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Prayer Letter/Ministry Update


Prayer Requests/Answers to Prayer

1) PLEASE PRAY for the health of our missionary colleagues here at Bongolo.  If you've followed our requests in the last while, you’ve already heard about our co-worker named W (as a part of last month’s prayer requests) and we ask that you continue to pray for her full healing.  Last month you also heard about our co-worker named P (problems with recurring kidney stones) and we asked you to pray for his healing and health.  PLEASE CONTINUE TO PRAY for W and P, for their healing and well-being, and for a miracle-of-health for both of them.  Both of them are still suffering with the same ailments, and both of them are becoming more and more tired as they struggle with health issues…along with all other hardships that come with life here in the jungle.  As well as W and P, PLEASE PRAY for another colleague of ours named S.  S works with Terry in the nursing school, and her health need is centered around terrible pain in her lower back.  A little less than a year ago, S was back in the U.S. and had multiple doctor appointments to try and come up with a solution/remedy for her back problems. While she was able to find a small amount of help, it seems like that has not lasted as long as she (and all of us) was hoping for.  In addition, PLEASE PRAY for another colleague of ours named W.H. She too is suffering with some very bad back pain, and she has just come back here to Gabon after having made a special trip to the U.S. to consult a back/neuro surgeon.  As you can tell, it seems/feels like our missionary team is under attack from Satan, and one of the ways he is hitting us is through medical issues.  PLEASE PRAY against the attacks of our enemy, against the medical problems that are cropping up in the lives of our team here, and PLEASE PRAY for the Lord’s healing and health in the lives of all of us here…so that battling physical issues would not be the thing that consumes our time and energy.

2) PLEASE PRAY for Terry, and others who are involved, as we interact with the authorities about upcoming changes to the rules and classifications of nurses, heath-workers, and the possible fall-out for training/teaching institutions like our nursing school here at Bongolo Hospital.  News has come to us that the powers-that-be are working towards changing the nursing school entrance requirements for all students, and it seems that there could also be accompanying changes for the teaching credentials for all trainers/profs.  While this all looks good and progressive on paper, it is of concern to us here as it could bring about big changes to our training programs.  PLEASE PRAY for wisdom for Terry and her co-workers who will be involved in meetings and appointments with officials.  PLEASE PRAY for discernment in knowing what is best to do as different scenarios are presented.  PLEASE PRAY for a clear sense of the Lord’s leading as we work towards continuing to do His work, while working through and in the field of health care and medical services.  PLEASE PRAY that the Lord would open doors so that we can get the meetings with the right people that we need to meet with, so that we can get all the information that we need to make key decisions for the future.

3) PLEASE PRAY for the people in our small, village church.  Over the last 9 weeks we have been telling the story (our way of “preaching/teaching” among a group of people that are mostly illiterate) of Jesus’ sermon on the mount, and it’s been a great experience for us, and in the lives of our Believers.  Step-by-step we’ve been walking through Jesus’ teaching about being salt and light in one’s community, about being a true Believer and not a hypocrite who does religious acts for people to see, about prayer and fasting and giving to the poor, and it’s been SO encouraging to see our people “get it” when they understand these teachings of Jesus…and then also work out how these new teachings are going to influence/change their everyday lives in the village.  PLEASE PRAY for the Holy Spirit’s ongoing work in making these stories come alive in the lives of our people.  PLEASE PRAY for continued growth and maturity in the spiritual lives of our Believers.  PLEASE PRAY for us (Terry and Barry) as we strive always to present the stories of Jesus in a way that is culturally appropriate and meaningful for our village setting.  A SECOND VILLAGE-CHURCH REQUEST…PLEASE PRAY for the ongoing construction work of our small church building.  It was almost a year ago that some road surveyors came through and told us that they were going to rebuild the road and that our building was going to be demolished.  At the time, a promise was made that we would be compensated for this, but that was almost a year ago and nothing has happened since then.  In the interim, we have stopped our building's construction (because the road construction people said that they would not pay for any new work done on our building), and that means that we are stuck at a point where we have: a roof built on stilts, no walls, no doors or windows, and we have only a partial floor in our church building.  PLEASE PRAY for clarity in knowing what to do (and what not to do) with the resources that we have for finishing our building.

4) PLEASE PRAY for S, R and others from the “M” sub-culture here around Bongolo.  Last month we asked you to be praying for them, and we’re asking you to continue to do that, especially as their month of fasting (nothing to eat or drink during daylight hours for 30 days) begins on the 16th of this month.  PLEASE PRAY for new and more opportunities to have spiritual conversations with our “M” friends, and PLEASE PRAY that the Holy Spirit would lift the veil of their religion so that the truth of who Jesus is would be clearly seen by their eyes and understood in their hearts.

As always…THANK YOU…for your key partnership in our lives, work, and ministries here in Gabon; we couldn’t do it without you and we wouldn't want to do it without you!  Blessings from the jungle…

Barry & Terry



Updated: May 07, 2018

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