• Video Blog Highlights – Stumbo Video Blog 74

    A first this month for John’s video blog series. “We asked our newest videographer to compile my first six years of videos into a ‘highlights’ blog,” he says. “She did a great job capturing my heart and message—I trust you’ll be inspired!”

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  • What Would You Like To Say? – Stumbo Video Blog 73

    Reporting from the LIFE Conference in Orlando, John asks students, “What would you like to say to the current leaders of the American church?” Surprised and moved by their responses, he concludes, “I’m reminded it matters—it matters what we do. Let’s keep going!”

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  • John Stumbo Video Blog No. 72

    John summarizes the four commitments he made to the Alliance family during his Friday morning address at Council 2019, setting the tone for substantive conversations to come.

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  • John Stumbo Video Blog No. 71

    In this recap of Alliance Council 2019, John recalls his message from Acts, using “Perga”—where John Mark turned back on the first missionary journey—as a metaphor to challenge our Alliance family. “Let’s go inward and upward together—face our Perga and move on, because God is calling us beyond.”

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  • The Deaf Will Know

    We’re sending Mike and Renee Olivier to serve the stigmatized deaf community in Burkina Faso. Mike is the first deaf Alliance international worker to be deployed to the field. Of the 70 million deaf who use sign language to communicate, just 2 percent know Jesus. Learn more about this story and the evangelistic efforts of the C&MA on the Great Commission Day Web page.

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  • What I Love About Alliance Council

    An Alliance youth director shares her excitement about the amazing “God-at-work” stories she will hear—and about being challenged to take her journey with Jesus beyond where it’s been—at Alliance Council next month in Orlando.

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Our Picks

Thumbnail image for Peculiar People: Theme Overview

Peculiar People: Theme Overview

August 2017

United States


Rooted in 1 Peter 2:4-12, these verses address Jewish believers who are now scattered around the Roman empire as “sojourners and exiles.”

Thumbnail image for Together


Poetic Montage

January 2017

United States


Short clips of different cultures that the Alliance serves are shown as a poem about the importance of missions is read.

Thumbnail image for Raised From the Dead

Raised From the Dead

November 2017

United States


Evelyn Mangham tells the story of how the Lord revived her after terrible sickness in her youth.

Thumbnail image for John Stumbo’s Video Blog No. 57

John Stumbo’s Video Blog No. 57

April 2018

United States


This month, John is joined by Tim Crouch, vice president for Alliance International Ministries (IM), and Mike Sohm, president of CAMA Services. The three discuss what God is doing to shape Alliance missions for the future, including organizational restructuring to more effectively lead, manage, and communicate our multi-specialization missions work. One of the first steps is the integration of CAMA with IM to create a more holistic missions ministry, which will also increase opportunities for more people in our churches with varied gifts and callings to serve in Alliance missions. Here is a short historical timeline to bring more clarity to this discussion.

Recent Videos

Thumbnail image for Jesus Isn’t Done – Snapshot

Jesus Isn’t Done – Snapshot

November 2019

United States


A church planter in Lincoln, Nebraska reminds the Alliance family to look in their own backyards for where Jesus wants to work.

Thumbnail image for Multiplication – Snapshot

Multiplication – Snapshot

November 2019

United States


Alliance church leaders in Florida testify to how the Lord can multiply ministry when disciples make disciples selflessly.

Thumbnail image for No Boundaries – Snapshot

No Boundaries – Snapshot

October 2019

United States


Gabriel and Jeanette Salguero remind the Alliance family of God's love for the whole world, without prejudice or limits.

Thumbnail image for The 2019 Alliance Year-End Offering (short)

The 2019 Alliance Year-End Offering (short)

October 2019

National Office


The Year-End Offering 2019 video segment (short version) highlights the work The Alliance is starting in one of the 12 new pathways God has opened to provide tangible help, hope, and a gospel presence among some of the world’s most marginalized, oppressed, and displaced peoples. Learn more about this offering on our 2019 Alliance Year-End Offering page.


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