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Days of Heaven on Earth

Sunday, November 03, 2019

God is our friend. Which of you shall have a friend, . . . at midnight? asked Jesus (Luke 11:5). This concept of God as our friend has deep significance for each one of us. Who has not had a friend, who in some respects was more of a friend than anyone in the family? Reflect upon that friendship. Recall each act of love. Think of all you could trust that friend to do for you and all the ways in which he or she stood by you. Then as you concentrate the whole weight of recollection and affection, put God in that place of confidence and realize He is all that friend has been and infinitely more.

Our Friend! The one who is personally interested in us, who has set His heart upon us, who has come near to us in the tender and delicate intimacy of unspeakable fellowship. He has given us invaluable pledges and promises, He has done very much for us, He is ever ready to go to any trouble or expense to aid us. To Him we come in prayer-our heavenly Friend.


This is my beloved, and this is my friendSong of Solomon 5:16


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