Christian Broadcasting Reaches Remote Areas in Africa


After years of obstacles that hindered expansion of Christian radio ministry, Gospel Radio Burkina has grown from one station to four in Bobo-Dioulasso, the second-largest urban center in Burkina Faso, West Africa. An Alliance worker who oversees Christian radio for The Christian and Missionary Alliance (C&MA) in West Africa, is helping to establish a station in Tougan and will soon set up two others in Nouna and Banfora.

With the additional radio stations, countless people in Burkina’s isolated villages will be able to hear the good news of Jesus through this medium, which reaches areas that missionaries have yet to penetrate with the gospel. “A young nomadic man outside of town was listening to a C&MA broadcast on a handheld, solar-powered radio while tending his herd. The man made a decision to follow Christ and is now reciting Scripture and sharing God’s truth without even being able to read. In a place where no church exists, the radio is his Bible and the link to his spiritual growth.”

Solar-powered radio often is the only way that nationals can be informed of current events, public health issues, or refugee-assistance programs. “With more than an 80-percent illiteracy rate in parts of Africa, local FM radio allows listeners to hear the written Word of God, spoken in their particular dialect, and allows for aural education and training in areas of development.” Radio in Africa has opened lines of communication that once had been closed, making way for millions to hear the gospel. The Christian and Missionary Alliance is at the forefront of this frontier ministry in Africa, reaching across ethnic borders and language barriers to bring the good news to uncharted territory.

“[The Alliance has] 16 stations in French-speaking West and Central Africa. These have coverage of up to 50 miles. Each station has three objectives: to evangelize the lost people of their community, to edify the body of believers, and to educate listeners in matters of health, hygiene, and agricultural training.”

The Alliance is a fellowship of evangelical believers joined together in local churches, dedicated to fulfilling Christ’s command to make disciples of all nations. The Alliance has a thoroughly evangelical doctrinal statement and encourages believers from diverse backgrounds and theological traditions to unite to complete Christ’s Great Commission.

Mike Saunier, Director for Communications
The Christian and Missionary Alliance
Fax: 719-599-8234

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