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Following pastoral ministry in State College PA, we served with The Alliance for 24 years in Santiago Chile, before accepting a call to redeploy to Guadalajara, Mexico in 2014. Since July 2014 we have been engaged in church planting and in April 2015 launched a new church, Breath of Life. In 2016 the church purchased property with the help of an ADF loan and in 2017 we crystallized the strategic vision 5/5/25 and Southpointe project. We are praying for 5 campus churches in GDL, and five church plant core groups in surrounding states by the year 2025. We returned to GDL in December 2017 after a 5 month Home Assignment. We have four adult children and 11 grandchildren.

April 2021
Cheryl and I returned to Guadalajara in mid-January to continue leading Project SouthPointe and to work towards our strategic vision of 5.5.25 to impact the Circle of Silence in central Mexico with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Thank you for your help in sending us back to Mexico. This has become our second home and we have become quite attached to the people and the wonderful culture. We have never had the pleasure of experiencing a more hospitable culture!

We had plans to launch our next Breath of Life campus in the area of San Sebastian by Easter but we quickly ran into delays upon our return. One of which was the closing down of public church services for two weeks due to an upsurge in Covid cases. Two missionary couples who were working with the SouthPointe project both resigned from the team in a span of about six weeks, and they will be greatly missed.

We know that sometimes these problems are just the normal "garden variety" delays, especially in a year of covid, but we also know that sometimes these are not just by "chance" but rather they are an effort by the enemy to thwart the start of new churches for the simple reason that new churches leads to more people saying yes to Jesus. Bob by nature does not like delays... but in this case, we think there is more going on than meets the eye and it is worth it for us to pause, pray and seek God's guidance as a congregation - after all - we are modeling for and teaching our Mexican brothers and sisters how to plant churches and how to step out in bold faith and be sensitive to God's leading.

The last few weeks in GDL -

Five people said yes to Jesus in our first two weeks of Bible Academy.

5 "street guys" said yes to Jesus as we shared lunch and the gospel with them... the church youth group collect and sell clothes on the street to raise money to buy food to give to the street kids and share the gospel with them and then pray with these kids.

A new family came on the same Sunday we were robbed - the 48 yr. old grandmother told us she suddenly had stopped breathing, her daughter prayed for her, called the ambulance which never came and they thought she was dead. Suddenly she regained consciousness and started breathing. Her daughter told us the Lord said to her in a dream to come to our church. The 48 yr. old grandmother told us that she saw Jesus, but He told her she still had things to do on earth and sent her back... what an awesome way to receive a new family to our congregation!!

Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain. (the Bible) 1 Corinthians 15


Prayer Requests - Bob and Cheryl Fugate

1. Pray for our next campus church plant, San Sebastian, we are looking for a rental location that will be suitable and relatively safe.

2. Pray for the security of our Woodlands campus against robbery and breakins.

3. Pray for our leadership team as we are close to selecting a builder to start our church construction on the Woodlands campus.

4. Pray for an evangelistic week May 1st-8th. We will have Rich and Lisa Brown and present among other events, a seminar for parents. We are looking to hold our first evangelistic event in a new area called Solares - for a new campus church and being led by Zac and Julie Stutler.

Much love to all,
Bob and Cheryl Fugate



Updated: April 15, 2021

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Valle del Bravo #18, Coto 9 C
Colonia Bosques Santa Anita Tlaojumulco
Tlajonulco, Jalisco, 45245

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