Chia-Lin Yu

Prayer Letter/Ministry Update


August 27, 2019

It's almost time to go. September 9, 2019 is the day!

Thank you for your prayers and givings. Finally, the house was sold, and I am in the last days of preparation to return to the Republic of the Congo to join the Congo South Team in Pointe-Noire. I will be flying with the Air France on Monday, September 9, 2019, from Washington D. C. and arriving in Pointe-Noire, Tuesday evening, September 10.

When asked how I felt about all the changes I have been experiencing and will continue to experience, my response has been “nothing unusual except occasionally frustrated by trivials and details.” Thank God for the peace given me about the direction He is leading me. In the eyes of many, my decision to return to the mission field at age 50 seems to be extraordinary. When most people are thinking and planning for retirement, I chose to give up a secure job and a comfortable lifestyle. Surely I can decline God’s invitation, but am I awfully glad for the honor and blessing to serve him as he pleases.

So many people have been praying, giving, encouraging, and helping me in so many ways since I embarked on this journey to back to Africa. I am extraordinarily covered by love, prayer, and blessings from God’s people. I would not have been able to go out without their support.

A brother in Christ helped me to sell the house; another brother in Christ renovated my basement for free; a couple let me use heir basement as storage space; a sister paid for all my vaccinations; people take me to airports, drop me at train station, and pick me up as I traveled for training and meetings. Individuals give financially when moving overseas becomes too expensive for me to afford. A sister sent me a picture of the prayer she had prayed for me when I first went out in 2003 and is committed to keep praying for me. My heart is full of thanksgivings and praise to God for his people.

The people of the Gaithersburg Chinese Alliance Church (GCAC) have been contributing generously and sacrificially when the church is still recovering from a bad split a year ago. They did it because their commitment and obedience to God and his purpose, their love for the Savior and the lost, and their faith and dependence on God and his promises. I am proud to be sent and commissioned by a mission-minded church like the Antioch church in the Books of Acts.
They raised $48K approved vehicle funds for me. Jesus said: “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” (Matthew 6:21). When I was presented with this cross by our pastor in the commissioning service, he suggested that perhaps I could hang it on the rear view mirror in the car as a minder that I am sent to bring the the Good News of the cross of Christ to the Congolese people. As a messenger of the cross, I must also be a cross-bearing follower of Christ crucified. What a powerful message this little well-thought-out gift serves to convey.

Prayer Requests/Answers to Prayer

Praise and thank God for the house sold and for my family and relatives who seem to accept my leaving with much grace and peace.

Please continue to pray for me, asking God to daily fill me with the Holy Spirit that I may receive power to witness for Christ. Please ask God to empower me to:
1. Remain in Christ, in his love and word, for apart from Christ I can do nothing. To be fruitful, I must abide in Christ.
2. Remain faithful to God’s glory, his name, purpose, plan, and ways that I will not do his work based on my own ideas, preferences, and ambitions.
3. Love the Congolese with Christ-like love.



Updated: August 27, 2019

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