Restored to the Father

By David and Vangi Kindervater, Alliance workers in Japan 
     Eitaro walked through the doors of the church last Christmas. Until that day, he had known virtually nothing about Jesus. While in high school, he had purchased a Bible, read the first eighteen verses of Matthew, and put it away. That was forty-five years ago.  
     Suddenly, as he decorated a Christmas tree last December, Eitaro remembered that Christmas had something to do with Christianity, though he wasn’t sure what. He also recalled that some time ago, he had seen a Christian church near his previous home. And so, under the strong leading of our persistent Heavenly Father, Eitaro made his way to Sengendai Church.  
     As he sang the hymns, read the Scriptures, and listened to the message, he couldn’t help crying. Everything rang true; there was something almost nostalgic about it—although at the same time, it was all new. Eitaro had finally found the God who had pursued him for decades. 
     In the next seven months, Eitaro missed Sunday worship only once. He arrives forty-five minutes early to quiet his heart and stays late into the afternoon for Bible study.  
     Eitaro is a successful businessman, while hidden deep within is a story of brokenness. He has met the One who died to reconcile him to God, and on July 17 he was baptized. Praise the Lord!


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