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By Esther Schaeffer in Burkina Faso, December 2017

Dear friends,

"Glory to God in the highest." We pray for peace in
the world, so that we may have more time to proclaim
the wonderful message of our Savior. We feel the
urgency of proclaiming the Good News and of growing
a strong missionary church here in Burkina Faso.

Among our students at the Bible school is Joshua.
In 1994 a missionary came to his village and shared
the Good News of Jesus. He was too young to attend
the gathering, but his older brother went and prayed
to receive Christ. Joshua immediately noticed a
change in his brother, but also that their father was
unhappy about his son becoming a Christian. The
father would often forbid the older brother to eat and
would make fun of him for going to church. But the
older brother was committed, and continued to
faithfully attend church. He often talked about Jesus
to members of the family. One day, the older brother
took Joshua with him to a church meeting, and he too
accepted Christ.

This angered the father even further and he threatened
to throw both of them out. But they continued in their
faith, went to school, studied hard, helped in the home
and the fields, and remained silent when their father
would speak harshly or refuse to feed them.

At night, Joshua would sleep on a mat beside his father.
One night Joshua had a terrible nightmare and began
screaming. His father woke him up and when the boy
saw his father he clung tightly to him. The father asked,
"What was your dream?" Joshua, without thinking,
blurted out, "I saw you in hell. I saw you in the flames
and I knew it was too late to help you." The father asked
Joshua to repeat the dream in all of its detail, which he
did. Then the father said, "I too am going to become a
follower of Christ." Years later, Joshua again had a
dream, and this time it was of himself fishing and
catching many fish. Joshua knew God was calling him
to be a pastor and he enrolled in our Bible School.

The Lord uses many means to draw people to Himself.
We see that in the story of Jesus' birth. Angels, dreams,
a star, and a close relative were all used to draw people
to Christ Jesus. The same is true today. Jesus said,
"When I am lifted up, I will draw everyone to myself."

Thank you for supporting us and allowing us to be one
means that the Lord uses to bring people to Himself.
May Jesus Christ be lifted up in our lives each day of
2018 and may we see many drawn to Him for the glory
of God in the highest.

Merry Christmas,
Esther and Andrew Schaeffer

All Gratitude in Burkina Faso, our latest video:


1. We are so looking forward to having Mark and
Rebekah with us for Christmas. Andrew's sister
Jessica will also come to celebrate along with some
of her friends. Pray for safety in travels and pray for
our older children that cannot be with us.

2. Last week I came face to face with a false prophet
who tried to take over an event where I was scheduled
to speak. Please pray for our pastors and church
members that are very easily influenced by those
who claim supernatural powers.

3. Pray for outreaches that we will have at the prison
and hospital. Pray that these events would draw many
to Christ. Pray for those that will be baptized during
Christmas and for the extra church services that will
take place in these next weeks.

4. Praise the Lord with us that we are able to provide
Christmas dinner for our widows and for our Bible
School students. Thank the Lord for those who give
so that we can be a channel of blessing to people here
in Burkina Faso.


Andrew & Esther Schaeffer
Mission Protestante C&MA
B.P. 3050; Bobo Dioulasso
Burkina Faso, West Africa

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Prayer Requests/Answers to Prayer

November 24, 2017

1. We are so thankful for each of you and the encouragement you give us through your prayers. We celebrated with 30 of our colleagues and their children, sharing what we were most thankful for and ending with an amazing Thanksgiving race that left some with faces full of whipped cream. We then hosted a brunch this morning for women, what has come to be a tradition of connecting on a deeper level and praying for one another, and now will begin to drag the corn stalks and pumpkins out of the house and put things in order again.

2. We praise the Lord for a family that has accepted Christ through the hospital ministry. Pray for our team as they provide much needed medical assistance for their 11-year-old son.

3. This is my last week of Bible study until I begin in different churches in January. The Lord has done such wonderful things for us and so it is hard to leave these women after journeying with them through the book of Colossians these last three months. Pray that they would hold tightly to the Lord Jesus and continue to grow in their faith.

4. Andrew will attend the Poundou Bible School Board meeting this week and then travel out of the country for meetings. When he returns, he is bringing my Christmas present, Rebekah! Pray for safety in travells.

November 5, 2017

1. We thank the Lord for over 30 young women who accepted Christ at our recent seminar. Thank you for praying. We also had a great Women's Sunday in our churches. We serve and work alongside such an enthusiastic group of women.

2. Andrew just returned from a trip to Tougan. The harvest has not been good in this area. Andrew was able to meet with church leaders and talk through several issues affecting Christians.

3. Our Bible school begins classes this week. Pray that we would teach faithfully the Word of God.

4. My good friend Florence's husband passed away early Friday morning. They are the only Christians in their extended families. They have six children. Pray for great courage and strength for Florence and that we could be a comfort to her.

October 31, 2017

1. Praise the Lord for his provision for a roof for the growing Sogassagasso Church’s new church building. Praise Him for a cell group in Ouaga that is purchasing land for a new church building. Praise Him for more than 800 Alliance churches that are proclaiming the Good News here in Burkina!

2. This Sunday, November 5, is Alliance Women’s Sunday. Pray that the Lord will use Esther as she teaches a mother’s seminar at the Ouezzin South Church and speaks on Sunday.

3. In some places, like the Sourou and Nyala Provinces, the harvest was “catastrophic.” Pray for Andrew and Joe as they visit this weekend and assess the situation.

4. Pray for Esther’s weekly prison and hospital visits. Pray too for Florence, a member of our prison team, whose husband was misdiagnosed and is very sick. Pray for a complete recovery.

5. The school year just started last month and the public school teacher’s have already gone on strike. Pray that a fair solution can be reached soon. Pray against further interruptions to the school year.

Burkina Faso


Updated: December 11, 2017

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Burkina Faso
Mission Protestant C&MA
B P 3050
Bobo Dioulasso,

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