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October 15, 2018

Urgent Prayer Requests

Hurricane Michael

Continue to pray for all those affected by Hurricane Michael, including Alliance pastors and church members. In the Southern District, some pastors suffered roof and water damage. Several families from Heritage Bible Church and Historic St. Andrews Church lost their homes completely—some were blown off the foundation by 150 + mph winds or engulfed by flood waters from the massive tidal surge. Other homes sustained significant structural damage, making them temporarily or permanently uninhabitable. “On top of that, there is no power or running water, and the necessary supplies to make urgent and needed repairs are in shortage or unavailable,” writes Phil Hagar, district superintendent. “The devastation is so massive that residents are being told it may be weeks, possibly more than a month, before power and water are restored. These people are part of our Alliance Southern District family; there are thousands upon thousands of others with similar stories who have been affected by this tragedy in the same way!”

In The Alliance Southeast District, Piedmont Park Alliance Church in Tallahassee was affected, but at this writing there are no other damage reports or injuries related to Alliance people. The district’s recent church plant on St. George Island is currently attempting to become a distribution center for the island, as many are unable to leave due to lack of supplies and gas. Also, the district is reaching out to CAMA Services to set up a response team with their staff as well as for the district.

Intercede for God’s comfort for those who lost loved ones and for His mighty provision for people whose homes and property were damaged or destroyed. Pray also for His empowerment and guidance in relief and recovery efforts. May many people in need of hope and help turn to Him.

North and Central Asia

God of Jacob, You are the fortress of Your workers in north and central Asia. Do not let them be afraid or discouraged, for the battle is not theirs, but Yours. Raise the poor in these nations from the dust and lift the needy from the ash heap. Guard the feet of Your saints. Let them have no fear of sudden disaster, for You will be their confidence and will keep their feet from being snared (Psalm 46:7b; 2 Chronicles 20:15; 1 Samuel 2:8a, 9a; Proverbs 3:25).


Lord, You are the Most High over all the earth. The heavens proclaim Your righteousness, and all the peoples see Your glory. Guard the lives of Your faithful ones in Africa and deliver them from the hand of the wicked. Remind them that You have not deserted them in their bondage. Grant them new life to rebuild Your house in these nations and repair its ruins (Psalm 97:9a, 6, 10; Ezra 9:9).

Burkina Faso

Pray for peace in Burkina Faso amid ongoing security issues and for wisdom for government officials.

Intercede for Andrew and Esther Schaeffer as they resume ministries and prepare for the new academic year at Alliance Bible schools. Pray that the Lord will call many into full-time Christian service.

Pray for an opportunity to host an event for young women who work as domestic help in Bobo-Dioulasso. Pray that many can attend and that this outreach will provide open doors to share the gospel.

Pray for a new church beginning in the Bolibana neighborhood of Bobo-Dioulasso. Pray for the congregation's lay leaders and that a meeting place can be built on the property.

West Africa

Pray for a new health-care initiative an Alliance team is starting in a slum community in their city. According to local sources, the area is in crisis with more than 20,000 people in desperate need. Alliance workers have developed relationships in the community and received an invitation from city leaders to engage with this population. Ask God to provide local partners to join with the team in demonstrating Jesus’ love to members of this community.

Intercede for Alliance workers partnering with a Christian vocational school for vulnerable teenage girls who never had the opportunity to attend school, get a degree, or find safe employment. Plans are under way this month to renovate an existing classroom into a teaching kitchen; pray for this to go smoothly.

An Alliance team recently set goals for the next year. “Ask the Holy Spirit to empower us to meet them,” the workers write.

Pray for new churches in a region selected for outreach. Pray that believers there will become deeply rooted in Christ.

Praise the Lord for evident growth in the life of a young believer, Bakary. Intercede for him as he is especially burdened for his unbelieving family members. May God draw them to Himself.

Pray that a leadership training class offered by an Alliance partner church to national colleagues serving at a hospital will be a positive step forward in the development of new leaders.

Three families from the village of K, where The Alliance has a new church, have recently come to the hospital for treatment. Pray that the care they receive will be a powerful testimony in the village.

