Alliance Prayer Requests

March 20, 2017

Urgent Prayer Requests


Intercede for Inca Link’s garbage dump ministries in Peru, which have been affected by severe flooding. Several families and volunteers have lost their homes and are without water. Pray for God’s provision.

Creative-Access Countries

Jesus, help Your workers in creative-access countries to know You, Your Resurrection power, and the fellowship of sharing in Your suffering. Thank You that the weapons with which they fight are not those of the world; rather, they have divine power to demolish strongholds. As the mountains encircle Jerusalem, so You, Lord, surround Your people, now and forevermore. You are a wall of fire around them and Your glory lies within them (Philippians 3:10; 2 Corinthians 10:4; Psalm 125:2; Zechariah 2:5).

Pray for two international worker kids and their classmates, who are on a short-term trip to Uganda volunteering at an orphanage through March 27. Pray for the team to be a blessing to many, for safe travel, and for good health. Pray also that God will use this experience to deepen the students’ faith.

Pray for the development of a crisis pregnancy center for central Asian women. Intercede for wisdom as the director seeks to register the facility as a nonprofit organization. Pray that God will raise up prayer support and volunteers for this ministry.


Lord Almighty, You are holy, and the whole earth is full of Your glory. We ask that the peoples of Africa will not depend on themselves for strength but turn to You. We rejoice that You bless those whose confidence is in You. As Your workers minister in Africa, make them like trees planted by the water that send out their roots by the stream. Help them not to worry in times of drought but bear much fruit (Isaiah 6:3; Jeremiah 17:5, 7–8).

Burkina Faso

Pray for a team of women from Salem (Oregon) Alliance Church, who will serve widows and promote awareness in Burkina churches about this ministry’s importance. Pray that this outreach will be an encouragement and practical benefit to the many widows and orphans Alliance workers serve.

Intercede for Joe and Maria Howard as they minister to believers in the village of Tombila, home to one of the most difficult-to-reach people groups. Pray for evangelism efforts to have lasting impact.

Pray for a successful Burkina Alliance National Church Convention next week. Specifically, pray for revival and unity as believers anticipate great things from the Lord Jesus for that country.

Rejoice for the upcoming dedication of the Dogosse New Testament, March 25. Retired Alliance workers Doug and Karen Conkle faithfully served among this people group. Pray that God will use this translation to bring many into the Kingdom.


Thanks to all who prayed for Dr. Bintou, staff member at Bongolo Hospital’s eye clinic. She is currently in the United States with her husband applying for U.S. citizenship. A recent appointment with officials went well. Pray for Dr. Bintou’s application to be processed quickly; she is scheduled to work with several ophthalmologists during her residency in Gabon this summer.

Continue to pray for health insurance payments to be deposited to Bongolo’s bank account soon; about 10 percent of what is owed from the government insurance program has been received thus far. Please pray that the hospital will be able to serve patients well despite this delay in receiving needed finances.


Intercede for a couple in language study, who are preparing for their arrival in Mali. Pray for smooth logistics in their transition as well as skill in language development. “Though our comprehension is greatly increasing, our ability to speak needs to catch up,” the couple writes.

Pray for an upcoming women’s discipleship conference at a new church plant, to be facilitated by the Alliance Women’s president.

Intercede for an encouraging team prayer retreat, March 31–April 2.

Praise God that several premature babies are healthy enough to go home this week. Continue to pray for these smallest patients at the Women and Children’s Hospital.

Alliance workers are partnering with district pastors to organize evangelistic events in at least six villages this week. Two teams of pastors are sharing the gospel through door-to-door visits, preaching, and showing gospel films. Also, this weekend the hospital will coordinate a medical clinic and health training in conjunction with the district’s efforts to reach new villages.

Continue to intercede for the swift release of Sister Gloria, a Catholic nun who was abducted last month. Pray for safety and security in areas where Alliance workers live and minister.


Lord, enable Your servants in The Asia and Pacific Region to speak Your Word with great boldness even amid threats and obstacles. When people reject the gospel and the work is tiring, enable Your messengers to still say, “I will be joyful in God my Savior.” You, Sovereign Lord, are their strength; You enable them to tread on the heights. We praise You that one day all will bow down before You (Acts 4:29; Habakkuk 3:17–19; Isaiah 49:23).


