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August 25, 2014

An Urgent Call to Prayer from U.S. Alliance President John Stumbo

Tensions between Russia and Ukraine. Masses fleeing Syria. Broken cease-fires between Israel and Palestine. ISIS marching across Iraq. Ebola spreading throughout West Africa. Protesters filling the streets in Ferguson, Missouri.

You’ve seen the headlines. What you may not know is that the Alliance family is in each of these areas. Years ago, the sovereign hand of God placed us in the very locations that now receive world attention.

Because of the urgency of these situations, I’m asking the Alliance family to rise on behalf of our sisters and brothers around the world and set aside September 1–7 as a time of focused prayer for our churches and international workers who serve in these regions. In your churches, homes, and neighborhood Bible studies, in your public services and private times with God, please pray with us.

Specific, updated prayer requests are provided here.

Thank you for being a family to whom I can turn at such a time as this.

Creative-Access Countries

Remember creative-access country (CAC) workers around the world. Pray for protection, good health, and opportunities to share the good news. Pray that contacts will be drawn to Jesus. Pray that God will break down strongholds and give courage and boldness to national believers.

An Alliance worker learned he has to reapply for his driver’s license, as the file has apparently been lost. Pray for God’s intervention and peace.

Pray that an Alliance medical worker will receive her nursing license.


Africa Regional Office

Thanks to all who prayed for Caleb Walker’s first day of kindergarten. “He is enjoying school and looks forward to going daily,” the Walkers write. “We are thrilled!” Praise the Lord for His goodness.

Burkina Faso

Praise the Lord for 50 new believers at a recent church plant in the Kenedougou region. Pray that they will continue to grow in their faith and that God will add more Christians to their number.

Pray for Pastor Jean Martin, who was robbed last week. Pray for God’s provision and that the thief will repent.

Pray for preparations for the Burkina national church pastors’ conference, September 16–20.

Pray for God’s blessing on a youth camp this week at Maranatha Bible Institute. Pray for the young people and leaders who will attend from across the country.

Praise the Lord; a man and his family came to Christ when believers built a well in his village in July. Also, the man publicly burned his fetishes. When his best friend saw that no harm came to him, the friend and his family also decided to follow Jesus.

This year in Burkina, several areas have had too much rain, resulting in the destruction of many mud-brick homes. Pray for Jean Marie Traore, coordinator of the Burkina Alliance’s relief and development arm, as he oversees the distribution of aid to desperate people who have lost their homes in these villages. Pray that this demonstration of compassion will bring many to Christ.

FATEAC Seminary (Côte d’Ivoire)

Pray for complete healing for the Livingstons’ unborn grandson, Drew, whose chest cavity is filled with cysts that are pushing on his heart. Thankfully, his heart is beating well and he appears strong in every other way. Pray for Drew’s parents, Elisabeth and Jared, as there are many unknowns ahead. The specialist thinks Drew is a good candidate for experimental surgery in utero, but the best-case scenario (after a miraculous healing) is for Drew to make it a sufficient number of weeks to be born and then have the surgery in his early months. Pray for God’s intervention.

Pray for Randy Harrison and Jeter Livingston as they prepare to teach September modules.

Pray for a smooth transition for new students arriving in the next few weeks. Pray for God’s direction for Guinean students who may not be able to cross borders due to the Ebola crisis.

Praise God for the Harrisons’ safe arrival and the Julians’ good travels in Central Africa. Also, pray for the Julians’ safe return to Côte d’Ivoire and that their apartment will be ready soon.

Praise God for the arrival of Professor Yacouba Sanon, who finished his doctoral work last year. Pray for the whole family as they make this transition, prepare to teach, locate housing, and settle their children in school.


Praise God; after suffering two miscarriages last year, Wendy Hofman is expecting another child. Pray for protection for Wendy and the baby, especially during this early stage of the pregnancy.


Pray for new classes at Go Global Mali (GGM) that will begin on September 1. Pray for a smooth adjustment for new interns Eric and Eba, who will teach this semester. Also, praise God for new services at GGM this trimester, including a library and listening lab. Pray for teachers as they interact with students and for open hearts and opportunities to share on a deeper level.

Continue to pray for a solution to the property dispute at Hope Community Center.

Praise the Lord that the Rahab Center can remain in its building until the end of the year.

Praise God for the arrival of Segou teammates from Holland. Pray for good health for them and their three children. Also, pray for stamina as they move in and settle into their roles here.

Pray for the Segou team’s TCK teacher, who plans to return to the field next Sunday. Pray for smooth travel with school equipment and for good progress on the expansion of the building.

Registration for Hands of Honor, a literacy, skills, health, and discipleship training program, will take place on Monday and Tuesday. Pray that young women who could benefit from this ministry will register. Also, pray for wisdom for team members as they decide which women are eligible to enroll. Pray for a good turnout and a good start to this year’s program.

Segou team members request prayer for two national Christian youth camps in their city, one this week and another during the second week of September. Pray that young people will answer God’s call to represent Him in their country and that sound, Spirit-led teaching will prepare them for His work. Pray for opportunities for the Segou team to interact with and disciple young people interested in evangelization.

Praise God for continued protection from the Ebola virus, and pray that it will not enter Mali.


Pray for much-needed rain to come soon to Senegal. Many cattle herders are selling off their livestock at a loss before the animals die, as there isn’t any food for them. Crops have also been affected.

Asia and Pacific


On August 24, Ken Young’s mother, Rita, passed away in Dayton, Ohio. This means that Kathy lost both her parents and Ken lost his remaining parent during the last eight months. Pray for the Youngs and their family during this difficult time.


