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Prayer Letter/Ministry Update


A busy end to this term

We finished up some very busy months before coming to the States for our year of Home Assignment. Our assignment this year is to be the Missionaries in Residence at Nyack College. Abby will be a senior and Kari will be a freshman. We look forward to having an opportunity to minister at Nyack, while being together as a family.

We finished our term in Burkina, saying our good-byes and passing off the responsibilities of leadership to our very capable colleagues, Andrew and Esther Schaeffer. The last couple of months were filled with unrest and uncertainty for the country. We trust that things will begin to settle down and return to normalcy.

Now we are preparing the two classes we will teach: Culture and Communications, as well as Introduction to Spiritual Formations.

Here are a few highlights fom the past year:

1. Abby finished her third year at Nyack. It it has been one of her best, though she has enjoyed each year. She continues her involvement on the women’s soccer team, which has provided her with some great friendships and great discipline. She is studying Social Work.

2. Kari had an incredible senior year, with involvement in Model United Nations, that took her to a conference in Ghana and another in Greece. She recently was one of 30 winners from around the world of an essay contest on the topic of “Peace”. She won two free tickets to Washington DC (which Dad benefitted from) and $300. These experiences have been fantastic.

3. Peter completed his junior high years and heads to high school this next year. He has had quite a growth spurt, shooting past his mother and sisters. He’s aiming for Dad now, though it’s doubtful that he will achieve that feat, according to his father.

4. Amy taught elementary music two days a week at the International School of Ouagadougou. They recently put on a big production of “The Jungle Book”. It was quite an event – a dream come true. She continued to help with teaching literacy and Bible at Dorcas House.

Some Ministry Highlights

Dorcas House – The third year of Dorcas House is well under way. We welcomed 9 new girls for their first year of study. The second year girls number 9, as well, giving us a total of 18. Two girls who graduated last year are back to help with various tasks. If you would like to help with ongoing costs of the program, we welcome your assistance. It still takes about $800 a month to run the program. We have several projects under way that we hope will lead to more self-sufficiency. Amy had the privilege of working with the leadership of this center these past few years.

People need the Lord – Recently, Steve had the opportunity to take a small team to an area where the Gospel is just now reaching and people are coming to Christ. We were able to put up a small hangar that will give them a place to worship in. We also anticipate putting in a well, as water is a challenge for this village. Most of the wells are 150 to 190 feet deep.

We invite you to check out the Burkina website that will give you much more information of the ministries going on in Burkina Faso. It is

Thanks for your support and prayers.

Living the Call Together,

Steve and Amy Nehlsen

Prayer Requests/Answers to Prayer

Praise the Lord for a positive conclusion to our term in Burkina Faso.

Praise the Lord for his continued work in Burkina Faso and the continued growth of the ministry at Dorcas House.

Pray for our adjustments to the teaching role at Nyack College. May our lives be godly examples for the students.

Pray for the children as they adjust to college and high school, especially Kari and Peter.

Updated: August 16, 2011

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