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Following pastoral ministry in State College PA, we served with The Alliance for 24 years in Santiago Chile, before accepting a calll to redeploy to Guadalajara Mexico in 2014. Since July 2014 we have been engaged in church planting and in april 2015 launched a new church, Breath of Life. In 2016 the church purchased property with the help of an ADF loan and in 2017 we crystalized the strategic vision 5/5/25 and Southpointe project. We are praying for 5 campus churches in GDL, and five church plant core groups in surrounding states by the year 2025. We returnded to GDL in december 2017 after a 5 month Home Assignment. We have four adult children and 9 grandchildren.


Fugate Update | June 2018

In the Circle of Silence of Central Mexico Resistance to the Gospel is common.
When his teenage daughter was dying, this Mexican father left his job in West Virgina and returned his family to their hometown in central Mexico. They wanted to bury their daughter in her ancestral land.

When he saw the suffering and despair of their townspeople, instead of returning to the US, he stayed with his family to share God's love with their family and friends. While they lived in the US, they not only found good work, but they found something much more valuable, forgiveness and hope in Jesus.

Alberto realized that God had a far greater purpose in his daughter's death; Alberto was called to start a church in the area known as the Circle of Silence, the least reached area in all of Mexico.

It was a bold and very unpopular decision, and he was quickly threatened, then disowned by family, and ostracized by the town who were beligerant and opposed adamantly a church in their town. The people feared their patron saint would punish the town for permitting this church to start. When a man suddenly died, all eyes turned on Alberto. Twice mobs tried to destroy their house, but Alberto's family was miraculously saved when two large dogs appeared out of nowhere and viciously attacked the mob that was chasing Alberto. The attack was so fierce that literally blood ran in the street.

The people saw the power of God and agreed to permit them to stay. Today, eight years later, as we walked the streets and visited homes to pray for the sick and share about the love of God in Jesus, the people have softened their hearts because they have witnessed the faith and the love demonstrated everyday by Alberto. People show up at all hours of the day at their gate for prayer, for help, or to have a meal. What began as personal tragedy, God has used to bring his message of love and forgiveness to an entire town of Purepecha people in central Mexico.

As part of our 5-5-25 vision for church planting here in Guadalajara, the Breath of Life church sent 14 young people along with Bob and Pastor Lalo to this growing church in the midst of a stubborn people -- they were able to encourge the small chuch and see how the true love of Jesus can break down even cultural barriers and bring hope to people who had no hope. The town is located in the neighboring state of Michoacan, on of the six states in the Circle of Silence.
Thank you for Your Support!
Upcoming Events for Prayer

July 27 - Launch Circle of Care
The Circle of Care is a new local church-based ministry for women in need. This has been a dream for a year to begin to help the women who come to our doors in serious need.

The name given to the ministry is taken from the Circle of Silence and the vision is that this women's ministry reach into the six states that make up the Circle of Silence as we plant churches in these states as part of 5.5.25 Vision.

Thanks to the help of our partner church, Allegheny Center Alliance, we rented the office space located on the first floor of the same building where our church meets. There is much to do, we plan to inaugurate the Women's center Sunday July 29, and launch the Circle of Care ministry at a breakfast conference on July 27 with the help of a short-term team from Allegheny Center Alliance Church.

July - 6-7-8 Marriage Encounter
Pray for the 25 couples living and working in our Marriage Encounter from Breath of Life church. Several couples are attending the encounter as a last ditch effort to save their marriage. Others will hear the message of the gospel for the first time. Pray for Cheryl and I as we coordinate the weekend in this incredible 48 hours of love.

While we will be coordinating the Marriage Encounter, our co-pastor Lalo will be ministering at the church on Sunday morning.

July 23-26 Sports/Medical Ministry
A team from Allegheny Center Alliance church is coming to hold a four day basketball / medical outreach into a poor neighborhood. They also will be helping to launch the Women in Need ministry - Circle of Care - "Circulo de Esperanza." We are requesting use of a local municipal sports complex and will have four days of basketball basics, VBS type activities and free dermatological consults and free reading glasses. The final day will end in a small mini-tournament and prizes.

5/5/25 Zacatecas - Circle of Silence
We made our way to the city of Zacatecas, some 6 hrs north of Guadalajara, as part of our church's 5/5/25 vision to start church planting groups in the five states surrounding Guadalajara. Pastor Neil Stevens from New Hope Alliance and Barry spent the week to help us and to partner with us to be light in some of the least reached areas of Mexico. Pray for the Lord to open doors for a small group in Zacatecas.

Join Us in these opportunities to Pray and to Plant Churches in the Circle of Silence.
Pictured to the right is our Co-Pastor's wife, Sarahi, visiting women in need from the Purepecha indigenous group.

We believe that the best way to evangelize a town, city, or country,is to plant churches.

The church will multiply, leaving a lasting impact and continue to be light and salt long after the missionary is gone.

Your support of our SouthPointe Project Vision 5.5.25 will help to plant five churches in Guadalajara and to start five church planting groups in the five surrounding states that make up the Circle of Silence.

The area with more people, and least access to the gospel in all of Latin America.

Future Home of Breath of Life Church
We are so thankful to four churches that have committed to raise funds for the construction of the first phase of our church home in Guadalajara. This is the first piece of property that the Alliance in Mexico owns in the city of Guadalajara, a city of 6,000,000 people. So far, these churches have raised an incredible $12,000 USD! Thank you so Much!!

