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Following pastoral ministry in State College PA, we served with The Alliance for 24 years in Santiago Chile, before accepting a call to redeploy to Guadalajara, Mexico in 2014. Since July 2014 we have been engaged in church planting and in April 2015 launched a new church, Breath of Life. In 2016 the church purchased property with the help of an ADF loan and in 2017 we crystalized the strategic vision 5/5/25 and Southpointe project. We are praying for 5 campus churches in GDL, and five church plant core groups in surrounding states by the year 2025. We returned to GDL in December 2017 after a 5 month Home Assignment. We have four adult children and 9 grandchildren.

Greetings during the month of love, February, 2019
After a wonderful Regional Retreat in beautiful city of Montevideo, Uruguay, we returned back to Guadalajara, Mexico renewed and ready to take on a new year of ministry with the Breath of Life church. As we drove back home in the taxi from the airport, we conversed with the driver about the gas crisis, and soon found out all the news -- it looks like things are back to almost normal and we are able to get gas for our cars at anytime, not looking for lines where a station might be getting gas soon or watching our chats that will give us a hint to which station will have gas at 10 pm tonight!!!
So, we are so thankful that we were able to get gas when we did, and were able to keep our ministries going in spite of many having difficulties with the lack of gas. God was very faithful to all of the people in our churches, and we are praying that this crisis might just help with the fight against corruption that was the reason for this current situation . . . every little bit helps to chip away at the hard rock of corruption that is so embedded in the society of Mexico.
Continue to pray for the Breath of Life church as we got to two services on February 24, 2019. We have been averaging about 120-130 each Sunday, and that is a wonderful problem to have, except when you only actually own 100 chairs in the sanctuary part of our building!!! So, after consulting with the congregation about times and how the Sunday School would work, we will launch two services next Sunday!! It is an exciting time, and we look forward to being able to minister to even more people as they begin to realize that we are a vital place for them to find hope and true love in Jesus!
Our youth will be having a special night that they are calling Heartbeat, which will be a special night celebrating love of friendships and the love Jesus gives us. We are excited for them and supporting them at every turn. A special music group will give a mini-concert, and all of the area churches are invited. We are very excited at the growth our youth group has had over this past year, especially as they are growing deep in the Lord and reaching out into their community of friends at school and their families.
Thanks for your interest in what is happening in the beautiful city of Guadalajara, Mexico. Continue to pray for all the workers here as we fight against the darkness to make the Light of Christ visible for all!

Fugate Update - January, 2019
Welcome to a new year!!
Since Christmas, Mexico has been in the news lately, and not just because of the border crisis and the caravan of people heading north through Guadalajara. It is a very sad situation, because most of the people coming through are really just looking for a better way of life and a chance to thrive. The Open Doors organization just released their report on the most dangerous countries to live in, and Mexico made the top 50 list, coming in at #39, not as dangerous as Afghanistan, yet not a safe place to be these days. We pray that God would stretch out His hand over this country and bring blessing in great ways!
Since December 28, there has been a shortage of gasoline in all of the stations due to a government crackdown on the illegal sale/stealing of gas from the actual pipelines across the country. The President sent in the Army and National Guard to begin protecting the pipelines across the country, effectively shutting down distribution to all the gas stations. Guadalajara has been hit hard with the shortage, leading us to join chat groups that inform about gas stations that have a truck coming soon . . .we all head out to that station, put ourselves in the line, and begin to wait for the precious gas to arrive. Some nights Bob headed out at 11 pm, and returned finally at 4 am, but with a full tank of gas to take us through the week of activities.
Just last Friday, January 18, 2019, some locals pierced a gas pipeline in the countryside near a town in northern Mexico, spewing a fountain of high-octane gas high in the air. Very soon, many townspeople came along with their buckets, plastic gas containers, all trying to get free gas. Unfortunately, a spark caused a massive explosion, killing 76 people immediately and seriously burning at least 100 more . . . only desperation would cause people to do something so dangerous. Please pray for this gas situation, that it would normalize soon.
In our local church, we have continued to grow, with over 120 people attending consistently for the last few months. This is great, except when we only have 100 chairs!!! This has led the Pastoral team to make the decision to go to two morning services, and that will start on Sunday, February 24, 2019. The people are excited to begin this new adventure, and we are excited to see new people come to our church and receive the message of hope and love that they are so yearning for!!
Thanks for praying . . . more exciting news about what God is doing in the city of Guadalajara, Mexico will be coming soon!!!

