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Adults watched God Is Not Dead; afterward, a team member shared about his search for truth in different religions.

Movie Night Draws New People to Alliance Church Plant

A film series featured “God Is Not Dead,” with opportunities for further dialogue during a special church service.


Alliance People Safe amid Japan Flooding

Unprecedented rain in Japan caused heavy floods that tore houses from their foundations, uprooted trees, and forced more than 100,000 people from their homes.


A Relational and Educational Refuge for Refugees

For 10 years, an Alliance community center in the Middle East has served Iraqi, Syrian, and Sudanese refugees.

The Source is a neutral space for building relationships through continuing education and the arts.

Community Center Celebrates Five Years in Sarajevo

Since 2010, the Source has become well known in Sarajevo for supporting continuing education and the arts.

Damascus, Syria

Urgent Prayer for the Alliance Family in Syria

The Alliance family in Syria faces a new wave of threats as ISIS escalates its efforts to overtake Damascus. Urgent prayer is needed.

Papua baptism

From Idol Worshipers to Jesus Followers

In front of hundreds of witnesses, the influential war chief—who had killed and cannibalized his victims—burned his fetishes.

Numerous campers each year pray to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior at Haven Camps.

Alliance Camp Prioritizes Loving the Unlovely

For more than 40 years, Delta Lake Bible Conference Center (Rome, New York) has run Haven Camps for individuals with […]

The New Life Center offers trauma counseling to people affected by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami.

“Heart Café” Deepens Connections with Tsunami Survivors

Despite pouring rain and difficult life circumstances, several people came for coffee and Christian counseling.

“Pray that Mai and her family will open their hearts to Jesus and that baby Mamadou will grow strong and healthy,” requests the author.

Tears of Gratitude in Koutiala

Mai’s story illustrates the impact of Koutiala Hospital’s life-giving work in Mali.


Scores of Senufo Saved, Delivered, and Baptized

Forsaking the ancestral religion that kept them shackled in fear, demonic curses, and sorcery, Senufo villagers find freedom and restoration in Christ at a small church on “unwanted land” near the Burkina–Mali border.


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