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John Stumbo Video Blog No. 54

January 2018

United States


This month, John interviews Terry Smith, the new vice president for Alliance Church Ministries. Terry shares his passion for people to know Jesus through planting new churches and strengthening existing churches while voicing a concern that personal preferences in some of our congregations are chosen over evangelistic fervor. John summarizes: “Jesus is passionate about the local church . . . As we engage fully in establishing and strengthening local churches, we’re doing that which is dear to His heart.”

Thumbnail image for Alliance Council 2017: Tuesday Evening Service

Alliance Council 2017: Tuesday Evening Servic…

May 2017

Columbus, Ohio


John Stumbo launches Council 2017 with a message of freedom through forgiveness, preparing hearts for a week centered around Jesus, who, by the power of the Spirit, sent us on mission to the world . . . and “we get to do this together!”

Thumbnail image for From Nothing to Everything

From Nothing to Everything

January 2017



A student in Paris, France, explains how architecture and Christian community brought him passion and joy in the midst of his emptiness.

Thumbnail image for John Stumbo Video Blog No. 60

John Stumbo Video Blog No. 60

July 2018

United States


In a follow-up to last month’s “planned redundancy” message on the unique Alliance identity—a Christ-centered, Acts 1:8 family—John shares what God would have us do. He unpacks how the Alliance family is called to love, proclaim, reach, and launch, which requires the Holy Spirit fully at work in our lives. “May we commit ourselves to these kinds of things,” John concludes. “For these are the kinds of things that the Church must be doing as we prepare for, and rejoice in, the return of Christ.”

Recent Videos

Thumbnail image for Indebted – Snapshot

Indebted – Snapshot

February 2020



A Japanese C&MA pastor shares his journey from debt and shame to salvation and acceptance.

Thumbnail image for All of Them – Snapshot

All of Them – Snapshot

February 2020

United States


Parents of a physically disabled girl remind the Alliance family not to overlook those who are different from us.

Thumbnail image for A Timely Word – John Stumbo Video Blog No. 79

A Timely Word – John Stumbo Video Blog …

February 2020

United States


John addresses how one of today’s most powerful resources may be a leader’s greatest temptation and offers three practical applications for returning to ministry fundamentals.

Thumbnail image for The Vision – Snapshot

The Vision – Snapshot

February 2020

Middle East


A CAMA worker in Kosovo shares a vision she received from the Lord about how He wants to use workers like her in that country.


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