowed us to accomplish here in Congo? We have been able to:
• Reinstall the radio tower and antenna
• Reconnect the 1,000-watt transmitter, reaching nearly one million people in
Pointe Noire and the surrounding regions—including our target group, the Vili
• Install an electrical system to provide a reliable energy source 24/7 and to protect expensive equipment.
• Renovate the facilities and upgrade the broadcast system.

We hope you realize that these gifts you have given are providing that GREATEST GIFT OF GOOD NEWS to the more than ONE MILLION people in our region - that Gift of Jesus Christ, who came to be the Mediator between sinful man and a holy God.

We are now working diligently to get the station ready for a special Christmas program which will be broadcasted from December 24 to December 26. We still have a long way to go before we bring both the broadcast studio and recording studio back to full operation.

As to our future here at Radio Good News, we thank the Lord that the directorship for the
station has been officially placed back under the leadership of the Alliance mission. The future holds enormous opportunities as we continue to expand both the reach and impact of RSM. From our studios, we will be perfecting, recording, and broadcasting Bible stories in a number of languages, to be duplicated and used throughout Congo and central Africa. As the work progresses, our programs will be expanded to areas further north and south to aid in the growth and development of believers throughout the Vili territory. Radio Good News has the vision to explore the possibilities of utilizing social media and the Internet to reach an even wider audience for evangelism, church planting, discipleship, and healthy church development.

From those of us here in the studio, we say a heartfelt “Thank You” for making this Christmas a special one for so many. Thank you, Alliance family, for bringing the hope of Christmas back to Pointe-Noire!

Prayer Requests/Answers to Prayer

Thank you for remembering me in your prayers. God has been faithful in answering our prayers and supplications.

1. Thank the Lord for my first trip to the Vili village, Youbi, where we have already established a center for orality ministries for the region. For more details, please check out my Facebook Page:
2. Thank the Lord for a good team retreat and team meetings with the African Regional Leadership.
3. Thank the Lord for the refresher class in French which started the week before Halloween. Please pray that I will learn to communicate effectively in French.
4. Please pray that I will able to synchronize with the rhythm of life here in Pointe-Noire and faithfully keep my daily quiet time with the Lord.
5. Pray that God would give me wisdom and directions as I take on the roles of Studio Sangu Ya Mbote Consultant (Radio Good News), and the Narrative Arts Coordinator for our orality ministries. I will write more about it in my next prayer update.

Ways to give:
If you feel led to give financially to help get the Radio Sangu Ya Mbote (Radio Good News) back on the air in Pointe-Noire by Christmas, please designate your gifts to “International Work/Project Special: Pointe-Noire Christian Radio.”



Updated: November 29, 2019

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