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By Andrew Schaeffer
October 2, 2018

“Does it ever get any easier to say your goodbyes and return to Africa?” a friend asked recently.

“No,” I responded. “In fact, every goodbye seems to get harder!” There are several reasons why this will be the hardest goodbye yet: family, a wonderful home assignment, family, great friends and churches, family.

Did I mention family yet? As hard as it will be to say goodbye, we are so thankful for all the family time we have enjoyed this summer. Here is a brief update on each of our children:

REBEKAH: In June we were able to attend Rebekah’s graduation from Black Forest Academy. She is now at Grove City College, where she majors in English Secondary Education and minors in French.

MARK: Esther and I arrived stateside just in time for Mark’s May 19th graduation from Grove City College. We sure have enjoyed having him home with us this summer and are thankful he recently landed a job in Grove City with Delta-T Group, a company that provides professional care to people with disabilities.

STEPHEN: In late July we flew to Wichita, Kansas to spend a long weekend with Stephen, who is in his second year of a family practice residency with Via Christi Health. This father did a double take when Stephen pulled into the “physician’s only” parking spot, then heard a nurse greet him as “Dr. Schaeffer.”

DAVID AND JILLIAN: Family and friends gathered on August 18th to witness David’s marriage to Jillian Hancock at First Baptist Church in Danville, Pennsylvania, where they met. David is in his second year of a surgical residency at Geisinger Hospital and Jillian is completing her last year of nursing school.

PAUL AND BRENNA: In early June we were able to help Paul and Brenna move into their new home in Grove City, where Paul is a mechanical engineer at Braho Machinery and Brenna teaches high school chemistry via the internet. During the past year they both completed Master’s degrees at the University of Pittsburg.

On September 14th they blessed us with our first grandchild, HOPE EMMALINE. Born two months early, our precious little Hope weighed just 1 pound, 9 ounces. During the past couple weeks we have enjoyed frequent visits to Pittsburg, where Hope receives excellent care at West Penn Hospital. Follow her progress at:

Esther and I depart next Tuesday, October 9th for Burkina – our first time without at least one child. So we ask you to pray for grace for the goodbyes and for God’s blessings on this next term.

Many thanks,

Andrew and Esther Schaeffer

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Andrew & Esther Schaeffer
Mission Protestante C&MA
B.P. 3050; Bobo Dioulasso
Burkina Faso, West Africa


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Prayer Requests/Answers to Prayer

November 16, 2018

1. We praise the Lord that our grandbaby Hope is in an open crib and maintaining her body temperature. Continue to pray that she will gain weight and strength.

2. Pray for Esther as she leads an English club at our Christian High School. The first week had about fifty students with extreme differences in levels of English. Pray that this club would be a means to draw these young people to Christ. Pray that Esther can remember what a prepositional phrase is.

3. We hosted a spiritual retreat for the team of women that serves at the prison. We thank the Lord for twelve faithful members who love the Lord and love the prisoners. Pray that each one would be encouraged in this ministry.

4. Divine appointments. We experienced one of those this week. Just as I was getting out of my car at the hospital, here was walking one of our believers who was in desperate need of help. We know these opportunities are because you pray for us. We thank you for those prayers and for resourcing us so that we can show the goodness of God to many.
November 13, 2018

1. We thank the Lord for the ministry of the women's team from Salem Alliance Church. We are hearing positive reports from all over. Pray with us that our young women will take seriously their walk with Christ.

2. Pray for the teaching that Kiersten Hull and I do at our Bible Schools. Pray that we would be Spirit-led in what we teach and that we would strengthen the women in their faith.

3. Pray for a spiritual retreat being held this week for our prison team. Several important issues need to be discussed for this team to work smoothly together. Pray as we continue to implement a team to work at a nearby reform school.

