Alliance Prayer Requests

August 24, 2015

Creative-Access Countries

Thank you, Lord, that You are working on behalf of our Alliance workers in lands where there is little access to Your truth. Help them to be confident that they will see Your goodness as they employ creative initiatives to reach lost and hurting people. Help your servants to wait for You, to be strong and take heart, knowing You are sovereign and Your will is being accomplished in the lives of the people with whom they build relationships. Increase their faith, Father; may they be like trees planted by the water that don’t fear when heat comes, but whose leaves are always green. Enable our workers by Your Spirit to speak Your Word with great boldness into every situation. We put our trust in You and in Your unfailing love, knowing nothing is too difficult for You! In Jesus’ name, amen (Psalm 27:13, Jeremiah 17:7–8, Psalm 55:22, Acts 4:29, Habakkuk 3:17–19, Jeremiah 32:17).

Alliance workers request prayer for their children as school starts this week; for some, it will be their first time in a new school. Pray for good adjustments and a sense of belonging.

Pray for summer interns who have returned to their home countries. Pray that their experiences will continue to facilitate growth and learning and that their overseas ministry will have lasting impact.

Pray for effective follow-up with contacts from a recent English camp. Pray for awareness of spiritual needs and openness to learn more about God.

Pray for complete healing for an Alliance worker suffering from breathing problems.


We ask You, Lord, to shine Your light on those living in darkness; we ache for their salvation and pray that through Your servants‘ outreaches, You will draw the lost to You. Break the yoke of their burden, O God; let Your peace rule in their hearts, and sanctify them in the truth of Your Word (Isaiah 9:2–4, 10:27; Colossians 1:28; Psalm 4:8; John 17:17).

Burkina Faso

Pray for a camp this week for young people who serve in Christian club programs.

Pray for the Faramana Church, whose roof blew off during a recent storm. This is serious because it is rainy season and much damage will be done if the roof is not repaired quickly. Pray for the pastor and the church committee as they seek solutions.

Pray for a woman who came to the radio station to accept Christ. She has been listening in secret to the Christian station for several years but finally received the courage to come and give her life to Jesus. Pray that she will get connected to other believers even if she cannot attend church openly.


Pray for Wendy Hofman’s full recovery from a sinus infection.


Praise the Lord for a successful regional Alliance youth conference, a biannual event held in Mali this year. Pray that attendees will reflect on what they learned and apply it well.

Pray for the security situation in Mali. Over the past couple weeks there have been several high-profile, violent incidents. The team is not in imminent danger, but these attacks are a matter of concern. Pray for peace.

Pray for an upcoming meeting with colleagues in a neighboring country to plan strategy for the coming months. “We will be working together to reach a nation along the border that lacks gospel access,” Alliance workers write. Pray for the Lord’s leading.

Plans are under way for the national director of the Koutiala Hospital to travel to the United States to speak at several churches. Pray that his visa will be granted despite several obstacles.

Asia and the Pacific

Heavenly Father, we intercede for the peoples in Asia and the Pacific who sit in darkness, and we ask You to shine upon them through Alliance ministries. Make the way of our brothers and sisters fruitful as they abide in Your love and rest in Your peace. Sustain them, Lord, so they will not be moved as they bring Your liberating truth to the peoples of this vast region (Luke 1:79, Joshua 1:8, 2 Corinthians 13:11, John 15:9, Psalm 55:22).


Eric, the son of retired international workers Craig and Bev Hendrickson, was admitted to the hospital last week with stroke-like symptoms. Although a CT scan showed no signs of a stroke, the symptoms persist. An MRI is being scheduled. Pray for God’s healing touch, wisdom for the doctors, and an accurate diagnosis.

Pray for Sharon Kendall, who is recovering from surgery to remove a kidney stone. The Kendalls are thankful that Sharon was able to have the operation while in the United States.

Alliance team members Joel and Sheila are working to pursue a visa for a new venture called “Life after Language Study.” Joel has been offered a good opportunity for the program and would appreciate prayer support as he begins to develop the details.

