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The ‘Jesus Camp’ Touches Young Lives with God’s Love

When a mother asked her son what he wanted to do that week, he said, “I want to go to the Jesus camp.”


God Uses ‘Alliance Life’ to Help Fill Tall Order

An answer to prayer for a worker in Gabon, Africa


Delivered by the Power of the Gospel

Devils sometimes came to Mr. Troun in his dreams, begging him to forsake his Jesus and rejoin Satan’s company.


One Foot in, One Foot Out

How God softened a woman’s heart to the good news of Christ


Persistence, Sacrifice Stir Community’s Spiritual Awakening

Years of tireless outreach to a gospel-resistant community has resulted in new openness to Christ.


When Pushed Back, Press Forward

An Alliance worker and her team experienced setbacks while leading a youth conference; God sustained them, honoring their perseverance.


New Bible Translation Clears Way for Revival

An Alliance worker has helped translate the Scriptures into his homeland’s mother tongue and distributed copies to Orthodox priests—the spiritual leaders of this ancient land.


Soccer Draws Children to Church

In Poipet, Cambodia, soccer is drawing kids to church like a magnet.


Henna and the Art of Bible Storytelling

An Alliance worker is connecting with migrant women from the North and Central Asia Region, illustrating Bible stories through henna art.


Preaching on Baptism Leads to New Life in Christ

After listening to Joe’s sermon about new life in Christ, a woman attending a baptism service suddenly became tired of her old, sinful ways.


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