Below you will find various openings and ministry opportunities related to service within The Christian and Missionary Alliance. Use the navigation on the right to search according to National Office employment, International openings, District/Church openings, and openings in Related Ministries.

Please note that the positions appearing under District/Church and Related Ministries are supplied by a district office, church, or related ministry and are not employed by the National Office of the C&MA. The positions under International may or may not be employed by the National Office.

Educate and Train Missionary Children in a Hospital Setting

Meet the needs of families serving at Bongolo Hospital by teaching their children.

Facilitate Reconciliation, Train Others in Peacemaking

Work with a team and local believers to develop a contextualized peacemaking training program.

Use Creative Ministry Methods to Plant a Church in Japan

Work with a gospel-centered church-planting team using creative ministry methods to connect with the holistic needs of people in post-tsunami Ishinomaki.

Lead a Sports Ministry and Discipleship Initiative

Use sports ministry to connect with the Muslim community in Papua, Indonesia, bringing them life in Jesus and providing discipleship in the church.

Join a Church Planting Team in Asunción

Be involved in planting a church and training Christians for cross-cultural ministries.

Educate Students about Missions and Anthropology

Mentor and prepare Indonesians to reach the majority religion in Ungaran, Indonesia.

Cutting-Edge Church Planter

In a strategic area of the Middle East, help to provide meaningful skills, like English, and meet other felt needs at an NGO-based community center.

Join a Team Reaching Out to Professionals of Montevideo

Join the Montevideo church-planting team in developing a vibrant community of faith among the professional class in the most secular and unreached city in Latin America.

Ministry Developer Through English

Help build communities of faith that lead to church plants in the city known as “Venice of the North” (St. Petersburg).

Join a Team of Multicultural Church Planters/Trainers

This position is open to a couple who will serve cross-culturally to fulfill a team-based church-planting initiative and train nationals for cross-cultural ministries.


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