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Prayer Requests/Answers to Prayer

Spetember 2018 - Here are our prayer requests for this month:

1) PRAISE THE LORD WITH US for some new developments and positive change that we’re seeing in our sharing opportunities with our friends Sam and Ruth.  We have been asking you to pray for them for a few years now, and in just the last three weeks, we’ve been blessed with two specific opportunities to go MUCH deeper with spiritual conversations with them.  One of these times happened as we were leaving their restaurant with a team of visitors that had come here to Bongolo.  Sam said: “We see that you have ‘clear’ hearts and that there is light in/with you.  Would you pray blessings over us?”  We all gathered around them, and as we stood there with open palms turned upwards, standing there in their front porch beside a busy sidewalk and street, I (Barry) had the privilege of praying for them and asking God to speak to them, to reveal Himself to them, and to bless their lives here in our host country.  Both of them were touched by this simple act, and Ruth was visibly moved (to tears) by the whole experience.  They thanked us over and over again for doing this “extra” thing for them…while we were REJOICING inside and praising Father for His goodness to us (and them) in giving us this opportunity to participate with Him in what He was/is doing in the lives of Sam and Ruth!  PLEASE KEEP ON PRAYING for Sam and Ruth, for still more times like this, and for deeper and deeper conversations that give us further chances to talk about who “Jesus the Messiah” really is.  PLEASE PRAY for us (Barry and Terry) to even more be hearing and responding to the Spirit’s leading as He opens doors like this, creating spaces in our shared lives where we can speak out the words of truth that He wants us to share.  This is clearly God’s work in their lives, and we feel SO privileged to be a part of what He is already doing; what a BLESSING!

2) PLEASE PRAY for the upcoming spiritual retreat for the Bongolo Nursing School.  Each year, we kick off the school year with a spiritual retreat that calls the students (and all of us actually) back to the reality that we are first-and-foremost “Followers of Christ” in our daily lives, and that we all are living out what that means as students, as teachers, and as health-care providers wherever we might be living.  PLEASE PRAY for Pastor Samuel, who will be giving the messages during this retreat, specifically asking God to give Samuel the words that He wants the students to hear and put into practice in their lives.  PLEASE PRAY for good health for all of us involved, so that there will be no distractions from all that the Lord has for us during this spiritual emphasis time.  PLEASE PRAY for safety on the road as Samuel comes to Bongolo for the retreat, and then returns to Libreville afterwards so he can resume his ministries there.  PLEASE PRAY for a moving of the Spirit, in our hearts and minds, as we study God’s word together.

3) PLEASE PRAY for everyone involved as the Nursing School starts into this last year of studies for the current class of students.  This will be the most challenging year (academically and practically) for the students, so PLEASE PRAY that they do well through it all.  PLEASE PRAY for four students in particular who have been having difficulties assimilating all of the cumulative learning over the first two years of the program, and who now will need to add in all of what they will be learning in this last year.  PLEASE PRAY for two students who were recently married and are now pregnant.  PLEASE PRAY for one student and her family…PRAY for her husband who is currently without a job and is struggling to support her and their three children…PRAY for their oldest child as he doesn’t have a birth certificate and can’t continue on with middle school until the gov office (in the town where he was born) issues one for him (this should normally be an easy thing to get, but for some reason, it is being blocked and blocked and BLOCKED, and no amount of pushing/prompting seems to help; pray for a miracle of the Lord in this very difficult situation).  PLEASE PRAY for strength and unity for the teaching staff; that we would truly reflect Jesus to the students.

And these are our prayer requests for this month.  THANK YOU for your ongoing partnership with us in our work here in Gabon; we can’t do it without you!  Blessings…

Barry & Terry



Updated: September 04, 2018

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