Greater is He

Following God’s call, Blaise moved into the village of Katana in Burkina Faso, unashamedly sharing his faith with villagers in a spiritually dark area. Unknown to him was the significance of a baobab tree next to his home, which was used by village leaders as an “altar” for sacrificial rituals. One day, a man from the village came to Blaise and said, “I want the power that you have.” When Blaise asked the man what he meant, he explained that since the day Blaise moved in, the sacrifices stopped working.

“Blaise shared his faith with the man, who made a decision to follow Christ,” says as Alliance missionary, who visits Blaise often to pray and encourage him. “Word spread that this new arrival had some kind of special power.”

The parents of a mentally deranged man, desperate to save their son, sought help from Blaise. The young man is so disturbed that they must tie him up to keep him from leaving the house. When Blaise began to pray, the man calmed down. The obvious behavioral change convinced the man’s parents that Blaise’s company was good for their son.

“Whenever [they] bring him to sit in Blaise’s courtyard, their son calms down and is somewhat rational,” the worker continues. “But when the family leaves, the man becomes crazy once more.

“Villagers are seeing the power of God in action. Pray that God restores the man’s mental health through true freedom in Christ. And pray that He will protect Blaise. People are watching him, and his testimony is strong in the village.”

. . . the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world (1 John 4:4)


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