• John Stumbo Video Blog No. 44

    While speaking at the Converge Conference in Colorado Springs earlier this year, John addressed four dangers the American church faces.

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  • Thank You

    With your help in 2016, TENS OF THOUSANDS of people who never knew of Jesus’ rescuing love are now experiencing it firsthand through the outreach of the global Alliance family.

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  • John Stumbo Video Blog No. 42

    This month, John shares part two of his message from Vietnam. He notes the oneness in the Body of Christ across cultures and joyfully repents of his “American superiority” after observing the gospel flourishing in this communist-ruled nation.

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  • Beyond Ordinary

    Judy Gaskin, an Alliance missionary in Indonesia for nearly 45 years, talks about being a “hillbilly from Alabama” from a dysfunctional family. Saved through the love of an Alliance pastor’s wife, Judy pursued her call to overseas children’s ministry, through which thousands of children have come to Christ. “God delights in using the simple things, someone ordinary like me, to do great things for Him,” she concludes. For more of her story, see “Judy’s Kids” in the January/February 2017 issue of Alliance Life magazine.

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  • Freely Forgiven

    Danny Amos, who spent 50 years in prison, found community and purpose for his life because of the compassion of an Alliance church in Wisconsin. For more of his story, see “Freely Forgiven” in the January/February 2017 issue of Alliance Life magazine.

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  • John Stumbo Video Blog No. 38

    Recorded at Wheaton College after John spoke to 2,000 Hmong youth, this video blog recalls an emotionally low moment from John’s life in 2009 and a promise he made to God. If only he and his wife, Joanna, knew then what they know now, John says, “we would have lived with our heads a little higher and prayers a little bolder.”

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Our Picks

Thumbnail image for Acts 1:8

Acts 1:8

A.W. Tozer

January 2017

United States


A.W. Tozer reads Acts 1:8, the theme verse of Alliance missions.

Thumbnail image for Together


Poetic Montage

January 2017

United States


Short clips of different cultures that the Alliance serves are shown as a poem about the importance of missions is read.

Thumbnail image for All Creatures of Our God and King

All Creatures of Our God and King

April 2014

United States


Set to a familiar hymn, this segment displays heartwarming footage of people worshiping Jesus throughout the world to portray the impact of 125+ years of Alliance ministries.

Thumbnail image for Missions Done Well, Missions Done Poorly

Missions Done Well, Missions Done Poorly

June 2016

National Office


John’s two-part message (see Video Blogs #32 and #33) is combined in this video post in which he shares six points to illustrate missions done well versus missions done poorly. Missions done poorly is about “us.” The Alliance is committed to doing missions well, which involves incarnational ministry that ensures the local, indigenous church’s sustained ownership and brings lasting fruit.

Recent Videos

Thumbnail image for God in Architecture

God in Architecture

March 2017



An architecture student in Paris shares how God changed his life and showed him how to share His love through his work.

Thumbnail image for Generational Values

Generational Values

March 2017

Colorado Springs, Colorado


John Stumbo addresses differing values between older and younger generations and how to reconcile them.

Thumbnail image for Faith-Filled Risk

Faith-Filled Risk

March 2017

United States


From small beginnings in the Gospel Tabernacle, the Alliance has always moved forward in faith.

Thumbnail image for Different Way of Worshiping

Different Way of Worshiping

March 2017

Chicago, Illinois


A former Hindu serving at the South Asian Friendship Center in Chicago shares her experience blending worship practices.


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