Pray for a young Christian mother whose mother-in-law insists that she engage in rituals involving ancestor worship. Pray that God will help the believer to stand for Him while showing respect for the family.

Pray for Mr. Wu, whose mother and father-in-law recently passed away. Mr. Wu is struggling in his grief. Pray that he will find comfort in God’s love.

Pray that the field audit will go smoothly.

Pray for preparations for a seminar in family dynamics this Saturday, sponsored by the Sihhu Alliance Church. Pray that parents in the community will attend.

Europe/Middle East


Pray for good language acquisition for Todd and Karen Dinius’s children and for continued improvement in Todd and Karen’s language skills. Also, pray that their children will make friends at school.


Pray for EPI, located in a suburb of Toulouse, during its annual weekend retreat, August 29–31. This year’s theme is “The Word of God.” Members will be encouraged to dig into their Bibles and develop a regular devotional life. Pray for Brad and Tina Reynolds and the team that is preparing the retreat.

Pray for Karl and Janet Emerson as they lead Trinity International Church in Strasbourg. The congregation has outgrown its present meeting place and needs another location. Pray for God’s direction. Pray, too, that new people arriving will soon be integrated into the life of the church.

Pray for revival to come to the French church and specifically French Alliance churches. Ask the Lord to raise up pastors and leaders for these congregations.


Pray for Alliance team members in Kosovo as they recommence the work there. Specifically, pray that God will direct them to a place of maximum impact. Also, pray that God will lead them to people who are open to hearing the good news of Jesus. Pray, too, that God will bless the children on the team with new friends, good teachers, and a pleasant school experience.


Pray for the Lumberjacks, an American-style football team, whom international worker Mike Davis coaches. Their training starts on September 3. Pray for wisdom for Mike and that the light of Christ will shine through every practice, play, and game.

Pray for preparations for the Way Church’s retreat, September 6–7. Mike Davis has been invited to present all four messages. Pray for God’s anointing upon them. Pray for the church and the families that will attend.

Latin America


Praise God for a successful Alliance Marriage Encounter at the Wardens’ church. Among the 20 couples who attended, “we heard phrases such as, ‘Our lives have been changed’ and, ‘We’ve never felt such love and kindness before,’” the Wardens write. Pray for lasting spiritual impact.

FATELA (Latin American Graduate School of Theology and World Missions)

Praise the Lord for His direction at last week’s board meetings in Quito, Ecuador. Several important decisions were made regarding FATELA’s ongoing ministry of upgrading pastors in Latin American urban centers.


Although Tim Greenfield was born with glaucoma, God has worked miraculously, maintaining Tim’s vision beyond all medical expectations. In 1997, he had a corneal transplant, which in itself is extraordinary. However, his sight has become increasingly foggy. Pray for complete healing as well as God’s wisdom.


Pray for a smooth transition for the Saavedra family to life and ministry in Paraguay. Pray that God will lead them to suitable housing.

Pray for John Sappia, who will undergo surgery in the States to repair his pacemaker. Pray for wisdom and complete healing.


Pray for preparations for a couples’ dinner on September 13. Specifically, pray for wisdom and creativity and that many couples will attend.

North and Central Asia


Pray for new students in a Christian leadership training program. Pray for them as they pursue God’s calling on their lives.

United States

Central District

Pray for Joel and Elin Bubna, church planters in Olmsted Falls, Ohio, as they build relationships in the community. Also, pray for their daughters as they start high school.

Pray for an eight-week follow-up program to a summer soccer camp hosted by the Painesville (Ohio) Hispanic Church. Pray that many will attend Bible studies and put their trust in Christ.

Central Pacific District

Pray for churches in the Napa Valley area as they help those who were affected by last weekend’s earthquake. Praise God; the Alliance churches do not appear to have any structural damage. Pray for opportunities to share Christ’s love with people in need.

Pray for Joey Alcordo, pastor of Jesus Risen Lord Alliance (American Canyon, California), who had surgery on August 9. Pray for Joey and his family during this difficult time.

Pray for Rev. Edward Kwong of San Jose (California) Christian Alliance Church. He is in a skilled nursing facility and receiving therapy as a result of a stroke. Pray for a full recovery and restoration of his ability to speak.

Praise God for protecting Rev. Dale Edwardson during an accident that landed his car in a ditch full of water. The vehicle was totaled, but Dale’s injuries were minor. Pray for God’s peace and provision in the aftermath of the accident.

North Central District

Praise God for the installation of Pastor Mick Marino, who has a deep burden for multicultural ministry in a Native American area in Cass Lake, Minnesota. Pray that God will use him mightily.

Praise God for a profession of faith, 11 baptisms, and a renewal of marriage vows ceremony at the Northland Alliance Church in Remer, Minnesota. Also, praise the Lord for the launch of a new ministry to neighborhood families called On-Target Archery Ministry.

Metropolitan District

Pray for Dr. Martin Sanders, a professor at Alliance Theological Seminary, and his family. Dr. Sanders’s wife, Dianna, passed away on August 22 from a long illness. There will be a time to greet the Sanders at Living Christ Church (Nyack, New York) McKaig Hall, on Monday, August 25, from 6-8 p.m.

Mid-Atlantic District

Pray for Rev. Doug Conley, new superintendent for the Mid-Atlantic District, and his wife as they move into their new home at the end of August. Pray for transitions that are taking place in the district office.

The Great Commission Fund

The Alliance is answering God’s clear call to create access to the gospel in parts of the world where little or no access exists. Prayer is essential in helping to achieve this goal. Giving is also critical in placing and keeping global staff in key unreached locations throughout the world. Please pray that Alliance people will give generously to the Great Commission Fund to sustain and expand this vital work.

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