Sali’s Story

Spiritual forces in dark places wreak havoc among the animistic, superstitious Africans in Burkina Faso. Alliance missionaries confront the emissaries of Satan all too often. Alliance missionary Rollo Royle had a run-in with these demons through a an unknowing little girl.  
Sali has faced many challenges as a child. Perhaps too many. Recently, the eight-year-old girl, who lives in the village of Kogwé in Burkina Faso, West Africa, suffered from a serious bout of malaria. “She was comatose when she was brought into the dispensary,” says Alliance missionary Rollo Royle, who has led a concerted prayer effort on Sali’s behalf. “It broke our hearts.” After prayer and medical treatment, the child became well.  
Prior to malaria, Sali experienced violent seizures and other manifestations of demonic influences. “Every time we were ready to pray for Sali, the attacks would start,” says Royle. “The spirits knew we were coming.” Royle and his wife, Joan, along with church members in the village, persisted in their intercession and confrontation of evil until, finally, Sali was set free. 
;“She is now healthy and has not had any more seizures,” Royle says. Sali’s vision is poor, and surgery may be necessary. Meanwhile, she sits beside her mother in church, clapping with delight—and seizure free.


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