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Prayer Letter/Ministry Update


The vision of the SouthPointe project, that we are a part of in Guadalajara, is summed up in the phrase “Vision 5.5.25.” Our mission is to impact the circle of silence with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Vision 5.5.25 stands for 5 churches planted in Guadalajara and another 5 churches planted in surrounding states, by the year 2025. 

Glimpses of Guadalajara

We are so blessed to be here and to be a part of this exciting vision.  Here are a few glimpses into our lives in recent days in Guadalajara as we are part of the Vision 5.5.25. 

• Glimpses of Learning and Adapting - God has blessed us with many wonderful opportunities to spend time with people.  The Mexican people are very warm and kind.  We have been welcomed in so many ways and have shared many awesome Mexican meals with people.  We are learning that every food has it’s own “chile” (hot sauce) and that “oh it’s not that hot” means something very different to a Mexican than to those of us from the north or even the Caribbean. Julie is even attempting to learn to make homemade tortillas. 

• Glimpses of our Ministry in the Aliento de Vida (Breath of Life) Church Campuses - Even though we are still learning about the city and the culture here, God has opened doors for us to begin ministering in the two campuses in Guadalajara.  We are part of an amazing team of US International Workers and Mexican leaders.  We are enjoying opportunities to spend time together, pray together and begin sharing on a deeper level.  We both have had opportunities recently to share Sunday morning messages in the different campuses.  Zac has also been asked to oversee the Bible Academy (the mid-week adult and teen Bible Classes for both campuses) which started again in September.  

• Glimpses of Some Recent Challenges -The last month or so has been rather challenging for us but without a doubt we have seen God’s loving hand on our lives.  About mid-September one of our teammates and close friend was diagnosed with COVID. (We are praising the Lord that she is now recovered.)  Since we spent a lot of time with her, we too began two-week self-isolation. The church also had to close public services for a couple of weeks.   

Shortly into the time of quarantine, Julie began to feel sick.  Concerned that it might be COVID, she went to the doctor right away.  Her COVID test was NEGATIVE.  Thank the Lord.  We definitely saw the Lord’s hand in leading us to get medical attention when we did.  She had severe bronchitis and the beginnings of pneumonia.   The doctor said if we had waited longer it would have been much worse.   She was sick for three weeks (and her quarantine extended from 2 weeks to a month), but we praise the Lord that she is better now. Those were some challenging times, but God’s great love was with us in every moment. We learned so much and are seeing how God is using those challenges in special ways for our growth and His glory. 

•  Glimpse of the Future.   The Vision 5.5.25 to multiply campus churches and local leadership to evangelize the Circle of Silence has us looking ahead.  As a team we are dreaming and beginning to plan for the third and fourth campuses.   Since we have arrived in Guadalajara, we personally have been investigating possible areas for the 4th campus.  One area that is calling our attention is a rapidly growing community located about 30 minutes from our first two campuses.  It is an area that has well over 2500 homes at this moment (many more in construction) and very little gospel access.  We have made several trips to that area and we see a great need for a church plant there. In early January we hope to move into the target area and begin the process of making contacts, reaching out and laying the groundwork for a new campus projected to start in early 2022.   Please join us in prayer for God’s leading as we dream and plan for the future and also for open doors and open hearts. 

These are only a few quick glimpses into all the things God is doing. We are excited to be a part of this amazing Vision that God has given the Alliance in Guadalajara.  Thank you for being an essential part of taking the love of Jesus to the people of Guadalajara and the surrounding areas.   Your prayers and giving are making an impact.   We know that these have been challenging days for you all too and we so appreciate your sacrificial giving and your faithful prayer. We are so grateful to the Lord for each of you.  

Called Together to Take All of Jesus to All of the World,
Zac and Julie Stutler
 aXcess International Workers 

Mexican Cell phone numbers
Zac +52 33 3408 1014
Julie +52 33 3722 4824
Ooma Phone (Computer based US number) 859-488-1803

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Prayer Requests - Zac and Julie Stutler

Praise the Lord
• For God’s healing hand on various people here in our church. Even though one of our missionary team and a couple of people from church were diagnosed with COVID, the Lord worked in all of their lives and -everyone is well now. There are no other cases in the church at this time. We also praise the Lord for his healing hand on Julie as she is now recovered from 3 weeks of severe bronchitis and the beginnings of pneumonia.
• That the Breath of Life Church (Aliento de Vida) has been granted it’s building permits for its ministry center at the second campus. Now they will be able to begin the building process. Please pray this project will be completed in a timely manner and that will provide all that is needed for this campus.
Pray …
• for our Visa process. We came in on a 6-month tourist visa. We still need to get our temporary residency visa. Our papers have been processed here in Mexico and have been deposited at the Consulate in Indianapolis, but they still need some confirmation from Mexico City, where the offices are still shut down due to COVID. When all is confirmed, we will have to make a quick trip to the US to finish the process at the Mexican Consulate in Indianapolis.
o Pray that the offices in Mexico City will open soon.
o Pray for God’s perfect timing in this process.
• that God would continue to help us have a learner’s heart and to quickly adapt to the new culture and city.
• that God would help us to quickly build relationships within the church and be a blessing to the believers here.
• that God would open doors for us to make friendships and build relationships with people in the community who need to know Jesus.
Pray for a lady we recently met in the area we are considering moving to in January to lay the groundwork for the new church campus. She is very open to friendship and appears to be open to spiritual things. Pray that Julie will be able to continue to visit with her and to share Christ’s love with her. Pray that she will find Jesus as her Lord and Savior.
o Pray for a friend whom we have invited to church who has expressed a real interest. Pray that he will soon attend church with his family and that they also will find Jesus as Savior and Lord.
• that God would direct us very clearly over the next few months to the part of the city where He wants us to live and to begin the process of starting a church in an unreached area of the city. We have already begun making trips exploring different areas of the city and praying for God’s clear leading.
o Pray that God would open doors in that area and lead us to people hungry to know Him.
o Pray that God will lead us as we develop a strategy and plan for outreach in the area.
o Pray that God leads us to a house to rent located on a street with neighbors hungry to hear the gospel.
• for the Bible Academy in Aliento de Vida (Breath of life) church.
o Pray that all the students will grow in their relationship with Jesus and their knowledge of His Word.
o Pray also for wisdom for us as we make plans for future expansion and development of this important discipleship and training program.
• for God’s hand of protection and health on the missionaries, local leaders and their families and the church people. There has been a lot of sickness of many different types these days and many on the team have been affected. God has done amazing things and we praise Him, but we realize that we all need God’s protection in the area of health.

 … that God would continue to raise up Mexican leaders in these churches.
 … for Alianza Punta Cana
o Pray for aXcess Workers, Miguel and Keren Rodriguez-Pena and their two children Isabel and Damian that God would continue to use them in great ways in the leadership of Alianza.
o Pray also for the new Dominican pastoral couple, Elvin and Jenny Rosario and their children Gabriel and Carla.
o Pray that Alianza will continue to grow and reach out in mighty ways to the families of Punta Cana during these challenging days of the COVID19 crisis.
Pray for our families in the US. That God would bless and protect them and that we would be able to stay well connected.



Updated: October 14, 2020

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