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Around the world, the Alliance family celebrates Jesus. As one of our own says, “There is no heart He cannot reach, no wound He cannot heal, no bondage He cannot break...” Jesus said He came for the sick, not the well (Mark 2:17), and we’ve experienced His divine restoration. That’s why we’re passionate to take His good news—in word and deed—to those desperate for hope in every segment of our broken world.

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Daily Devotions

A.B. Simpson and A.W. Tozer

Mon, September 15, 2014

A.B. Simpson

Though it tarry, wait for it; for it will surely come, and will not tarry —Habakkuk 2:3

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A.W. Tozer

For he says to Moses, "I will have mercy on whom I have mercy, / and I will have compassion on whom I have compassion." —Romans 9:15

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This week in Mali

Praise God; the Holsenbacks’ adoption is one step further along. Pray that the formalities will be completed quickly and they will bring their son home soon.

Pray for Dan Kim as he prepares to take his third Bambara exam this month and then start full time at the hospital as a pediatric surgeon.

Pray for two nurse’s aides who are going through significant family struggles and have little Christian support in their families. Pray that they will receive wise counsel and be strengthened by the Lord in these difficult times.

Pray for Jason Foster as he assumes more leadership responsibilities for the Koutiala team.

Praise God for the arrival of three colleagues/families to serve with the Ségou team. Pray for a smooth transition to life and ministry.

Pray for the Ségou team’s third-culture kid teacher as she prepares for the new school year.

Pray for insight and discernment for the Ségou team during meetings with a potential new colleague this week. Pray that God’s Spirit would direct all involved to understand His will for the city through this team.

Praise God for a national church youth camp in the city of Ségou. Pray for another that is taking place this week. Pray that the Holy Spirit will work in young Malian lives through this event. Also, pray that members of the Ségou team will be effective in discipling these young people in the use of evangelism methods that will reach those of the dominant religion.

Praise God that several women prisoners completed literacy training. “It’s amazing to see how responsive they have been to the investment in their lives,” Alliance workers write. Pray that the women will respond to God’s grace and love and find their purpose in Him.

Pray for a new believer who was recently released from prison. She returned home to her unbelieving family, is seeking reconciliation, and has connected with some local believers in her town. Pray for protection for her and her toddler against evil powers, as her family combines idol worship and witchcraft with their commitment to the dominant religion.

Praise God for good contacts made in the medical community by one of the Ségou team members, who is beginning to work in community health and development. Pray that these connections will establish a solid foundation to launch health, nutrition, and well-being training. One of the first areas of focus will be awareness of the transmission and symptoms of the Ebola virus. While it has not yet reached Mali, it is a big concern, and many people in the city have expressed interest in learning more.

Praise God for a pastor who is being sent by the Malian Alliance church to join the Ségou team. He is scheduled to arrive at the end of the month. Sending a missionary to this city has been the desire of the national church for more than 10 years. Pray that he and the team will have supernatural understanding and clarity of vision for reaching the city. “Pray that we would determine the roles that best utilize our individual gifting and will have the greatest impact,” the Ségou team members write.

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