August is missions month in the GKII church (the Indonesia Alliance). Pray that many people will respond to God’s call to a deeper commitment to His work. Specifically, intercede for E. M., who will speak in East Kalimantan the last weekend of August, teaching on incarnational work and presenting the evening message. A long-term Indonesian colleague will join him to share her story. Other international workers will have opportunities to minister during this month as well; pray for their anointing and empowerment.


Charlie and Mary Dang request prayer for “S,” a woman from the Philippines who attended some of their evangelistic ministries. Recently, she took a position as caregiver for an elderly person but is not receiving sufficient compensation; as a result, S is often hungry. Please pray for God to intervene on her behalf. Also, pray for the Dangs in their ministry to many immigrants who face great hardship. Pray for wisdom in how to best meet the many needs and for open hearts to receive hope in Christ.

With the help of a team of young people from the Taidung Alliance Church, Amazing Grace Church will host a children’s camp at a local elementary school. Pray that Christ’s love, demonstrated through the team, will impact the children and the community.

Several years ago, the Amazing Grace Church received free use of a building for their facilities. The congregation now wishes to complete additional renovations. Please pray that the building owner, who is a believer, will allow the church members to use the building long term or even give it to them permanently.

Europe/Middle East

O Lord, You are the God who sees, so we pray that You will lead Alliance workers in Europe and the Middle East to those who are desperate for Your love. Seek the lost, we ask; bind up the injured and strengthen the weak through the love and compassion of Your Alliance servants. As we remember the wonders You have done in these lands, we pray that You will again make Your name known among the nations (Genesis 16: 13, Ezekiel 34:15–16, Psalm 105:5, Isaiah 12:4).


Pray for three team members who are dealing with physical issues. Carol Clason (Trinity International Church, Paris) has bone spurs in her heel that cause pain when she walks. Tina Reynolds (Eglise Protestante Internationale, Léguevin), currently on home assignment, continues to recover from complications from a broken ankle in May just prior to returning to the United States. Todd Althaus (Mérignac) has suffered for the last five weeks with a heavy cough, blocked hearing, and congestion. Pray that God will heal each of these workers.

Intercede for those on home assignment. Ray and Carol Simon (Limoges) are International-Workers-in-Residence at Simpson College. Pray for their preparations for the new school year. Brett and Celine Bower (team leadership and Genesis Center, Paris), are based in California. Brett will begin tour in September. Brad and Tina Reynolds (Eglise Protestante Internationale, Léguevin) will speak in Metropolitan District churches. Pray for effective tour ministry, receptive churches, and a renewed interest in the France field.


Thanks to all who prayed for summer camp ministries in northeast Germany. At a recent camp for ages 8–11, one boy gave his life to Jesus. Pray that the Holy Spirit will continue to move in his life and the lives of all of children who attended. “We pray that they will either go deeper in their journey with God or begin to follow Him,” write Alliance workers Don and Sarah Jones.

Pray for an encouraging annual family camp, August 24–29. Don Jones will lead one of the kids‘ groups, and Sarah will be involved in the adult programs. “We have a record number of people registered this year (80!), and we’re excited to see what God wants to do in the lives of those attending,” write the Joneses. Please pray for guidance, wisdom, and good health and weather.


Pray for an Alliance worker and other counselors as they minister to contacts who have visited a “Peace with God” Web site, including a woman who recommitted her life to Christ and whose family is struggling with ongoing health and financial problems. Pray for the woman’s faith to grow and for God’s miraculous intervention in her life. Specifically, pray for her as she visits a new church to receive counsel and help.

Latin America

We are grateful, Father God, for Your faithfulness to Alliance workers in Latin America; thank You for empowering them as they draw their strength from You. We pray that You will go before them as they seek to make Your name known among lost and hurting people. Prepare them to receive Your truth; take away their hearts of stone, we ask, and give them hearts of flesh (Psalm 84:5, 2 Timothy 2:11–13, Deuteronomy 31:8, John 17:26, Ezekiel 36:26).

Dominican Republic

Please pray for Miguel and Yngrid Grassals as they attend the Latin America Conference in Bolivia this week, where they will be commissioned to serve the Latin Alliance in Panama. Also, pray for them as they travel to Peru to meet with one of their sending churches and then to Puerto Rico for a seven-week tour in Alliance churches. They will begin church-planting ministries in Panama City in November.