We comission the bluerpints in July to then request building permits in December.

Fugate Update | March 2018

The Greatest Heart Shaping moments in your Life...will probably not be what you had in mind.
Friends On December 17th we returned to Guadalajara. And it feels great!
God's work in our midst has been overwhelming. There is a lot to tell but of greatest import is that a couple from our church accepted God's call to pastoral ministry.

This is monumental and means that we have a Co-Pastor and his wife, and will be able to multiply and begin our second church plant in April 2019. This means that God is answering prayer, the many, many who have joined us and are praying for VISION 5/5/25 - Thank You!

This is a first for the Alliance in Guadalajara and points to greater things yet to come. An Alliance missionary couple who served for many years in Brazil also joined with us and came to Mexico under a different mission. They are experienced in Marriage Encounter and in Discipleship and have formed a strategic partnership with our church in Guadalajara!

A direct and compelling answer from God

For a long two years in the Breath of Life church, I did all I knew how to help Jose believe that God loved him and that he would have new life in Christ. He lives only a few blocks from our church. I baptized his two daughters, but he would not attend the service. His wife came every Sunday, but he would never come with her and was determined that God and church were irrelevant to his life. I performed the wedding for one of his daughters and he didn’t say more than a few words to me that day. Mostly polite, but stubbornly and intensely resistant.

Last month that all changed. In a moment of realization that his life wasn't so great, Jose uttered a simple, repentant prayer. That prayer would change his life forever. He had no idea of what was about to hit him. Just a few days later, Jose was kidnapped. Several men stole his Audi, took the large amount of cash he had just withdrew from the bank because it was payday, and took him to a ranch outside of town where he would be held for ransom .

He was beaten, abused, and threatened. He was stripped and tormented, endured fake executions and the cruel taunting of men using him for target practice. When he tried to secretly make contact with his wife he was badly beaten. Incredibly, Jose remained calm and quiet throughout the ordeal, which only infuriated his captors. He knew instantly that his kidnapping was not a random event, but rather, a direct and compelling answer from God Himself. He was at peace because God answered his prayer, proving that He exists and that He was in complete control of the situation. Jose never doubted for a minute that he would survive because this was God at work.

Kidnapping in Mexico is a way of life. It is hard to know who you can trust and most people live with this grim reality. As a pastor in Mexico it is hard to watch families suffer in silence and anger from being impotent to do anything to help. Family members are forbidden to tell anyone under the threat that the cartel will kill all family members. As pastors, we are a trusted source of confidential help and we can provide prayer and encouragement to those suffering.

The Sunday morning while Jose was in captivity his family came to the church and they were careful to avoid revealing any hint of a problem, it is too dangerous. That morning we prayed for them.

His wife came to me after the service remarkably calm. She shared that God had given her a direct and compelling answer to her prayer, - that her husband was in God's hands, and she had peace. “When they call tomorrow, I will say goodbye to my husband in love, he is in God’s hands." She did not think she would ever see him again even if she could m anage the ransom .
Amazingly, several days later Jose was released. His wife sold what she could, borrowed and got a loan to make the ransom. When Jose was released, he told his captors that there would be no revenge, that it was ok. He walked out of that place a changed man. The old Jose would have gone after them with his own guns and friends and most probably ended up in an unmarked grave and left a widow and fatherless children.
But now that is all changed. The new Jose was transformed. He instead prayed with me for Gods forgiveness and His filling of the Holy Spirit in his heart. By Gods power the cycle of violence was broken and replaced with forgiveness. Four weeks have now gone by and he is in church with his family. Last week I saw an amazing site... Jose, helping in the church with a big smile on his face. His eyesite almost fully recovered, swelling and bruiss gone, a man grateful to a merciful God for a miricle that changed his life. They have a long road ahead to repay loans and start over, but for them that is all secondary, becuase of the Joy of God that now lives in thier hearts.
Forgiveness in Jesus Christ is the hope for Mexico. We invite you join us in prayer to the Father for the many who suffer and to make a sacrifice and support the work God has called us to do in Guadalajara.

Thank you for your support! Together we reveal the love of God with people in practical ways in Chile and Mexico. The link below will get you started.



Prayer Requests:

1. For Vision 5/5/25 - we will select three or four Mexican couples to from our church to form the new church planting core group in July. Please pray for us as we pray and name these new lay leaders. They will be the nucleus of the new campus church in 2019.

2. Pray for a young Huichol husband and father who has contacted Bob three times in Feb-Mar. and has asked Bob to visit him up in the sierra madre mountains. Pray for wisdom and Gods timing to set the date to make the trip this July.

For wisdom in selecting and training a woman lay leader for the new Circle of Care womens ministry. the ministry will launch in july, a ministry of the Breath of Life church.

3. Pray for the hearts of those involved in drug cartels. They often kidnap, terrorize and even kill Christians who stand in the way of their illegal work.

4. Pray for Christians who are denied access to basic social services and resources because of their faith. Mexico is one of the most violent countries in the world.

5. Pray for peace and physical protection for persecuted believers.

6. For our building project-- that the Lord will provide the funds needed to begin construction in 2018!

7. For an amicable resolution to a water well on our church property. The well is not registered with the government and needs to be, but it supplies three families with water and some of these households are known associates of drug cartels.



Updated: July 02, 2018

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