Pray for complete healing and pain relief for a worker dealing with a significant, ongoing dental problem. Specifically, ask that this team member will not need to leave the country to seek further treatment.

Creative-Access Countries

Father, Your name endures forever, Your renown through all generations. Vindicate Your workers in creative-access countries, and have compassion on them. It gives us great joy when we hear about their faithfulness to the truth. Help them continue to declare the message they have heard from You: You are light; in You there is no darkness at all (Psalm 135:13–14; 3 John 1:3; 1 John 1:5).

Pray for protection and encouragement for a team that has experienced many attacks recently, including robberies and property disputes that have hindered ministry. Pray for God’s provision to replace the stolen items and for changed hearts among those seeking to block His work.

Intercede for members of an Alliance field as they gather for a retreat, October 15–20. A team from Stow, Ohio, will come to minister. Pray that this will be a spiritually, emotionally, and physically refreshing time. Also, pray for a worker who is struggling with back pain after having been knocked to the ground twice in September. As a result, she and her husband can’t travel to the retreat. Pray for a full recovery.

Misha, the pastor of an Alliance partner church, died unexpectedly last week while leading a Bible study. He was well loved and respected, and many believers will miss him. Pray for his family and church as they grieve this loss. Pray also for the church members as they will need to find a new pastor.


O Lord God, arise and come to Your resting place, You and the ark of Your might. Let Your workers in Asia/Pacific be clothed with salvation and rejoice in Your goodness. Remind them that You reign. You are robed in majesty and armed with strength. The world is firmly established; it cannot be moved. Revive Your servants and restore them so they will live in Your presence (2 Chronicles 6:41; Psalm 93:1; Hosea 6:2).


Intercede for Andy and Lora Brake’s visa renewal process. Their attempt to apply for a five-year visa has hit serious roadblocks, and they may lose their visa after all their efforts. Pray that the five-year visa will arrive within the next week.

Continue to pray for relief and recovery efforts in Palu, the area of the recent earthquake and tsunami.

Intercede for continued peace and comfort for Todd and Debbie Adams after the loss of their 21-year-old daughter, Emily.

Pray for efforts in Napire, Papua, to establish an extension program for pastors through Jaffray Bible School in Makassar.


Pray for Alliance women from the Tokyo area as they gather Friday, October 19, for their annual Ladies Day. The guest speaker is a professional flutist from Korea who is also well-known in Japan. Pray for God's blessing on this event.

Intercede for Kelly, an Alliance pastor's wife, who was diagnosed with a brain disease. She will be moved to a larger hospital for surgery later this month. Pray for a successful operation and for God's healing in her body. Also, pray for her husband and two children, as well as their congregation, the Kawaguchi Church, during this difficult time.


Don Kramer is resuming his Singing English class at the request of his previous students. Pray for Don as he speaks into the lives of these students, some of whom are teachers or parents of young children.

Intercede for a colleague who is waiting to receive her visa for Taiwan. She has fulfilled the requirements but still has not found a solution to this situation. Pray for God’s favor.

Europe/Middle East

Father, when the souls of Your workers in Europe/Middle East are weary with sorrow, strengthen them according to Your Word. Help them walk in the light, as You are in the light, so they will have fellowship with one another. Remind them that they are from You and have overcome, for the one who is in them is greater than the one who is in the world (Psalm 119:28; 1 John 1:9, 4:4).


Rejoice for open doors in several film festival schools at an Alliance cultural center and for possible partnerships in staff training, student mentoring, and peer counseling.

Praise the Lord for good attendance at a recent youth conference. Pray especially for three teenage girls there who are seeking truth. They will begin attending a house group this week. Pray for continued open hearts.


Intercede for 28 young leaders who attended a recent mentoring seminar, representing 10 churches in the Paris region. Pray that God will show them people who need mentors and for courage to invite them into mentoring relationships.


“We praise God for calling David and Ana Raudales (and their son) to the Spanish-speaking church in Rome, where they will succeed Marty and Gloria Banzhaf who have faithfully pastored there for many years,” says Tim Westergren, field director, “This will be the fourth pastoral couple from The Alliance in Spain to respond to the need for Spanish-speaking churches in Europe. Intercede this week also for Fernando and Julia Castro in London, Luis and Mari Carmen de la Peña in Frankfurt, and David and Karen Allaín in Manchester.”