Thanks to all who prayed for the Dominican national youth camp last weekend. Approximately 320 youth and several adults attended. More than 45 young people responded to a call to missionary service. Pray for members of the Mission’s Committee who will follow up with these young people.


Thanks to all who prayed for John Sappia’s heart evaluation last week. “It could not have gone better!” John writes. “I passed all my tests and received the green light to participate in sports again. This is an incredible answer to your prayers! Thank you for walking down this road with us.”

North and Central Asia

Holy Spirit, rain down on Your servants in north and central Asia; fill them afresh with Your grace and love. Make them sensitive to the prompting of Your Spirit, and empower them as Your ambassadors to work together in unity to accomplish Your will. Guard their hearts and minds with Your peace that passes understanding, and draw lost people to Your light (John 14:26, Philippians 4:17, Matthew 5:16, Galatians 5:22–25, Psalm 133:1).

United States

Almighty God, we thank You for Your hand upon the U.S. Alliance and pray that Your everlasting kindness will rest upon Your servants, their children, and grandchildren as they serve You in spirit and in truth. We trust that You are with us, Immanuel, keeping Your promises to accomplish Your will through the Alliance family as we go into all nations with Your Word. We pray that Your name is exalted as we tell of the power of Your awesome works and proclaim Your great deeds among the peoples of the world (Psalm 103:17–18, John 4:24, Matthew 1:22, Psalm 145:6, Deuteronomy 7:9).

Church Ministries

Pray for the following District Conferences: Western Pennsylvania, September 15–17; Central, September 14–16; Alliance Southeast, September 21–23; Southwestern, September 21–23; and Eastern Pennsylvania, September 28–29.

Pray for Alliance colleges and seminaries as classes are in progress: Crown College, Nyack College, Simpson University, Toccoa Falls College, Alliance Theological Seminary, and A. W. Tozer Theological Seminary. Pray that God will lead and develop many young people in the deeper life and call them to serve in His Kingdom.

Pray for complete healing and good pain management for Edna Mapstone of Life Impact Ministries, who is undergoing treatment to shrink a tumor on her vertebrae.

Alliance New England

The youth from Journey Church in Conway, New Hampshire, recently spent a week serving a church in Lee, Maine. It was a powerful time for the teens and for those they served. Pray that God will use this experience to strengthen the young people’s walk with God and give them a deeper understanding of others‘ needs.

Central District

Pray for Caleb and Erin Kohl (Crowded House Church Network, Newark, Ohio) as they transition to overseas ministry. Pray for God’s direction in knowing which opportunities have the most potential for Kingdom impact.

Praise God for many international students attending a new Bible study at Case Western Reserve University. Pray for their ongoing discipleship and walk with the Lord.

Chaplain Ministries

Intercede for Alliance chaplains as they embrace their call to minister to those in the U.S. military. Pray too for American servicemen and women, who sacrifice so much in their service to this country.

Pray for Rev. Richard Gorman, director for Alliance Institutional Chaplain Ministries, as he recovers from shoulder surgery. Pray that he will regain full range of motion.

Pray for Ch. (MAJ) Erik Gramling, military chaplain, as he disciples new believers. Pray that the Holy Spirit will guide them as they study the truth of God’s Word and apply it to their lives.

North Central District

Praise God for 55 children, including many from the surrounding community, who attended vacation Bible school at Hibbing (Minnesota) Alliance Church. Pray that they will continue to grow in their faith.

Rejoice for an outreach to four neighboring communities at Freshwater Community Church in St. Bonifacius, Minnesota, involving more than 500 people engaged in 19 different service projects. Pray for lasting spiritual impact from this event.

The Great Commission Fund

The Alliance is answering God’s call to create access to the gospel in parts of the world where little or no access exists. Prayer is essential in helping to achieve this goal. Giving is also critical in placing and keeping Alliance team members in key unreached locations throughout the world. Please pray that Alliance people will give generously to the Great Commission Fund to sustain and expand this vital work.

Praise and Prayer

Praise and Prayer

On October 28,2015, the fourth Livestream Praise and Prayer event will be hosted by Salem Alliance Church in Salem, Oregon.

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