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Prayer Letter/Ministry Update


Bob and Cheryl Fugate
Assignment - Church Planting Guadalajara Mexico

Dear Friends - A Huge Welcome to all our new prayer partners!

Thank you for warmly receiving us in your churches and homes and sharing our vision 5 / 5 / 25 to pierce the Circle of Silence in Mexico!

Cheryl and I split up to cover more churches and reach more people these months in the US and we have done just that, reaching an amazing 36 churches in just 3 months. No one knows how much coffee I have had but thanks to all of you who kept my cup full and listened to me long into the night.

We now turn our eyes toward our return to Mexico on December 17th to our young congregation and Project SouthPointe that is just getting going.

These are times of harvest in Mexico and before we head south of the border again we want to INVITE you to join our Vision 5 / 5 / 25 -- to pierce the circle of slience in Mexico with the gospel. Some of you know that, as I have travelled into the high Sierra Madre mountains to better understand the needs of the indegenous peoples living there, I was given two names wihtout ever disclosing the missionary nature of my visits. The first was, "he who talks with spirits," and the second was the "tip of the arrow." Cheryl and I believe that the Lord is calling us to motivate Mexican believers and US supporters to join hands and together bring the good news of Jesus Christ to the circle of silence.

Our objectives are to plant churches in the city of Guadalajara which is strategically located in the heart of the circle of silence, and then, using the church plants as support, to mentor and coach 5 church planting groups in the five least evangelized states in Mexico. All the while, discipling Mexican leaders to plant viable churches for the indigenous peoples high in the Sierra Madre mountains.

We call this strategic plan - Vision 5 / 5 / 25

A Vision for 5 church plants in Guadalajara, and 5 church planting groups in five surrounding states by the year 2025.

that portion of Mexico that has least access to the gospel and has the least percentage of evangelicals anywhere in the country. This is an area comprised of 6 states where the Gospel has been largely silent. There is an
average of 1.82% evangelical believers in the six states. *(2010 Mexico Census data) Even more unbelievable are the several indigenous groups in this area that have no viablewitnessing churches for their evangelization of some 60,000 - 100,000 people.

The city of Guadalajara, 5,000,000 population, is strategically located in the middle of the circle of silence and will serve as an ideal base for 5 / 5 / 25.

Central México is the region with the greatest population and the least percentage of evangelicals in all of Latin America

Of the 31 states in Mexico, these 6 states have a combined population of over 16,000,000 - this zone is the least evangelized of all Mexico and the Alliance is strategically located in the middle of this zone to plant churches and pierce of the circle of silence in the surrounding states. 5 / 5 / 25 - IS A VISION that is at once both inspiring and daunting. Join us by becoming part of our 5:25 prayer team. See below.

Construction Update -- Breath of Life church

Our preliminary cost estimates are $33 per square foot to begin building the first of three phases. The first phase will provide room for 200 adults, children's classrooms, bathrooms, kitchen and bible academy classrooms. We will need at least 2,150 square feet or about $70,000 USD for the first phase.

Our goal is to plant our second Breath of Life church on the new site by early 2019. Your donation of $33 will pay for one square foot of construction and enable us to launch the second church plant.

Blessings, Bob and Cheryl Fugate

Thank you for your support! Together we reveal the love of God with people in practical ways in Chile and Mexico. The link below will get you started.



Prayer Requests: You are invited to set your alarm for 5:25 am or 5:25 pm and pray for our team in Guadalajara.

1. For the continued rebuilding of homes and some churches in the southern part of Mexico, the first to be hit by the earthquakes.

2. For both Bob and Cheryl as they finish up their tours in November and spend quality time with family. Grandchild number 9 is due in two weeks and this will be the first time that Cheryl has been in the US for the birth of a grandchild, she is so excited.

3. For our lay leaders core group in Mexico. The three couples have been doing all the ministry in the church since our departure in July of this year. Pray for Eduardo and Sarahi who are called into pastoral ministry with Breath of Life. She is due in December and we are hoping to make it back for the birth. Pray for finances for the church to be able to start paying a small salary to Eduardo who will take on increasing ministry responsibilities and form a pastoral team with Bob.

4. For our building project-- that the Lord will provide the funds needed to begin construction in 2018!

5. For an amicable resolution to a water well on our church property. The well is not registered with the government and needs to be, but it supplies three families with water and some of these households are known associates of drug cartels. Bob has already had several encounters with these owners, assuring them that we do not plan to cut their water off, but at the same time, the church must find a way to legally register the well with the government, no matter what may be the result.



Updated: November 10, 2017

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