Church Planting

The Alliance began with one church plant—the Gospel Tabernacle in New York City. It grew into a healthy congregation reaching the surrounding community and training and sending workers and leaders to reach the world.

From this one church, today—over 130 years later—more than 25,000 fellowships and nearly 6 million believers have emerged. Clearly, the Great Commission is fulfilled when Christian leaders GO plant churches or equip and SEND others to do so.

Church Planting Sunday 2020

church planting thumbnailNOW is the time to plan our upcoming 2020 calendars. Let's join with other Alliance churches across the nation on Sunday, February 23, 2020, to celebrate Church Planting Sunday. Resources will be made available to help share the vision for church multiplication. It's worth it!


Is God Calling You to Plant a Church?

If you believe God may be calling you to plant, consider the following:


Is God Calling your Church to Become a Greenhouse Church?

A greenhouse provides a healthy environment for plants to grow. Greenhouse Churches provide a healthy atmosphere for Christian leaders to develop as church planters.

What is a Greenhouse Church?

We have two excellent examples of Greenhouses: One is the previously mentioned Gospel Tabernacle. An outstanding biblical example is the church at Antioch in the Book of Acts. Its members were willing to help their fellow believers (Acts 11:27–30) and send workers to plant churches (Acts 13:1–3).

  • DO SOMETHING! In Acts 11:27–30, the Antioch church provided assistance to members of other churches. We can do so as well. Check out 10 WAYS TO HELP A CHURCH PLANT and pick one or two on which to focus. Or visit our regional church–planting page for detailed information and links.
  • SEND SOMEONE! In Acts 13:1–3, the Antioch congregation sent Paul and Barnabas, two of history’s greatest church planters. This young church didn’t seek to keep these leaders for themselves. As this example demonstrates, the real issue for a Greenhouse is willingness, not resources, size, age, or culture. Are there people God brought to your church whom He is asking you to train and send out?


  • 1) Pray intentionally for church planters and their teams.

    Prayer is the primary work of God’s people. You and your church can partner in this vital work by encouraging a new plant through prayer. Would your congregation consider “adopting” a local church planter and pray regularly and intentionally for that leader’s church?
  • 2) Invite planters to share their vision with your board and church.

    Who are the planters in your vicinity? Consider this option as a great way to encourage church planters and cast vision among your people.
  • 3) Pick a planting couple and support them financially.

    Salaries are rarely stable in church planting. Sacrificial, generous giving from churches and individuals, over and above their regular offerings, is a welcome demonstration of Christian unity.
  • 4) Bless a church plant with a one-time gift.

    A new church always has equipment needs. Contact a local church planter and ask how your congregation can help.
  • 5) Send a planting couple to dinner or on an overnight retreat.

    Planting is difficult, lonely work. A gift like this can really encourage a planting couple—and result in a lasting friendship with them.
  • 6) Encourage your congregation to hold a “baby shower” for a plant.

    Give the plant startup gifts, such as office supplies, sound and video equipment, etc. Ask planters to put together a “registry” of items they need if this is something your church would like to do.
  • 7) Plan to put church planting as a line item into your next budget.

    Where your treasure is, your heart will be. One of the best ways to encourage church planting is to promote it in your church, share inspiring stories from planters, and start budgeting for it.
  • 8) Send team members from your church to participate in a church plant.

    God owns everything, and we are managers. Please consider sending leaders God has called from your church to plant a new congregation.
  • 9) Use your church facility to host church–planting teams, services, or training.

    Invite a church plant to your facility for team meetings, events, or services if space is available. Consider hosting a church-planting training event at your church.
  • 10) Develop and deploy a planter and team from your church to start a new work.

    Take a faith–filled risk and plant a church! This process begins when you identify and train leaders with the purpose of sending them out to start a new congregation. Think of the Antioch church sending Paul and Barnabas in Acts 13. And don’t wait until you feel “ready”–you’ll never feel quite ready for such a significant undertaking.

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