Update: Indonesia Earthquake Relief

By an Alliance worker, serving in Indonesia

Editor’s Note: The following was taken from an update by an Alliance worker concerning progress in bringing relief to survivors of the September 30 earthquake in Padang, Indonesia. CAMA (Compassion and Mercy Associates, the relief arm of The Alliance) has been in contact with national church leadership and TALI, an Indonesian relief agency. A team was coordinated to fly directly to the earthquake affected area to determine how best to respond to current needs. Continued opportunities to give are available. Make a donation now.

The devastation is pretty overwhelming. So many homes and families have been affected not only in Padang, the central point of the quake, but also in the outlying areas where help is just now beginning. There had been unrest due to relief supplies not reaching those areas, yet now it seems as if the food and water are being distributed there as well. 

At least three or four villages were completely buried in landslides and are lost. The death toll seems to be somewhere above 1,000. Rescue efforts have given way to recovering bodies. My fellow survey team members and I are doing fine. We ask for prayer for the following.


We really need wisdom as to the best way to help. Right now, we are focusing on helping to gather building supplies so people can begin to rebuild their homes and not have to stay in tents, or worse, without shelter. Many of the bigger relief organizations are providing food, water, and immediate shelter. Our team would like to focus on helping people rebuild their lives. This will mean supplies and also people who will be able to stay to help distribute materials and oversee the project.


It is very important to be able to place some people in this area to help for a while and to oversee things. Pray for God’s leading in this area and that the right people would be able to go in to help.


Pray along with us that God will provide for all that is needed here. The church in Indonesia is responding to this need, and we are grateful. We are trusting God for all that will be needed.

Thank you for praying with us and for working alongside of us.

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