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Prayer Letter/Ministry Update


November 2, 2020

Program Productions for the Radio RSM

“And every day, in the temple and from house to house, they did not cease teaching and preaching that the Christ is Jesus.” (Acts 5:42 ESV)

One of my responsibilities at the RSM Christian radio in Pointe-Noire is the oversight of the recording studio. At this point, I am the technician as well as the production manager. Since we re-launched the radio on the Good Friday 2020, Beverly Bellamy and I have been working with the Congolese Christian workers and other Alliance missionaries in the Congo South Team to produce a series of a chronological Bible stories with a set of seven questions for group discussions (APH Story Series). These stories and discussions are being broadcasted on RSM 5 out of 7 days every week. For 2 weeks, the listeners of the RSM in Kouilou region hear the same story with different discussion questions in six languages (Franch-Kituba, Lingala, French-Vili, English, and Mandarin Chinese). We are currently playing the tenth story, the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, on the air.

Beverly Bellamy meets with a group of Congolese Christian workers every Wednesday to learn and discuss a Bible story in French, Kituba, Lingala, and Vili. She uses this time to teach, discipleship, mentor, as well record stories with her APH ministry team. David and Teresa Bill provide the contents and their voices for the story discussions in English. And I, of course, am responsible for the recordings in Chinese. After the post-editing, Nicaise Kitsoukou-Ngoma, the RSM program manager, adds the audio file to the program playlist according to a fixed schedule.

Our first APH series is a panorama of twelve stories from the creation to the ascension of Christ. As we are now only two stories from finishing the series, Teresa Bill, Chancelvie Lemba, and I worked hard together to finish recording a new program for the radio. It is a thirteen-lessons community health program in French. Teresa has been doing community health education and Sunday School training ministries in Gabon and Congo for almost 30 years. She coordinates and provides the content; Chancelvie proof-reads the French and presents on the radio; I am the sound engineer and the post-production editor for the program. We got done all the recordings, including the health songs, in three Sundays before Teresa returned to the USA to join her husband for a one-year home assignment. It is an amazingly rich and relevant program for the physical, emotional, and the spiritual health for the Congolese. My goal is to have this new program ready for the air by January 2021. I am looking forward to making it available to the RSM listeners in Pointe-Noire.

Building Progress

Thank you for praying and giving toward the Orality Ministries Center in Youbi. We are making good progress in building it up. Your generosity and sacrificial giving have brought encouragement to the villagers in Youbi. More Congolese Alliance pastors and Christians are getting involved in reaching out to the Vilis in these villages.

The Congolese church planters and missionaries we trained and sent out to do orality ministries in Madingou-Kayes and Ngoyu are also now teaching Master Life Discipleship Program and Storytelling in our new three-year pastoral program at the Center for Christian Studies in Pointe-Noire. God is definitely moving and changing hearts and lives.

Bring Children to Jesus

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” (Matthew 19:14)

Thank God for opening a door for me to teach English to Congolese children in a local Christian school built and directed by Bemba and Linda Nganga, SIM missionaries from France.

When the Ngangas left Congo in July for their two-year home assignment in France, Bemba invited me to teach English to the children in his school. He thought it would help me to practice my French and get integrated to the Congolese community. I talked about it with my team and had the blessing to go for it. The new director of the school happened to be Mrs. Fabienne Kitsoukou, with whom I have been praying regularly every Wednesday morning longer before Bemba asked me to teach.

After months of waiting, I started teaching my first English class at La Plantation on Thursday October 12. I was excited and at the same time nervous about meeting the children. It was raining and I was worrying about getting a taxi to take me to the school and being late for the class. Thank God it went well. Even since then, I have been teaching English every Thursday morning. Before teaching I stopped by at Fabienne’s office to pray with her for her family, ministries at the school, the teachers, the children and their parents. I teach 4 classes every Thursday morning, total 39 students from age 7 to 10. When I teach, their teachers also learn and practice with them. After my second week at La Plantation, I was introduced to their parents in the PTA meeting.

I am very appreciative of this opportunity to teach English and build relationship with these children. When I see their innocence, vulnerability, and potentiality, I sense God’s love and tenderness toward them. How much God would want each one of them to come to know him personally and to grow up in the knowledge of his love and truth!

Prayer Requests/Answers to Prayer

1. Thank the Lord for the daily ministries at the Radio Sangu Ya Mbote à Pointe-Noire. Thank the Please pray that (1) God will use the daily program to bless and equip the listeners. (2) God will protect RSM from all corruptions and injustice so it may stand firm and faithful on God’s purpose and vision to proclaim God’s word and sound biblical teachings. (3) Thank the Lord that we finally got from the USA the microphones, the computer, and some of the parts for sound equipment to upgrade the radio facilities. (4) With the COVID-19 confinement lingering on, please pray that we will find ways to get shipped to us the newly-purchased transmitter and all the parts we need to ground the antenna.

2. Praise the Lord! On the day when the formal Media Association’s lawyer was supposed to present his closing argument before the judge, he walked out the courtroom and refused to come back in until the meeting was adjourned and the judged left the room. Our lawyer thought this was definitely to our advantage in a culture where saving face is more important than justice. Please pray for the court ruling over the radio property ownership in the morning of November 2, 2020. Please pray that the judge will rule in our favor and it will the end of the case.

3. Please pray for my English ministry to the children at La Plantation. May God use me and make me a blessing to the children, their teachers and their parents.

4. Please continue to pray for my mother’s salvation. She is 72. May she come to know experientially the love and goodness of Jesus Christ so that she will truly trust Jesus as her personal Lord and Savior.

5. Thank God that Teresa Bill arrived Florida safely and has joined her husband, David Bill, in caring for David’s mother who is diagnosed with later stage of lung cancer. She is 86. David and Teresa will return to Pointe-Noire in September 2021 after one-year of home assignment. David’s sister, Sue, is being treated for an aggressive breast cancer. Teresa also needs some medical attention for her health. Please pray for their visits to the doctors and healing.

6. Thank you for your loving and faithful prayer and giving. Without your support, I won’t be able to serve in Congo.

Ways to give

If you feel led to give financially to support me or my ministries in Pointe-Noire, Congo, please designate your gifts at

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Updated: November 02, 2020

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