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Since 1963, when The Alliance officially began ministry in Taiwan, our missionaries have faced numerous challenges in this land of 23 million people. Steeped in centuries-old religious traditions, hearts in Taiwan have been hardened to the gospel, and the Name of Jesus is seldom heard. Yet God is using Alliance missionaries to break down spiritual strongholds and introduce Taiwanese people to their Savior. The Taiwan Alliance Church Union consists of 27 congregations with an inclusive membership of about 2,300.

The Alliance mission is currently focusing on the 16 million working class Taiwanese, who have been largely untouched by Christ’s message of salvation. Our workers are demonstrating His love by teaching English in the public schools and through a coffeehouse ministry called The Lighthouse. English classes have opened up many opportunities for evangelism, and a number of youth attend an English club hosted by an Alliance worker. Recently, our missionaries have begun youth nights that feature games, snacks, and a devotional. In addition, a Short-Term Missions site and a Praxis site have been established for leadership development and outreach to Taiwanese youth.

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Field Office Information

C&MA Field Entry in 1963

Field Director:
Mailing Address:
PO Box 2, Sihhuh
Yunlin County 654, TAIWAN ROC

National Church

Christian and Missionary Alliance Church Union of Taiwan: 24 organized churches, 2 unorganized groups, 12 ordained ministers, 1,785 baptized members, and 2,678 inclusive members

Team Initiatives

  • Evangelize and plant churches among the approximately 16 million unreached working-class peoples, particularly in Keelung/Chidu (northern Taiwan) and Yunlin/Chiayi Counties (south/central Taiwan).
  • Create unique opportunities for national believers to be involved in and encouraged to do personal evangelism.

Taiwan Christmas Event Draws 125 Visitors

2014-01-09 16:52:29

Children listen to the Christmas Story“Sometimes things don’t turn out quite like we plan—but God always has the best plan!” wrote Penny Iverson, an Alliance international worker in Taiwan. When a night market Christmas outreach was rained out, the bags of candy, church invitations, and gospel tracts wound up in the hands of those who might not have received them otherwise—including adults and elderly people, who smiled with joy when they were offered the gifts.

During the holidays, Penny’s husband, Tim, was asked to play Santa at several schools. While driving to one, he noticed a grandmother with her grandchild, and he pulled over to give them a candy bag. The impromptu stop was near a construction site. When the workmen saw “Santa,” they all dropped what they were doing and hurried over to get their gifts, too.  “Tim wondered who was minding the cement truck!” Penny said.

Huge Success

Recipient of Christmas gift bag
Of the 125 people squeezed into the church building, more than 110 were from the surrounding community. The Iversons posted their invitations and gospel message on Facebook this year. “They spread faster than they ever could have by our walking around town!” Penny reported.

“Our big Christmas event was a huge success, thanks to our great God and to your prayers,” Penny added.

The Christmas message of hope was presented in various ways, and more than 20 people indicated on response cards a desire to put their trust in Christ. Another 17 expressed interest to know more.

“Praise God!” wrote Penny. “Please pray that these 38 people will decide to follow Christ.”

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Population--22,894,384 Infant mortality rate--6.4/1,000 Life expectancy--77.3
Capital City
Taipei (7,871,900) pop.
Slightly larger than Massachusetts and Connecticut combined, Taiwan (13,892 sq. mi.) is steep and craggy in the east, flat and fertile in the west, with a mountain range forming the backbone of the island.
Chinese/Mandarin (official), Taiwanese, Hakka dialects
Taiwanese (including Hakka)--84%; Mainland Chinese--14%; Aborigine--2%
Per capita income--$25,300 Inflation--1.7% Unemployment--4.5% Literacy rate--86% (1980 est.)
Government/Political Climate
Multiparty democracy. In 1895, Taiwan became a Japanese colony. After Japan’s defeat at the end of World War II in 1945, Allied Command ordered Japanese troops in Taiwan to surrender to the Republic of China (ROC), which became the de facto ruler of Taiwan.
Mixture of Buddhist, Confucian, Taoist--93%; Christian--4.5%; other--2.5%

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