Tony and Raeni Roos

September Update


To be honest, there has been a lot of sighing in the Roos house the last few weeks. The fall is an eventful time for everyone and this year will be no different for us here in France. But those two girls above, they both headed off to boarding school this last week. Sigh it seems far to soon to have an "empty nest" here in Paris. I know many of you have participated in prayer with us through this time and we are so grateful for each of your prayers as this has not been the easiest of things we have done. But this smiling picture sent to us this weekend of them together jumping into dorm life together has helped to ease the pain. We know they are in the best school and location that they can be at this time so that helps us rest in the knowledge that they are loved and cared for by a great number of amazing Christ followers and that they will have friends from all around the world.
We took a short few weeks off as we ended our summer ministry and allowed us to sigh and catch our breath as we prepared to take our girls to Germany and retool our ministry efforts for the fall. We sighed together as we said goodbye to a team of 15 young men and women from Wausau WI. Getting fifteen people around the metro system of Paris is not an easy thing but this group from the middle of nowhe...Wisconsin, quickly adapted to city life and quickly jumped into ministry and serving alongside and even leading at our English groups and events. They led a Hmong Cultural night and cooked up a storm and taught everyone there about the unique Hmong culture and included a great story of Christ's importance to their family and culture. It was such a fun group.
We went from four interns to one with another young lady joining us mid September. Interns play a vital role in the work we do here in Paris from leading conversation groups to planning Saturday events, to starting relationships with people to have Christ centered conversations; interns are key in helping us reach the people of Paris. During their time here interns are poured into helping them to see more about what God has for them in their time here but also for their present and future. Conversations with interns about their future are some of the best things about serving with Envision France. Do you know someone who might be interested in serving with Envision France for one month or up to a year? Then we have a great opportunity for them. Please make sure you pass on the website to anyone you know that might be a good fit. From a summer trip to a gap year or a college credit opportunity we have opportunities for them! Send me an email and let's connect!
Today in France is back to school day. Across the country students and people have returned from their long vacation and jumping back into work and school and that means we here at Envision France are doing the same thing. Conversation groups, discipleship and community outreach are planned for this month and we are jump starting the fall by hosting two teams from the great state of Pennsylvania!
Let's get to it!
The Roos Family

June Prayers

Salvation of our friends
Increased financial partnerships
Fayth and Hannah at boarding school
Tony and Raeni and their "empty nest"
Trinity International Church
Future ministry outreach.
Opportunity at a local "Third Space" here in Viroflay
Teams coming this fall and the busy schedule coming up.



Updated: September 04, 2019

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