Akhtar, the toddler son of an evangelist in Papua, is hospitalized with dengue, typhoid, and a lung infection. Pray for complete healing. Pray also for the spiritual protection of his parents, who have had many opportunities to connect with seekers.

Pray for an evangelistic trip planned for Papua’s southern coast, where Rev. Agus and an evangelistic team will minister among the Kamoro, Asmat, and Sempan tribes, March 26–April 8.

Intercede for a youth leadership conference in Malang, East Java, at the end of March. Pray for Barry Jordan and others who will minister. Also, pray that youth leaders will meet God in a deeper way and that He will use them to help equip others.

Pray for aviation students with whom Michelle McGuire, an Alliance colleague, has worked during the past several years. Specifically, pray for perseverance and wisdom for Nur, Roy, and others, who are finishing their studies.


Pray for the annual strategy meeting for Taiwan C&MA pastors and international workers, March 22–24, to be followed by the national church annual spring meeting, March 25. Please pray for leaders as they discuss many important issues. Pray too for spiritual refreshment and encouragement during their time together.

Europe/Middle East

We praise You, Lord! Let us not forget all Your benefits. You forgive sins and heal all diseases. Redeem the lives of the peoples in Europe and the Middle East, and crown them with love and compassion. Satisfy the desires of Your workers in this region with good things so that their youth is renewed like the eagle’s. How awesome are Your deeds! Your power is so great that Your enemies cringe before You. As Your workers call upon You, who are worthy of praise, they will be saved from their foes (Psalm 103:1–5; Psalm 66:3; Psalm 18:3).


Intercede for a situation involving the Bosnia team’s annual residency permits. Due to constantly changing laws, it has become increasingly challenging for international workers to remain in the country. Pray for God’s favor and intervention.


Pray for a new believer’s complete healing since she was declared clinically dead. She is now in a medically induced coma in the ICU; doctors estimate she has a 75 percent chance of survival (up from five percent initially). Pray that God will spare the woman’s life and that her extended family will see His power at work. Intercede as well for her husband and children.

Latin America

Father, give the peoples of Latin America undivided hearts and put a new spirit in them. For those with hearts of stone, give them hearts of flesh. You make dry bones come to life. For Your servants in this region who are weary, we ask that You restore to them the joy of Your salvation and grant them willing spirits. Guide Your workers as they teach transgressors Your ways so that sinners will turn to You. Praise the Lord! (Ezekiel 11:19; Ezekiel 37:3–5; Psalm 51:12–13; Psalm 134:2).

Dominican Republic

Intercede for 12 couples who attended the Punta Cana Alliance church’s marriage retreat last weekend. Pray for God to continue the work begun in hearts and relationships.

Pray for complete healing for Adelso Rosa, an Alliance pastor and the brother of the national church president, who is in intensive care with heart problems.

Intercede for Bruce and Becky Dyke, who will be in Panama this week to visit Miguel and Yngrid Grassals, Dominican Alliance missionaries. Pray for God to use Bruce and Becky to encourage and bless the Grassals and the new church plant in Panama City.

Inca Link (Ecuador)

Pray for a nationwide panel that Rich and Elisa Brown are organizing for an event called Especialidades 625 in Ecuador, May 6. Church leaders and presidents from all major denominations will attend and participate in a panel discussion about how to reach and keep new generations in the church.

Pray for Inka Link’s short-term teams and interns this year, specifically that they will connect deeply with Christ and fully engage in missions.

Pray for Rich and Elisa brown as they develop two new ministry training events for Inka Link, one to promote healthy identity for teenage girls and another geared toward parents.


Please intercede for Guadalajara Alliance team members as they mourn the loss of their dear friend, brother, and co-servant Tim Greenfield. Tim and his wife, Janice, were preparing to return to Mexico to continue their ministry at the new church plant, Breath of Life Alliance, in partnership with Bob and Cheryl Fugate. Pray for leaders to have wisdom in addressing this significant ministry gap. Also, pray for Janice and her family as they make important decisions in the coming months.

Pray for Breath of Life church, which is outgrowing its rental location. The congregation purchased a piece of property and hopes to build, but finances are unavailable; pray for God’s provision for construction costs. This is an urgent need, as there is no room for more people at the current property.

