What Price Did You Pay?

 sharing a mealBy an Alliance worker who serves in Europe

Weekly, I meet with a woman, Jane,* who is quite interested in spiritual things.  She has many questions, such as, “How does holy water work? Why do some Christians cross themselves before entering church and others don’t? Where do demons come from? How do guardian angels work? Why did people come to John to be baptized? Why did Jesus want to be baptized?” You get the idea.

I met Jane through an outreach at our community center after she began taking English classes there. She grew up in an atheist home, as did her husband, and neither have attended church or own a Bible. Like many local residents, Jane and her husband value education, so they enrolled their daughter in our kids’ classes to develop her various talents and skills. As our relationship grew, we began meeting in my home to discuss Jane’s questions.

Recently, we read about the fisherman who left everything to follow Jesus. We talked about a person’s spiritual journey moving from a place that was far from God to becoming His child and serving Him. As I related the story Jesus told of the man who considers the cost before building a home, Jane asked me, “What price did you pay?” No one’s ever asked me that before.

Leaving All Behind

For someone growing up in America, the initial cost to follow Christ is usually minimal. As we move into adulthood, we have many opportunities to “pay” by choosing godliness over whatever is popular at the moment. Some may sacrifice popularity, a particular friend, or career to walk more closely with God.

In the country where I serve, almost everyone who chooses Christ pays an initial price that may include friends, family, a home, or job. As Jane considers the cost of following Jesus, please pray that she grasps the immeasurable value of the grace, forgiveness, and eternal life she will receive in exchange.

As you consider your own spiritual journey, let me ask you, “What price did you pay?” Where are you in your walk with Him?  Is it time for another costly life decision? May God show you the great wealth of His riches that you will receive in return for your obedience and sacrifice. He is worth it all!

*Name changed

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