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We Are There: 2014 Year End Offering

October 2014

United States


Together, we’re engaged in history’s most significant work . . . preparing the way for Christ’s return by bringing the gospel to the earth’s least-reached places—the greatest headline of all. The Alliance Year-End Offering will enable Alliance workers—here in the United States and around the world—to expand their ministries and establish long-term communities of faith in the world’s most hopeless places.

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Derribando Fortalezas

December 2014

Burkina Faso


Dios está llamando a los habitantes de Burkina Faso a que regresen a Él. A medidas que el Espíritu Santo habló a los miembros de una nueva congregación, estos se decidieron a propagar el evangelio entre su propia gente. Observa como trabajadores y ciudadanos comparten las historias de como su poderoso Salvador los libertó de sus ataduras espirituales.

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Go to the Darkness

July 2012



International Workers Bob & Cheryl receive a vivid call from God to plant a church in one of the darkest parts of Santiago, Chile. They explain how this work is being handed off to Chilean church leaders and laypeople to carry out the ministry. Produced in 2012. Please visit for more information about The Alliance.

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Missions Conference 2009: Mongolia

November 2009



Assisting the Mongolian church, workers link God's Word with deed as they provide for urgent needs for the poor and sick. Produced in 2009.

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John Stumbo Video Blog No. 21

Willingness to Do the Hard Things

April 2015

Colorado Springs, Colorado


God has raised up the global Alliance family to be on the front edge of what He is doing in this world. This month, John is including a downloadable version of the Amicus Curiae Brief for your convenience.

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Great Commission Day 2015

March 2015

Middle East


Courageous workers have risen to Jesus’ invitation to sow seeds of hope in some of the world’s most spiritually barren landscapes. He has called us to support and equip these “sent ones.” Your gift to the Great Commission Day Offering shouts, “We will!”

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John Stumbo Video Blog No. 20

A Look Ahead at Council 2015 - An invitation and advance look at what the Alliance family will experience in May.

March 2015

Colorado Springs, Colorado


This conference will be of greater value than most any other conference you could go to in the next couple years.

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John Stumbo Video Blog No. 19

Power Block: Power of Position. Power of Religion. Power of an insider. Power of numbers. - Luke 18 & 19

February 2015

Colorado Springs, Colorado


February's video blog from John Stumbo continues the conversation on power. Follow along with him as he unpacks passages from Luke chapters 18 and 19. This month, John is including a downloadable companion chart to aid in personal reflection and study.


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