Intercede for citywide worship services in Guadalajara during Easter weekend. The four Alliance churches there will hold a joint Good Friday service.


Plans are under way for English Camp 2017 during the first week of July. Rejoice for a team of volunteers from several U.S. C&MA churches; pray for them as they prepare for this outreach. This is a time for the Alliance team in Uruguay to deepen friendships and develop new ones. Pray that international workers involved in the camp will demonstrate authenticity and build trust as they share God’s love with their local friends.

Praise God for two Uruguayan pastors who will travel to Peru in April with international worker Jimmie Hull to observe and participate in the launching of three College of Prayer campuses. Pray for spiritual hunger and revival among Peruvian and Uruguayan Alliance national churches.

Intercede for a team of international workers as they focus on listening to God for engaging ways to study His Word with Uruguayans.

Pray for God’s wisdom and leading in securing a location for a building in Montevideo to facilitate more effective ministry to the community.

North and Central Asia

We give thanks to You, Lord, for You are good. Your love endures forever. If we keep quiet, the stones will cry out. We join Your workers in north and central Asia in ascribing to You the glory due Your name and worshiping You in the splendor of Your holiness. Yes, Lord, we wait for you; Your name and renown are the desire of our hearts (Psalm 136:1; Luke 19:40; Psalm 29:1–2; Isaiah 26:8).

United States

Lord, we rejoice that we overcome the enemy by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony. We also thank You that Your Alliance workers in the United States have been given fullness in Christ. He is the head over every power and authority. Holy Spirit, empower them to be strong in You and do their work in Your mighty power (Revelation 12:11; Colossians 2:9–10; Ephesians 6:10).

National Office

Continue to pray for Alliance Council preparations: for teams working on the planning and logistics; for President Stumbo and the many speakers and presenters as they prepare their minds and spirits to minister to the Alliance family; for God to have His way; and for wisdom and discernment to hear His voice during this gathering.

Association of Filipino Churches

Pray for Rev. Lorenzo Collado, president, as he ministers to pastors and churches. Pray that he can provide a training seminar to raise awareness of the need for soul care among pastors and their families.

Central District

Pray that God will call an individual or couple to oversee the children’s ministry program at Capon Bible Fellowship in Capon Bridge, West Virginia.

An opportunity has arisen for Sandusky (Ohio) Life Church to conduct a worship service in a local assisted living facility and possibly begin chaplaincy work there. Please pray for the Lord to clearly guide, for the home’s staff and residents to be receptive, and for Christ’s love to be evident as the congregation pursues this opportunity.

Continue to intercede for the church-planting efforts of Parma (Ohio) Alliance Church; pray specifically for unity among members in this endeavor.

Pray for members of the church-planting team at Oak Hill (West Virginia) Alliance Church as they meet to discuss plans for this new fellowship. Pray that God will open more opportunities to minister in their community.

Fresh Start

Pray for a Fresh Start Boot Camp in Puerto Rico, March 31–April 1. Pray that this training will be an encouragement to attendees.

Great Commission Women

Pray for the Alliance Northwest Women’s Retreat at Cannon Beach (Oregon) Conference Center, March 24–26. Intercede for Heather Smith, the keynote speaker.

Intercede for the Midwest District Women’s conference at Lombard (Illinois) Bible Church, March 25. The keynote speaker will be Denise Hammer, who founded Mercy Market, an outreach to bring hope and comfort to some of the world’s most impoverished people. Pray for attendees to be encouraged and edified during this time together.

Great Lakes District

Intercede for Rev. Thomas George, district superintendent, as he ministers to pastors and churches in the lower Peninsula of Michigan and northwest Ohio. Pray that the district can help promote strength and health among pastors and churches, resulting in Christ-like character and service.

Empowering Alliance Ministries

Thank you for serving Jesus by praying for Alliance ministries around the world. As you intercede, please ask that God’s people will give generously to send workers to communities that desperately need His peace and redemption. From countries caught up in political and economic turmoil to those recovering from war and natural disaster, The Alliance is there, providing help and hope to hurting people. Thank you for partnering with our workers as they share Christ’s love in some of the most spiritually impoverished places on earth.

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