Pray for several female workers in Spain who are building relationships with women who practice another religion. Intercede for these team members as they share Christ’s love and truth. Pray specifically for C. A., P. H., and C. R., who have regular contact with many of these unreached women.

Latin America

Father, splendor and majesty are before You, strength and joy in Your dwelling place. Save and help Your workers in Latin America with Your right hand so those You love will be delivered. They watch in hope for You, their Savior; You will hear them. Remind them that You chose and appointed them to go and bear fruit that will last (1 Chronicles 16:27; Psalm 60:5; Micah 7:7; John 15:16a).

United States

Lord Almighty, remind us that You are with us. There is no one like You to help the powerless against the mighty. Help us, Lord our God, for we rely on You. Let us return to You, for You are gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and abounding in love. Help us be glad and rejoice in You, for You have given us the autumn rains of righteousness (Psalm 46:7a; 2 Chronicles 14:11a; Joel 2:13, 23).

Alliance Northwest District

Rejoice for 600 people who attended the first weekly service at Anchor Church, a plant in Tacoma, Washington. The church also had 300 people from the community attend a recent kickball tournament that the congregation sponsored. Pray that the small leadership team will find strategies that will turn an unconnected crowd into a congregation.

Association of Filipino Churches

Pray for Rev. Lorenzo Collado, president, as he ministers to pastors and churches throughout the United States. Pray specifically for godly wisdom in his leadership.

Central District

Intercede for members of Capon Bible Fellowship (Capon Bridge, West Virginia) as they seek to fill leadership positions. Pray also for the upcoming launch of the Wednesday night youth group and worship band.

Reclaim Church in Parma, Ohio, is thankful for an intern who is an incredible help and a huge blessing to this church plant. Intercede for the church family as they are experiencing some spiritual attacks. Pray also for the youth ministry as they plan and execute some events, ministry opportunities, and new curriculum.


Pray for the following Alliance chaplains who are being deployed: Chaplain Mark Nevius, U. S. Air Force; Chaplain Colin Lau, Hawaii National Guard; Chaplain Ryan Albano, U.S. Navy; Chaplain Pierre Allegre, U.S. Air Force; and Chaplain Michael Spoke, U.S. Navy.

Metropolitan District

Pray for healing for Bruce Terpstra, district superintendent, as he recovers from a recent heart attack. Pray especially for good rest in the weeks ahead. Also, pray for the District Conference October 15–17, which will include an election for the new district superintendent.

MidAmerica District

Praise God that during the launch of the 2018–2019 Good News Club at Lakewood (Colorado) Christian Fellowship, two children received Jesus as their Savior! Pray that they will grow in their faith.

Mid-Atlantic District

Intercede for Rev. Doug Conley, district superintendent, as he ministers to pastors and churches in Delaware, the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia. Pray as the district works toward the goal of having 75 percent of their churches healthy and growing by the end of 2022.

North Central

Rejoice in the recent dedication of a newly remodeled building at Parkside Alliance Church in Waconia, Minnesota. May this facility provide many opportunities to minister to the church members and their community.

Puerto Rico District

The district requests prayer for Pastor Fils-Amie Idenaire, president of The Alliance in Haiti, who has been ill for a long time and whose wife died recently. The Puerto Rico District is trying to bring him to Puerto Rico to receive medical treatment. Pray for his health and recovery, for the medical team that will see him, and for a smooth entry into the country.

Western Great Lakes District

Pray that invited friends will take the first step into the doors of Plymouth (Wisconsin) Alliance Church as members sponsor their third annual Pumpkin Fest October 20.

Empowering Alliance Ministries

As The Alliance seeks to continue broadening the reach of the gospel, gifts to Alliance ministries enable our workers to bring His life-giving message to lost people in our own neighborhoods and around the world. Please pray for God’s people to give generously to help ensure that those without hope can experience His loving embrace.

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