Peter and Laura Marshall

Prayer Letter/Ministry Update


Marshall News update: March 17, 2017

We are starting to make plans to return to the United States in May for a one year home assignment. We have been in Salto, Uruguay for a little over four years. We are grateful to the Lord for the ministry that He has given us here. Before leaving we plan to finish the leadership class that we started in September of 2015. The class will end 7 days before our departure date! Laura will also be handing over the book keeping for the Uruguay mission 2 weeks before we leave. One major goal that we have yet to realize is the purchase of church property. We are still hoping that will happen before we board the plane.

Something Exciting: In the leadership class that we teach there are 2 students, Jonathan and Carlos, that would like to prepare to serve in full time ministry. However, the only Bible Institute there is in Uruguay is too far away for them to attend. In February the Bible Institute started the admission process for new students. 14 students were accepted. We asked if there was any way that Jonathan and Carlos could study. They told us that they could offer them 1 modular class this year. Students are asked to take 6 classes per year. Just one class was clearly not going to be enough. I was talking to one of the professors at the Institute and explained the situation. He offered to teach these two students by sending them tapped videos of his class if we could get permission. So, I asked the Jonathan and Carols to fill out the application forms, get their references and take the entrance exam.
It just so happened that the National church convention was last weekend in the city where the Bible Institute is located. These same 2 students were selected as our church delegates to attend the convention. The day before the convention the they met with the director of the Institute. That afternoon at a committee meeting it was approved for them to study from Salto using this off-site teaching method. Salto is now the first church to have 2 potential pastors to study off site in the country! It was very exciting to see the way that the Lord put all of the pieces together for them to prepare for ministry.

Home Assignment: We have spent the last two home assignments in Mansfield, Ohio. However this year we have no family living in that area. So, we have decided to live near Boston close to our oldest married daughter. We will also be much closer to Peter’s Mom who lives in Maine. During the year we are planning on being in Ohio for two tours; one in the fall and the other in the spring. We are looking forward to seeing many of our friends and colleagues who live in the Central District this coming year.

Peter and Laura Marshall

Prayer Requests/Answers to Prayer

Prayer Requests:

Please pray that we will be able to help the Salto church purchase a piece of property before we leave in May.

Please also pray for our transition from Uruguay back to the United States, which will include a move from Ohio to Boston, Mass.

Thank you for giving to the Great Commission Fund which has made it possible to build God’s kingdom here in Salto.



Updated: April 09, 2017

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