A Commitment to Give

By John and Colleen Schleh, serving in Dominican Republic

Recently, we had the privilege of participating in a joint service of nine Alliance churches from the northern district. Our trip took us through the beautiful Cibao Valley and out to a tiny community truly in the boonies. The majority of the people are very poor, and they made great sacrifices to find transportation to the service.

Generous Hospitality

Despite intense heat and humidity under the tin roof of the packed church, the believers spent the next five hours singing, praying, and testifying about God’s faithfulness in their lives. John preached, and the national president served communion, followed by a delicious meal in the humble home of an older couple. The youth had arrived early in the morning to help peel vegetables for 200 people, and the hosts had cooked everything over an open fire outside their house. We are always amazed at the generous hospitality of those who have so little.

The most humbling moment came during the service when an announcement was made concerning the need to repair two district churches, both very poor congregations. One needed a floor poured, and the other church had no windows or doors. Immediately, someone jumped up and gave an offering for a bag of cement for the floor.

For the next hour, we watched in amazement as this group of impoverished people-most of them living in tiny homes with outdoor bathrooms and no running water-gave offerings and/or committed to give more than $1,000 toward the repair of the churches. Families committed to buying one window each at $96 apiece.

Rich in Faith

We asked ourselves, “Where are these people going to get the money? They have nothing.” After everyone had given or pledged to give, there was a time of praise for God’s blessing through faith and fervent prayer. These believers are depending on God to provide work so that they can earn the money they have committed to give.

This northern district of churches is exploding with growth and the development of leadership, and today we saw just a sliver of their strong faith and commitment to ministry. What a challenge to the rest of us, who have so much in comparison, to increase our faith in God’s provision and to stretch our resources to support Alliance work and ministries around the world!

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Check out our work in Dominican Republic.

What You Can Do

Praise God for the sacrificial giving of His people. Pray that He will meet their needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus.

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