4. We thank the Lord for the progress that our grandbaby Hope is making. She is out of intensive care. Pray that she can maintain her body temperature and that she would gain strength.
ovember 2, 2018

1. We are having such a great time with the Salem Team. We have ministered in over a dozen different settings, from large groups of 300 young women, to smaller events with Bible study groups or in a classroom. We thank the Lord for the positive response of our churches to this ministry and for the girls themselves who speak up to say thank you.

2. Pray as we follow-up on some of these ministries. One area of interest to us is the young servant girls who come into the city to work as maids in homes. We would love to have some consistent influence on their lives for Jesus.

3. Maranatha Bible School has started with a spiritual retreat and then Monday classes begin. We have ten students in the first year class. Pray that all ten would apply themselves to the work and be thoroughly equipped for pastoral work.

4. Our grandbaby Hope continues to grow! She is over 3 pounds and is gaining strength each day. How we thank the Lord for this precious life and we are thankful for you who pray.
October 23, 2018

1. We are thankful for the ongoing work at the prison. After being away for five months, it was great to hear about those who have come to Christ through this ministry. We currently have 25 young men. 7 have put their trust in the Lord Jesus and are attend church at the prison. Fun to see one reading his Bible. Pray for 9 that will come up for sentencing this week. Pray for truly changed lives among the prisoners.

2. Our Salem Team arrives this week and we have many opportunities for ministry to young women. At one of our events they are expecting 500 girls! Pray that this would be life changing for these young women and pray that the Lord would clearly lead us as to a long-term impact we could have on the young women in our city.

3. Pray for Rachel Millogo who is suffering with hyperthyroidism. It is difficult to find a lab to do the needed blood work. She needs prayer. Also Jeanne Zerbo needs healing from a medical condition.

4.Pray that the Lord would call people into ministry. Our Bible school has opened up night classes, but the enrollment is low. Classes start at the end of the month. Pray for churches to recognize potential workers and help them to get the needed education.
ctober 15, 2018

1. We are thankful for safe and uneventful travels and for Toby and Kiersten Hull who picked us up from the airport and brought us to our home. And our grandbaby Hope is gaining weight! Thank you for your prayers.

2. We are thankful for the many that have welcomed us back and for the prospect of many open doors and the start of a new school year in a few weeks.

3. We attended a massive prayer gathering yesterday in what will be several organized events to pray for peace in Burkina Faso. Join us in praying that the Lord Himself will guard this country and allow the Gospel to continue to be preached freely.

4. We will be welcoming a team of women from Salem Alliance Church who will focus on young women. It is an ambitious program with several seminars and ministries in schools. Pray that the Lord would clearly guide in this program and that He would prepare hearts for the message of truth. Pray that the team will stay healthy and not mutiny on us!

Oct 9

1. Pray for us as we travel and return to Burkina Faso. Pray for connecting flights and that luggage would arrive with us.

2. Pray for the deaf school and two students that we are sponsoring from the village of Toni. Pray that they would quickly adjust to the dorm and classes.

3. We praise the Lord for the many miracles He has done in our little grandbaby Hope Emmaline. She is now two pounds! We are thankful that we were able to see her just before we leave.

4. Pray for a women's team from Salem Alliance Church. They will be focusing on young women and the challenges they face in a changing society. Pray for open doors and open hearts to the ministry of these women.

Oct 2
1. We thank the Lord for time with my mom and our siblings too and for wonderful Schaeffer and Cowles family reunions in July and September.

2. The new school year began this past Monday in Burkina Faso. Pray that the 20 Alliance Christian Schools in Burkina will provide their students with an excellent Christian education.

3. Pray that the container en route to Maranatha Bible Institute will clear customs quickly and easily. Pray for protection for Anco and his team as they complete the roof on the new classroom building and install solar panels.

4. Pray for a strong enrollment at Maranatha and Poundou Bible Institutes and for more workers for the African harvest.

5. Later this month our Bobo Team will participate in a strategic review and host a women’s team from Salem Alliance Church. Pray for God’s guidance and blessings on these ministries.

Burkina Faso


Updated: November 16, 2018

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