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Why The Great Commission Fund?

As the primary source of funding for Alliance ministries, the Great Commission Fund (GCF) is one of the most effective ways for you to become an active participant in God’s plan to reconcile all peoples to himself.

When we join together and give, we support and equip a team of workers who are fully committed to caring for the physical and spiritual needs of lost, hurting, and disenfranchised people.

Your gifts allow our workers to:

  • Proclaim the truth of Jesus Christ to those who have not heard
  • Baptize and disciple new believers, grounding them in the Word of God
  • Plant new churches among the least reached peoples, including the United States
  • Supply critical medical care in desperate regions of the world
  • Train and equip future national church leaders
  • Help rebuild the lives of those devastated by war or natural disaster
  • Carry out dozens of other light-bearing ministries that point people to Jesus

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Loving Jesus

The Alliance is a worldwide family of Christians who believe and declare that Jesus is the one true source of life, health, hope, and peace. We live our lives in appreciation of His sacrificial death and resurrection, which assure us of His loving presence in this life and the next. Empowered by the Holy Spirit, we take the truth of Jesus’ endless grace and mercy to every segment of society.

Loving Our Neighbors

We are Christ’s Church—His chosen means to fulfill His purposes on earth. Here in the United States, we live out our mission by extending His love to everyone we encounter. We plant churches in spiritually thirsty communities. We baptize and disciple new believers. And we walk with our neighbors through the trials of life, introducing them to the One who offers lasting hope.

Loving the World

Since 1887, The Alliance has blossomed in 81 countries. In 70 of these, more than 700 U.S. workers are caring for the sick, befriending the lonely, and introducing spiritually impoverished people to Jesus who releases them from the bondage of sin and the sting of death.

My money isn’t my own; God gave me the skills and the opportunities to earn it. We have been commanded to preach the gospel to all nations, and the GCF is an effective way to participate in that work, so why wouldn’t I give?
Nate, GCF donor

Your GCF Dollar

How is your gift distributed? This chart shows how Great Commission Fund dollars are utilized to best fulfill the Great Commission.

International Ministries 66%
US Church Ministries 13%
Alliance Higher Education 4%
Ministry Support 17%

The GCF this Week

(through 04/27/18)

GCF Annual Budget $43,629,000

2017-2018 Budget $36,731,310
Actual Giving $34,748,428
Budget Remaining $1,982,882
% of Budget Received 95.0%

The GCF at Work

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