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Thumbnail image for John Stumbo Video Blog No. 54

John Stumbo Video Blog No. 54

January 2018

United States


This month, John interviews Terry Smith, the new vice president for Alliance Church Ministries. Terry shares his passion for people to know Jesus through planting new churches and strengthening existing churches while voicing a concern that personal preferences in some of our congregations are chosen over evangelistic fervor. John summarizes: “Jesus is passionate about the local church . . . As we engage fully in establishing and strengthening local churches, we’re doing that which is dear to His heart.”

Thumbnail image for Choose Love

Choose Love

January 2017

Europe/Middle East


Years after being impacted by a terrorist attack in the Middle East, an Alliance workers reflects on her decision to be motivated by love over fear.

Thumbnail image for Raised From the Dead

Raised From the Dead

November 2017

United States


Evelyn Mangham tells the story of how the Lord revived her after terrible sickness in her youth.

Thumbnail image for Hard Places

Hard Places

November 2017

United States


Evelyn Mangham shares the story of her father's imprisonment and her mother's hope in the midst of despair.

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Thumbnail image for Eight Outreach Ideas

Eight Outreach Ideas

April 2020


Bryan Halferty, lead pastor of Anchor Church in Tacoma, Washington, shares eight outreach ideas for churches during the COVID-19 quarantine.

Thumbnail image for Caring in West Africa

Caring in West Africa

April 2020



An Alliance team is distributing face masks, food, and soap to the most destitute.

Thumbnail image for Caring in Cambodia

Caring in Cambodia

April 2020



An Alliance worker in Cambodia shares how God prepared her team months ago for what is unfolding today.

Thumbnail image for Perspectives on a Pandemic: Part 4

Perspectives on a Pandemic: Part 4

April 2020

Colorado Springs, Colorado


What to do when you are somewhere you don’t want to be for longer than you expected


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