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Go. And as you go, make disciples. Do you think Jesus really meant what he said? Are you looking for ways to do that within your own Alliance context?

  • Making Disciples

    • Knowing Jesus

      Knowing Jesus

      This downloadable edition of Knowing Jesus is an adult Bible study, focusing on Jesus as Savior, Sanctifier, Healer, and Coming King and the mission He has given to every believer. It is ideal for individual or small group study. Perfect for missions, C&MA foundations or church membership series, and more. Knowing Jesus comes complete with a Leader’s Guide.

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    • Conociendo a Jesús

      Conociendo a Jesús

      Esta versión española de Knowing Jesus es un estudio bíblico para adultos que examina los conceptos de Jesús como Salvador, Santificador, Sanador, y Rey que Viene y la misión que Él le ha dado a cada creyente. Es ideal para estudio individual o en grupos pequeños. Perfecto para series enfocados en misiones, fundamentos de la ACyM, clases de preparación para membresía, y más. Cada ejemplar de Conociendo a Jesús contiene, también, una Guía del Líder.

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  • Teacher Training

    • Making Healthy Disciples 1, English & Spanish

      Making Healthy Disciples 1

      This self-directed manual teaches a biblically based philosophy and strategy for making healthy disciples at every age level through local church ministry. Developed by Alliance disciple-makers, this training is making a difference in how leaders and teachers think about and do ministry. Resource for use in the Making Healthy Disciples training.

      Making Healthy Disciples 1 also in Spanish.

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    • Making Healthy Disciples 2

      Making Healthy Disciples 2

      This self-directed manual provides leaders with clear guidelines and options for building an effective disciplemaking ministries team and ministry structure for local church ministry. Learn how to: establish an effective disciplemaking ministry leadership staff, build a functional ministry structure and create a healthy ministry. Resource for use in the Making Healthy Disciples training.

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    • Building a Team-based Disciplemaking Ministry

      Building a Team-based Disciplemaking Ministry

      The Building a Team-based Disciplemaking Ministry manual provides teachers and workers at any level with critical information on the important position they fill in local church ministry. Job descriptions, responsibilities and more are included.

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  • Safe Place

    • Safe Place (NEW EDITION)

      Safe Place (NEW EDITION)

      This new edition of Safe Place is designed to assist local church leaders in developing clear policies and procedures that will ensure a safe and secure ministry environment. It contains useful resources to help aid your church ministry team to develop the policies and procedures necessary to make your church a safe place for students, parents, and volunteer workers. This resource contains practical forms and charts which can be reproduced for local church ministry purposes.

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