• The Deaf Will Know

    We’re sending Mike and Renee Olivier to serve the stigmatized deaf community in Burkina Faso. Mike is the first deaf Alliance international worker to be deployed to the field. Of the 70 million deaf who use sign language to communicate, just 2 percent know Jesus. Learn more about this story and the evangelistic efforts of the C&MA on the Great Commission Day Web page.

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  • What I Love About Alliance Council

    An Alliance youth director shares her excitement about the amazing “God-at-work” stories she will hear—and about being challenged to take her journey with Jesus beyond where it’s been—at Alliance Council next month in Orlando.

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  • John Stumbo Video Blog No. 69

    John speaks to why our whole Alliance family must engage well in challenging, yet necessary conversations. We need to address how to more effectively complete our mission and make every effort to pass on the best form of our movement to the next generations.

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  • A Message From A Father And Son

    Alliance Council 2019 is a family event. Come see how God is calling us to go Beyond where we’ve ever been!

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  • Great Commission Day 2019

    In this video, Tim Meier shares how we’ve just released many of the 60 workers ready to take the good news to some of the world’s least-reached, most overlooked peoples. But weaker than normal 2019 missions giving has resulted in a shortfall in funds. Your generous gifts to the Great Commission Day Offering will help reclaim the sending momentum! Learn more about the GC Day Offering today.

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  • Serving the Urban Poor — Snapshot

    Mark Young of Envision Philippines shares the heart of the mission site to disciple the poor communities and families in Manila.

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Our Picks

Thumbnail image for John Stumbo Video Blog No. 66

John Stumbo Video Blog No. 66

January 2019


Speaking from the National Office Archives this month, John gives a short devotional from Gideon’s story, which conveys a principle for leaders to take into this new year—God reveals Himself in crisis, often through leaders who rise at that moment despite being in the midst of the tragedy themselves. Examples are Josh Gallagher, lead pastor of Paradise (California) Alliance Church, and Andrew Burchett, lead pastor of Neighborhood Church in Chico, who share their testimonies from the 2018 Camp Fire. The Alliance legacy overflows with accounts of hardship, pain, and the Spirit of God breathing into a leader’s soul—hope, encouragement, confidence, and a way forward. “That’s the Alliance story, that’s the story of the Scriptures, and that might be the story of 2019 for some of us,” John concludes. “His grace is sufficient. Let’s rise and follow the example of those who’ve gone before us.”

Thumbnail image for Missions Done Well, Missions Done Poorly

Missions Done Well, Missions Done Poorly

June 2016

National Office


John’s two-part message (see Video Blogs #32 and #33) is combined in this video post in which he shares six points to illustrate missions done well versus missions done poorly. Missions done poorly is about “us.” The Alliance is committed to doing missions well, which involves incarnational ministry that ensures the local, indigenous church’s sustained ownership and brings lasting fruit.

Thumbnail image for John Stumbo Video Blog No. 58

John Stumbo Video Blog No. 58

May 2018

United States


This month, John addresses eight of the most common leadership mistakes made in meetings. He offers a challenge to take seriously the key moments meetings offer to shape the culture of our teams, which often reflect the leaders they’re under. We have a model in Jesus, whose message and method—the content and tone—came from the Father (see John 12:49). “May all we do move us forward together with greater effectiveness and unity,” John concludes, “because we’re truly moving forward under the direction of our Lord.”

Thumbnail image for Alliance Council 2017: Tuesday Evening Service

Alliance Council 2017: Tuesday Evening Servic…

May 2017

Columbus, Ohio


John Stumbo launches Council 2017 with a message of freedom through forgiveness, preparing hearts for a week centered around Jesus, who, by the power of the Spirit, sent us on mission to the world . . . and “we get to do this together!”

Recent Videos

Thumbnail image for The History of Missions — Snapshot

The History of Missions — Snapshot

May 2019


Envision sites encourage short-term teams to view missions beyond just their Western church contexts.

Thumbnail image for A Joyful Burden — Snapshot

A Joyful Burden — Snapshot

May 2019


John Stumbo reflects on the burden he felt when running for President of the Alliance.

Thumbnail image for John Stumbo Video Blog No. 70

John Stumbo Video Blog No. 70

May 2019


In part three of his three-part series addressing principles for healthy communications on topics about known conflict, John shares why seasons of change are powerful discipleship opportunities.

Thumbnail image for A World Gone Wrong — Snapshot

A World Gone Wrong — Snapshot

May 2019


John Stumbo reminds us that God is still God even in the midst of turmoil.


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