Fugate Update | Dec. 2018

Thank you for supporting our 4x4, vehicle. We received all that we needed and purchased a old 2002 , 8 cylinder, navigator that can carry people, supplies, food, etc. into the rugged mountain terrain. The four-wheel drive is essential for us to be able to get in and out of the steep mountain roads -- and when we use the term roads, we are being very generous. The car is precisely what we asked the Lord for back in January. It looks like a family car, is white, and is old enough that it will be a low-profile vehicle and less likely to be a target for those in the mountains who would would want to steal it. Praise the Lord.

Merry Christmas to All! We are able to show the Love of Jesus to the hurting and take the Light of the Gospel to those in darkness in the Circle of Silence.

On last Saturday, our small congregation joined forces with the fledgling ministry, Circle of Care, and we we what great things come from just a little spark! In a combined effort dozens of neighborhood children received candy, and gifts and for some it was the first time they were in an evangelical church.

For the 20 boys in a nearby boys home, because of the loving concern of our congregation, others joined in and the gifts multiplied. A candy company donated hundreds of candies, a local businessman donated new soccer spikes to the boys, sushi for dinner was donated, piƱatas and gifts made a for a party the boys had not seen in a while.

A new family of 4, cautiously made their way to the front of our church this Sunday for our Christmas service. The wife has come to accept Jesus as her savior just weeks before in the Circle of Care. The children were young and all wide eyed, and the husband/live-in in partner, was stone silent, no matter how much I tried, he would not talk, but praise the Lord, his wife/partner has found Christ and now she has shared her new found faith with and this man was all ears during the service. I always pray and pray the benediction at the close of each service... this is the most powerful message we have - Gods Word. This family has found a home, a new way of life. The mother is only 19 yrs old, two children, and tears flowed down her cheeks as she embraced Gods wonderful gift of Love in Jesus.

We are too crowded each Sunday in our little rental that only holds 100 for Sundays. Pray with us, we are going to open a second Sunday morning service to attend to the those who come and find no room to sit, or to stand. Lord willing we begin in late February the second service.

Thank you for your support! Together we reveal the love of God with people in practical ways in Chile and Mexico. The link below will get you started.


February, 2019
1. Pray for the Breath of Life church as we prepare to launch two Sunday services on February 24, 2019. We will be having "all hands on deck", including the Sunday School team, the worship team since we will all be working both services until we can form separate teams. Pray that many more will come through our doors now that we will have more room and seating.

2. Pray for the youth of Breath of Life church, as they will be having their Saturday night event called Heartbeat, and inviting all of the Alliance churches in the area to participate with them.

3. Pray for the women involved in the Circle of Care/Hope here in the church Breath of Life. We will be starting an English class with the help of an Envision volunteer who is here in Guadalajara for three months. We are so excited, and already have 20 women signed up to take these classes. Pray that God would be the the overriding message to all as we teach them simple English, many of times using the English Bible as a text for this class!!

4. Pray for us as International Workers and for the Alliance overall as many changes are taking place in the coming months within our organization. We are so excited as God moves our organization at His directions, and pray that we as workers can assimilate these changes and advance the Kingdom of God through all that we do around the world!!

Prayer Requests for January, 2019
1. Please pray for the shortage of gas that is happening in Mexico, and especially hitting us hard here in Guadalajara, Mexico. We have had to cancel a church team retreat because we were fearful we would not have a place to fill up our cars to get back home. There have been some angry people waiting in the long gas lines . . .pray for peace and a restoration of the distribution of gas to the gas stations around the country.

2. Pray for the Breath of Life church as we are starting two morning services on February 24, 2019. Pray that this would just help us explode with new growth now that people will be actually able to have a seat during the morning service!! Pray for the pastoral staff and the new group of lay leaders as we begin this new challenge.

3. Continue to pray for the requests that follow, all are very important and up to date . . . pray we can begin to build and all that implies . . .

Prayer Requests:

1. For Vision 5/5/25 - we will select three or four Mexican couples to from our church to form the new church planting core group in July. Please pray for us as we pray and name these new lay leaders. They will be the nucleus of the new campus church in 2019.

2. Pray for a several new families who are coming to the church this last two months and are yet non-believers but they are coming so close as God powerfully moves in each service.

3. The two story building where were rent for church and the Circle of Care is going to be put up for sale by its owners. Pray for us, we love the spot, it is has great visibility on a main avenue and we hope to be able to stay where we are once new ownership takes over. Pray for us so that we do not see any disruption in our ministries.

4. We are close to submitting our request for building permits... still some red-tape that is typical in Latin America. Pray for us as we want to break ground before the rainy season in June.

5. Pray for peace and physical protection for persecuted believers.

6. For an amicable resolution to a water well on our church property. The well is not registered with the government and needs to be, but it supplies three families with water and some of these households are known associates of drug cartels.



Updated: February 24, 2019

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