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We serve at a Japanese Alliance church in Chiba. Once a month, there is an English Bible study and Chiba Gospel Hour (which is a time Stephen preaches the Gospel message that's easy to understand for non believers - we hope!). Also we seek to improve ourselves in personal, one-on-one, evangelism.

Septempber Update

Let the whole world know - life and loss...
After over a year of waiting, we finally learned we were pregnant on the morning of our 3 year anniversary of coming to Japan as missionaries! But the celebration did not last long as I started bleeding a few days after. Thanks to our field leaders who watched Hason for us, I was able to rest, hoping against hope. I asked anyone I could think of, to pray for us. A couple days ago, we confirmed that we had a miscarriage.

In the world of statistics, this happens all the time - no big deal. In the world of a couple waiting month after month, it is hard to describe in words, how it really feels. Sure it is not as bad as it could have been and we are thankful.

In 2013, our first pregnancy and miscarriage, I went through it pretty silently. I was too hurt to take any well-meaning, but (for those still grieving) unhelpful comments. I could not handle it. Our pastor's family knew and some in the church, but I buried it, grieved it in my heart, and carried my weary self like nothing happened, or at least I tried.

Going through this second miscarriage, I hoped like there was nothing left to hope for! I asked people to pray. I prayed and meditated on God`s promises in the Scripture. I did not think about how disappointed I would feel if 'it did not come true'.

I am glad I did. After updating family and close friends who prayed for us of the sad outcome, I received all kinds of messages, filled with empathy, comfort, hope, and love - grieving with us, praying for us, loving on us.

I think it almost helped me heal from the first loss. Maybe the first miscarriage wouldn't have been so bad, if I had opened up more, if I had leaned on others more, if I had trusted more.

I am very much of a 'I will take care of myself and I do not want to owe anyone anything because there is nothing more expensive than something free.' This past week, I learned that being part of a truly loving community of Jesus is free, so expensive because His blood paid for it, and worth everything I have, whether it is my dignity, need for privacy, or pride.

So if you are grieving a loss, whether it is a relationship, your health, finance, dreams... I don't know what to say because I am scared what I say might be unhelpful, trite, and even hurtful. But I want to say - reach out to someone you trust, those who will pray over you and for you. Do not go through it alone. Whatever it is, do it with the community of believers who love you with the love of Jesus. I pray that you will find the courage and strength to do that today. In Jesus name!

Prayer Requests/Answers to Prayer

Praise and Prayer

1.Preaching at the Deeper Life Conference in Hiroshima was blessed! Doing it in Japanese is always nerve-wrecking, but we were grateful for the opportunity!

2.CGNTV (Christian broadcasting network in Japan) filmed two 10 min. segments of Stephen preaching. We hope God would breathe hope and power into the Japanese Christians who hear the messages.

3.We were able to get away for a few days to be with other like-minded friends in ministry in late August.


1.Mrs.H at our church has been actively sharing the gospel wherever she goes. I first saw her talking to strangers at the park handing out bible verses, trying to start conversations and getting rejected - but she kept on going! She is a nurse in her 70s, and I will be meeting with her not only to share what I]ve been learning from my evangelism mentor/friend, but to be encouraged by Mrs.H and for her zeal to rub off me! Please pray for our times together in the next few months. With a toddler, things can get crazy!

2.This is personal, but my(Yire`s) one and only brother entered the Korean military on 9/18. Please, if you happen to remember me, pray for protection over Sam and special favor with his fellow soldiers and officers.

3.9/24 Sunday at 2:30 pm is another Chiba Gospel Hour gathering. Please pray for people to encounter Jesus!


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Updated: September 20, 2017

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